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Covid Going Down Across the UK.


COVID infection across the UK is coming down and it appears, the cautious approach of the government, before lifting lockdown, is paying dividends. When the government has gone into lockdown too late and lifted it, too early, it has been pummeled by the media and Labour.

This time it would appear Boris has learnt his lesson and hopefully this time, is really listening to 'SAGE', as to when it is safe, to lift the lockdown.

The government has speculated, it will be able to give us a road map out of lockdown on 22 February. A spokesperson from the Home Office told Sky that the government was "absolutely confident" of reaching its deadline of 15 February, to make sure all four of the vulnerable groups have been vaccinated.

For all the cockups the government has made during the lockdown and the appalling death rate, the rollout of the vaccine has gone very well, indeed. The UK is one of the top nations in the world to roll out the various anti-COVID vaccines and get people inoculated. Only Israel and UAE are up there with the UK when it comes to the roll-out of the vaccine and getting their populations, vaccinated.

COVID infections have fallen in the UK at a high rate. 1 in 80 people in English households have COVID and no doubt, this will get better. This was between the period of 31 January - 6 February. The survey was commissioned by the Office of National Statistics. This is down from around one in 65 for the period of 24 January - 30.

Infections are also down in Wales, 1 in 85 had infections and 1 in 150 in Scotland. One in 75 had COVID infection in Northern Ireland. London still has the highest proportion of people with infection in England. 1 in 60 having the virus in London, down from 1 in 45.

The government wants all over-50s to be done by April and for now, with the 70s and 80s out of their way or at least some of them, the over 60s will be next in line for the vaccine.

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Of course, the various variants of the original virus are cause for concern, but scientists say, vaccines can be tweaked to meet those challenges. However, even when the lockdown is lifted finally, social distancing will continue into the Autumn, again according to the government.

People just want and so does the government, an end to this lockdown and the banishment of this virus. Getting there, however, depends on the people of the UK and ultimately the government.

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