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COVID Crisis Response From the Government


A spokesperson for the scientific board who advise the government (Sage) says parts of the country are back to March when it comes to lockdown. Areas of the north of England from Liverpool - Newcastle, are seeing a rise in infections, therefore, the government has put them under stringent lockdowns. For some reason, the north-east and the northwest of England are seeing a rise in the 'R' rate.

Although a Whitehall spokesman has said nothing has been signed off yet, the north is expected to come under a 3 tier system. This 3 tier system will be applied from next week to the less affected and the worst affected of the north of England.

For example, those in tier 1, will be expected to continue with social distancing and wearing masks. Also, no mixing with other households, only, mixing with those in their own household. Those in the worst-hit COVID areas will have stricter rules applied. Government Minister, Robert Jenrick, has said the government's action will be proportionate.

The 3 tier system was expected to be announced today. However, it has now been put back to next week now. Pubs, restaurants and other places are expected to close, with Rishi Sunak, announcing a continuation of the furlough scheme locally.

Millions are going to be affected by the government's action, but leaders in the north, have not been too happy. Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, has said the government are two-faced. Mr Burnham feels that London is imposing rules without consulting northern leaders. Mr Burnham, therefore, has threatened not to co-operate with London and has threatened legal action. He also has had issues with the 10 pm curfew when pubs and restaurants are expected to close. Mr Burnham has said plainly, that the 10 pm curfew is not working. Revellers have been leaving these alcoholic establishments and buying booze, then, heading to each other houses. Clearly breaking the rule of no mixing with other households and the rule of no more than 6 gatherings.

According to Sage, the health profession, etc, with the Coronavirus rising again, we are back to lockdown conditions in March. Being highlighted again is the risk to older people.

The government have taken this action about local lockdowns, not only, because of the spike in COVID but because of hospital admissions, on the up. On the up this time of the year, because of influenza, but, also because of a rise in Coronavirus admissions.

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Why has lockdown surged again, particularly in the north of England? There are many theories but certainly, those disobeying the COVID safety rules have not helped. Also, the government coming out of the original national lockdown too early.

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