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Covid-19 and Global Population Cleansing


Val loves the mystery of everything, especially where the whole paradigm is challenged with yet unexplored possibilities.

Pretty Soon, Covid-19 May Attach Itself to Just about Every Single Aspect of Our Life -- or, Wasn't It Intended That Way?-- Val Karas

Pretty Soon, Covid-19 May Attach Itself to Just about Every Single Aspect of Our Life -- or, Wasn't It Intended That Way?-- Val Karas

Whatever tragedy is happening around you and you are told why nothing can be done to fix it, look to see who is benefiting from it and you will have your answer why.

-- James Hauenstein

For a Sheer Entertainment -- or As Food For Thought

I never thought I would join the army of conspiracy theorists in any of the current areas where they are making themselves more and more visible and heard. But then, I have written many pieces just for the hell of it, not insisting to be taken seriously, so why not this one more. Well, if you wish, take it as an excessive form of my habitual thinking out-of-the-box.

Thus, everything that follows might as well be taken for not more than a figment of my imagination -- albeit consisting of some elements realistic enough to sneak to the border of something possible, if not probable.

Even the video below, unless deleted by the time you are reading this, just might be someone's creation, a well scripted and played piece about a hospital nurse turned whistleblower about healthy people being killed with the virus.

But, is it all that impossible and fictional? We may never know when those at highest places are in question -- ever since a president boasted how he could shoot someone on the Fifth Avenue and get away with it. Makes you think what else the authorities could pull with us playing just some clueless sheep unable to do anything about it.

So, even if the case depicted in the video prompted some public outcry for an investigation, who would be likely to do that investigating if all governments in the world are in it? Untold times the masses have been duped, deceived, lied to, brainwashed...what's another word for it -- so why not one more time, and not to be the last one for sure.

Now, someone very moralistically minded might object, saying that no government could go that low as to work on reducing its population. But how could we be sure, since it wouldn't be the first time in history that the principle of "the end justifying the means" would be applied.

The agenda could be a multi-layered one. Beside getting rid of much of unproductive population, it could also be a solution to suffering Big Pharma which had to come up with something for which they cannot be sued, doesn't require renewal of license, and is needed globally.

And maybe the world economy needed this break for some reason which we don't understand. Since wars are all about money and influence, both world wars were ignited by that need -- with the presence of nukes making another world war impossible. So "they" are resorting to this covid-19 crap to kill a few birds with one stone.

With Vast Areas on Earth Still Unpopulated -- in Minds of Alarmists It's Like One Huge Anthill. -- Val Karas

With Vast Areas on Earth Still Unpopulated -- in Minds of Alarmists It's Like One Huge Anthill. -- Val Karas

The point of population stabilization is to reduce or minimize the misery.

-- Roger Bengstone

Too Many of Us on This Planet?

Now, let's put the whole racket on some stable legs by admitting that no matter how "real" something may look, it may not have anything to do with reality. Those science fiction movies may keep us at the edge of the seat, just as if the next thing about to happen is seeing a UFO land in the middle of the New York's Central Park.

But, on the other hand Jules Verne wrote "First Men on the Moon" at times when anything like rockets didn't exist yet, and it turned out a reality later on in time. So, let's give any conspiracy theory a benefit of a doubt, including this one.

While available information is oftentimes so contradicting with each other, we are left in a position of cherry-pickers. For an example, many of us have heard those alarmists warning about a fast rate of our species multiplying and threatening to exhaust means of survival at some point soon.

Solutions suggested did not include anything like a global increase of condom production and educating people about the imperative to use them more. No, it was allegedly something more sinister, which brings us to this Covid-19 racket.

Rumor has it that some highly influential individuals and groups, notably Bill Gates and his Foundation, were planning to reduce the existing population.

Theoretically, the ingenious method would be to scare the crap out of people to the point where their own lowered immune system would work against them and make them sick with anything imaginable -- which would then be diagnosed as Covid-19 infection's doing.

Which would make us question the very nature of the virus. Is it really so deadly on its own, or only as a secondary factor in those deaths. There is this theory about certain strong emotions causing diseases in certain organs.

It goes like this. Anger, for example, gets accumulated in liver; fear and insecurity is bad for immune system and stomach; suppressed emotions cause constipation; unspoken resentments give us problems in throat; and feeling a lack of support in family gives us a sore lower back.

Here I saved the most relevant for the last -- except for fear and insecurity lowering our immunity.

Namely, sadness, depression, feeling of loneliness and separation attacks our lungs, and makes a good home for any virus and bacterium.

So, fear mongering coming in blasts from the media, and masks with social distancing, quarantine, and financial uncertainty, are doing the number on our lungs. But story about lungs being affected goes another step further, with shortness of breath being one of frequent symptoms of anxiety attacks. Our diaphragm, doing the breathing, is a muscle, and every muscle can go into a slight spasm when we are tense, in this case resulting with a problem of breathing.

Rings the bell? How many people with anxiety and panic attack ended up in hospitals with breathing problems, then put on respirators and died in hands of the doctors, diagnosed as Covid-19 victims?

Would anybody dare to report it? Well, that's exactly what the video below is about, thanks to that brave young woman, also an army veteran, who deserves admiration for her speaking up.

Was That Title "Expendables" Given to a Wrong Movie? -- Val Karas

Was That Title "Expendables" Given to a Wrong Movie? -- Val Karas

Look how far you have come...and keep going.

-- Unknown

A Selective Virus Avoiding Kids, Killing Seniors?

If you don't believe that people are gullible enough to produce a nocebo effect -- make themselves sick with a strong negative belief -- then you may be reading a wrong article right now.

Because it's really all about this incredible global psychosis caused by the combination of constant suggestive bombardment by the media, masks, social isolation, and financial uncertainties.

But then, we might as well ask ourselves some questions which might even sound pretty silly at first. Like, how deadly is really this virus "on its own"?

Before you diagnose me with a hyperactive imagination, just ask yourself -- why this virus seems to be "calibrated" to spare the young children? I shamelessly admit that my knowledge in the matter of human immunity is rather superficial, but I always thought that children were of a much more gentle and more vulnerable biological constitution than adults.

Indeed, how can toddlers withstand a virus of this advertised deadliness? Beats me. Of course, excepting those cases where some kids have a genetic predisposition for respiratory problems.

However, if that "calibration" meant that kids are too small as to fall for the fearmongering bullshit by the media, then it would start making some sense.

Besides, this world needs children, it's this increasing mass of us baby boomers, "unproductive social parasites" draining the purse reserved for medical care, with our constant needs for medical attention -- who are too much to see around. Also according to some statistics, it's taking more and more of those in work force to provide for the pension of one senior.

Unlike those lucky old geezers in Okinawa and alike places where seniors are highly respected for their wisdom and experience, we seem to be just a nuisance in our western society.

O.K. before we start considering a massive migration of our old arthritic asses to Okinawa -- why not trick the "system" and live for another decade or more -- by not paying any attention to all this advertised Covid-19 crap.

Well, wear your mask, stay away from others, but don't be affected by any news that saps your energy. Find something to be cheerful about. Hey, even young ones don't always have some ready entertainment on a daily basis.

Now, those of you who may know a little bit about me probably are smiling at this story -- while reminded how little I believe in what authorities are saying, whether medical, political, religious, or business based.

But, at the same time, some of them may just wonder how much I am secretly believing in what the video below is revealing -- and especially how much it may be true on a much larger scale than the video is mentioning.

As always in cases like this -- let me encourage you to use your own mind -- believe in this, dismiss that, and never take anything at its face value.

Someone has already said it: "You could hardly go wrong by taking the opposite as true from what authorities are saying".

A Covid-19 Whistleblower's Story

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