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Covid-19 Advertising -- a Psychological Assault on Humanity


Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Doctors -- We Trust Them With Our Lives -- When We Have to Only. We Should Know the Difference.-- Val Karas

Doctors -- We Trust Them With Our Lives -- When We Have to Only. We Should Know the Difference.-- Val Karas

Be careful when you follow the masses. Sometimes the "M" is silent.

-- Unknown

Medical Alarms Becoming Our Biology

Before anyone jumps to a wrong impression about the message of this post -- yes, there is a virus that's making people with a compromised immunity sick and by a much smaller number dead. However, for sake of our collective sanity, let's put it all in a proper perspective.

For starters, roughly about 600,000 people die yearly from heart attacks in the United States of America alone; and the number of deaths from cancers is about the same, while about 350,000 die from medical screwups.

Comparing these numbers with numbers of Covid-19 fatalities, it's fair to say that we are definitely not facing anything like our "extinction" by the virus -- since we haven't all croaked from heart attacks and cancers.

But then we might as well start addressing the question of this excessive advertisement that Covid-19 has been given on a ridiculously steady basis -- and how it is really affecting us.

Namely, when compared to the fatalities from heart failures and cancers alone, the following comes to mind:

Indeed, hospitals and morgues would be overcrowded by heart and cancer patients, and people would definitely stop trusting the medical profession with so many yearly screwups, if each one was made public.

Please, don't take lightly what I am saying here. I am not a doctor, just someone who has given the whole matter some research and a lot of logical reasoning. But if you find it hard to believe me, ask any medico familiar with the science of psycho-neuro-immunology, and you are bound to hear just a little more fancy explanation of it than the one I am giving here.

Look, with our immunity lowered by our stresses, chemical and mental, we may become a candidate for any disease from a hay fever to cancer or a heart attack, and you might as well add stroke, diabetes, and a whole list of other diseases, some of them potentially quite deadly.

So, according to what the renowned cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton is saying on You tube -- our well functioning immune system is more effective protection from Covid-19, or any other infectious pathogen for that matter, than any vaccine the Big Pharma might ever come up with.

Even this upcoming vaccine is not "adding" anything to our body, it's only supposed to "teach" our immune system to recognize the virus as an enemy. No doctor ever heals anything -- it's our immune system that does all the healing.

It's only that with our infamous reluctance to do something about our stress management, or our eating and life style habits, we prefer relying on the Pharma products, which complicates the whole statistics of public health.

Now, any virologist will readily tell you that wearing a mask, keeping a social distancing, and frequent washing your hands, will only reduce, not eliminate a possibility of getting infected by virus.

Which brings us to one logical question.

The next question comes equally relevant, and is an addition to that first one: Is that so because Covid-19 is "not advertised enough" -- or the opposite is true -- people are getting more and more sick after being daily bombarded by reports about the new numbers of those testing positive and dead?

Stress kills -- period.

I have mentioned Dr. Lipton's words about it in some of my previous posts on the related topic, and I'll do it again now, because it's so important to be added to our reasoning about the whole racket.

He is saying how patients prior to an organ transplant surgery are given huge doses of adrenalin -- otherwise a hormone released due to stress -- to shut down the immune system which might reject the new organ.

Can you connect the dots here between that scenario of immunity being minimized at surgery with adrenaline -- and the adrenaline we get out of this prolonged fearmongering done by the media?

A Medical Paradox: A Warning That's Supposes to Help -- Actually Harming. -- Val Karas

A Medical Paradox: A Warning That's Supposes to Help -- Actually Harming. -- Val Karas

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

-- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Do We Really Need to Be Continuously Reminded?

Can a chronic stress, or even an acute sense of an impending threat really kill us? Look at the following case of a firefighter who admitted himself to the Emergency ward with complaints of a chest pain.

After being given a battery of tests aiming to eliminate the possibility of a heart attack, he was informed that his heart was just fine, and that was merely a symptom of an anxiety attack. The man wouldn't accept it, now arguing that "heart issues were running in his family, and the tests must have been inaccurate".

To put his mind at ease, they repeated the tests, with the same results, except that his blood pressure went acceptably up, now because of his anger. Completely convinced that he must have had a heart attack, the man started arguing, even threatening with a law suit.

And then he died right there of a massive heart attack.

His conviction was so strong, probably greatly enforced by all previous conditioning into that anticipation of "having it some day".

Somewhat aside of our theme -- the science of genetics has made a big step forward with so called epigenetics, which states that all upregulating and downregulating of healing genes is in our own hands, and heredity plays a secondary role. It's our general beliefs, our attitudes, our dominant emotions that make the whole difference.

Getting back to our main topic, it's insanely counterproductive to condition people into this prolonged threat of the virus -- under the excuse of "raising the public awareness".

Whether you are willing or not to see it that way, but we are being treated like a mass of imbeciles who "probably didn't get it the first time, so we had to be reminded over and over again" that there was an airborne virus going around. Strangely, we all know at every flu season that there is a bug going around, without having to be constantly reminded .

We even know that many are dying from it, and yet -- without any particular panicking over it -- we are just drinking plenty of liquids, not rushing to inhale someone's sneeze, and doing what basic personal hygiene requires -- wash our hands when we come home.

And no one is calling it a pandemic, right? Thousands and thousands died from swine flu and bird flu, and any other damn flu imaginable -- and not a word about wearing masks, distancing ourselves, quarantines, businesses closing down, people losing jobs.

While every single death is one death too many, if we would just look at numbers, those deaths related to heart attacks and cancers alone outnumber by much deaths from this much dreaded virus.

So, again, why is all this morbid advertising necessary? After all, getting infected doesn't mean a death verdict, so why do we have to be impressed with the enormous cases of those testing positive?

Strange, indeed.

Are You in a Trance Yet, and Obeying Every Suggestion You Hear From the Media About COVID-19? -- Val Karas

Are You in a Trance Yet, and Obeying Every Suggestion You Hear From the Media About COVID-19? -- Val Karas

The way brainwashing works is subtle and takes a long time.

-- Sean Dunkin

Let's Call It What It Is -- a "Medical Brainwashing"

In order to refresh your memory about how really suggestible we are to prolonged conditioning, let me mention just these two words: politics, religion. And if that wouldn't be enough, just think how ridiculously expensive are those TV commercials; so who would ever advertise there if they were not incredibly effective.

Now, if we could be so influenced by commercials, and end up buying something that we didn't really need or even want -- imagine how influenced we are by warnings coming from those health authorities. All red light alarms get lit up in our survival instinct, and we fall on our religious knees in front of all-knowing deities of public health.

The word "brainwashed" instantly comes to mind, doesn't it?

Honestly, without reaching into the world of conspiracy theories for an explanation, I can't fathom one thing:

If the stubborn answer would still be "to maintain our awareness" -- then why is it that, with all that massive and constant "reminding" the numbers of the sick and dead is allegedly increasing, not decreasing?

Is it merely a coincidence that the Bill Gates Foundation is financing that John Hopkins University -- the same one from which we daily hear new TV reports about all the sick and dead from Covid-19?

But then, here we run into that wall of credibility of all information that we may hear. Like, how credible is that rumor that in some years back it was that same Bill Gates campaigning or even contributing into solution for fixing the issue of "too many people being on this planet".

When I take such info as a pure fiction, why not take those reports by John Hopkins University the same way? After all, is anybody checking on those numbers? How do they get their information so fast from around the world each and every day, so that already in the morning we can read on our TV "how many new cases have tested positive"?

As for the Google's reports, now just for a fun, pick any three digit number, type it in and add "new cases", and you'll find exactly that number in several posts claiming to be the number of new cases. Then pick another, and another three-digit number -- and you'll see it happen again. How is that for fun?

Hey, have you noticed how convenient timing it appears to be for that "new strain of Covid" apparently starting in the United Kingdom? Right after the vaccines are becoming available for this Civid-19, a new wave -- as if being planned to start now -- may give us a new round of the same crap.

While I am about all these "unproven" things, why not mention an e-mail that I recently received about apparently effective natural and simple homemade method of recovering from Covid-19.

This is not to be a replacement for any medical treatment -- and I'm saying this just to legally cover my ass against any possible accusations of giving a non-medical advice.

Allegedly, in China people are not really dying from Covid-19 once they get tested positive, because they are drinking hot water during the day, and steaming their faces. According to them, the damn bug doesn't like heat when applied like that, with steam giving moisture to lungs.

As for me, I would try anything natural before resorting to pharmaceuticals. But that's me.

It's Ultimately Our Predominant Mood that Decides upon Our Level of Vitality and Health. Don't Let the Media Spoil It.-- Val Karas

It's Ultimately Our Predominant Mood that Decides upon Our Level of Vitality and Health. Don't Let the Media Spoil It.-- Val Karas

One minute of anger weakens the immune system for 5 hours. One minute of laughter boosts the immune system for 24 hours.

-- Unknown

It's All About a Well Functioning Immune System

My knowledge in the field of psycho-pathology is rather limited, and it's not included under my little diploma in psychotherapy -- so if you know of anything like an "authority-paranoia" in those textbooks, count me in as a typical specimen.

I just don't trust any authorities -- political, religious, medico-pharmaceutical, you name it -- other than being a law abiding citizen, even without a parking -, or a speeding ticket on my driving record.

When it comes to matters of health, I always first look at those solutions which will help my body to heal itself and to maintain its health. I try to support it in that job in a most natural way.

Haven't seen a doctor in some 14 years, which is a mini-miracle at this age of 76 when people usually have a chronic condition or two, and regularly keep visiting at least a GP if not a specialist, and pecking on half dozen tablets each day.

I'm using some teas, some other natural stuff, but my main method is gravitating around my emotional stability, peace of mind, well, I do call myself a pretty spiritual dude. Meditation, self-hypnosis, qigong, kundalini breathing, bliss-at-will...that's my stuff -- and my immune system seems to love it.

So, it shouldn't be to anyone's surprise that I am so opposed to all this advertising of corona which ruins people's emotional equilibrium causing their immune system to go weak.

And it shouldn't sound too harsh either that I am calling it "a psychological assault on humanity".

Our immune system naturally tends to go weaker by the time that flu season is setting in. With less sunshine we produce less D3 vitamin, a crucial one for smooth functioning of immune system.

Then the gloomy days also mean lower moods, which further affects our immunity. Around Holiday Season, we overeat, overdrink, which puts a big burden on our body. No wonder that we say at the end: "Thanks God, it's over, now back to normal".

Some of us get reminded of how lonely we really are around Holiday Season, if our families or friends are not exactly as loving as we would prefer them. That additionally does a number on our immunity.

They call it "February blues", but those blues are starting already somewhere at the beginning of December. So there comes our faithful flu, not missing us from year to year -- except maybe this time, when we don't hear anything about it -- since Covid-19 has stolen all medical popularity for itself.

Well, maybe there is more that we can do emotionally for ourselves, especially if we are inspired enough with articles like this to give more respect to our immune system.

For, in all the truth, and nothing but the truth -- our immune system is the only one keeping us healthy and alive. -- Be well everyone!

A video showing how health is in our own hands

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2020 Val Karas


DreamerMeg from Northern Ireland on January 03, 2021:

Great article. Hadn't heard of Dr Lipton before but interesting ideas. Yes, this is a total assault on humanity. Got rid of TV many years ago. Have now stopped listening to the radio too and not checking the daily headlines in the search engines. Keeps a lot of the rubbish away. Vitamin D, fresh air and peace are all important.

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