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British Meritocracy


The safeguarding of British politics has come under threat with the appointments of officials who don't qualify to head up departments and decisions that go against our safeguarding laws.

Baroness Dido Harding who headed up failed companies and government departments, is a surprising choice for such high important positions without any experience to even work in these roles.

Simon case is known to be affiliated and to hold positions within the Conservative party so should be unable to stand independently for the position of chief civil servant.

We have seen from governments from around the world, the corruption which develops as a result of manipulating safeguards that protect constitutions. With Dominic Cummings known to be the puppeteer of ministers and the maker of decisions that benefit his allies and further his power, it is of the utmost importance that an independent group looks into appointments and decision making to ensure British politics remains for the interest of it's people and not for the unelected few with consequence against those found guilty of working outside of parliament law.

It is time British Politics answers to the British public.

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