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Bring Trump Back? No Thanks.

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On my normal Sunday morning web surf, a Letter to the Editor titled, 'Bring Trump Back' appeared on my feed at Yahoo's main news site. I took a second to read through it and note the usual reasons that Trump's base might think this way. Then I began to formulate my reasons for making the opposite case and will post my letter below:

I just read Bill Gambin’s letter wanting to Bring Trump Back and would like to take a moment to disagree with much of the conclusions he reached.

First, one should recognize that Trump enacted measures that would personally help himself and those like him by cutting regulations, lowering corporate tax rates and lessening personal income taxes where the wealthy saw the majority of the benefits. That was simply enacting Trump-first policies disguised by ‘make America great again’ slogans and doing so while adding record levels of deficit spending to pay for those bad policies that history had shown would not pay for themselves.

As to reaching the potential of our economy, in Trump’s first three years, GDP growth was only above the final three years of Obama’s final term by minimal margins with the Democrat having better job gains. Most Republicans cling to the statement about record unemployment while ignoring the fact that Obama reduced it from 10% to 4.2% when he left office while Trump lowered it just 0.7% in his three decent economic years as President. Those averages favor Obama’s policies on unemployment reduction.

Lastly, Mr. Gambin seems to think that there were three good Trump years and then an immediate jump to Joe Biden’s term in office. If he looked more closely, he would see that Trump’s Administration ignored warnings about the Wuhan lab back in 2018. That ignorance led to Covid reaching us and Trump ending with a net negative job gain, a record $7.8 trillion added to the national debt, broken supply chains and stimulus payments that led to inflation, and energy production that was crippled in mid-2020 because Americans did not want to travel.

Revising history by ignoring the positive trends left to Trump in 2016 and then completely omitting the disastrous year of 2020 to blame Biden for not being able to fix all the problems left to him during his first year in office is par for the course with the sycophants that exist in Trump’s base.

Mr. Gambin may yearn for a return to Trumpism, but I can assure you there are plenty of Americans that voted against Trump in 2020 that are still content with the fact that we have anyone else in the Presidency and are better off for it.

In responding, I debated bringing up the undermining of our democracy angle that is also at the heart of being a single-issue voter against Trumpist candidates. But then it would not have been a Letter to the Editor and instead a book to the Editor.

The lies about 2020 just to appease one man's malignant narcissism and the buy-in from close to seventy percent of Republicans, including ninety percent of elected Republicans, are something that every sane American should be rising up to fight against.

When one man can sell two months of lies, organize his supporters to the Capitol, and direct them to march on the seat of our government to fight for those lies in an act of domestic terrorism, there should be no greater cause than to ensure that person and those he endorses can never find their way to elected office.


What those on the right seem to fail to understand is that 81 million Americans did not vote for Joe Biden in 2020. It was likely closer to 20 million that actually wanted Biden. The other 61 million just wanted the danger that was Donald Trump excised from the Presidency.

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While Joe Biden has done a few good things and has also made some mistakes, many Americans do not regret the decision to be rid of the train wreck that was Trump. And many definitely would not want a return to the hateful rhetoric of Trumpism.

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