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Both Extremes Regarding Teenage-Related Morality Can Be Harmful To Society

I'm an aspiring writer, but overall, I am an American who seeks a better United States of America. Come join me in my journey of truth.

*Note - This article here of mine was initially published on September 16, 2021.

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Recently I stumbled across a video on YouTube wherein on his channel named The Dad Challenge Channel, Joshua Barbour verbally sniped at a YouTube channel named The Weiss Life. Jeffrey Weiss operates The Weiss Life channel on YouTube to post videos for his family vlog. Mr. Barbour stressed that Jeffrey Weiss and his wife, Melissa, like other family vloggers on YouTube, were exploiting their 16-year-old daughter, Gabrielle, alongside their other daughters to line their own pockets. Here is the video that Mr. Barbour posted about it.

Joshua Barbour Badmouths Family Vloggers In The Form Of The Weiss Life Channel On YouTube

The comments section to that same video contained its usual set of pros and cons regarding whether family vloggers should be permitted to use their minor children in YouTube videos. Now, what is my response to this same video? Well, it appears that Mr. Barbour mainly focused his narrative on topics of teenage-related morality in his video, and I feel that either extreme in people's approach to this issue can be harmful and dangerous to society.

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Foundry is the creator of this image.

1. Austerity Is Never The Solution To Safety Concerns Over Teenage Girls

The debate over how strict or lenient the sex laws should be in our nation rages on to this very day. We've all been there before. There may be a niece, a little sister, or perhaps merely a neighborhood girl who at 8 years old is this sweet, little angel who plays a musical instrument, excels perhaps in a sport or two and is even on the honor roll every semester. She is exemplary in her behavior to other children. We get this image in our minds that this child will eventually grow into a clean-cut girl with a bright future ahead of her as she flourishes into her adolescence.

Then, all of a sudden, one day all of those positive characteristics about that little girl go flying straight out the window. She is now 13 or 14 years old, and she dresses inappropriately. She may even have a bad habit of smoking cigarettes and perhaps even marijuana or sneaking out of her bedroom after midnight. She becomes anti-social in her behavior. She becomes someone that you don't even know anymore. She is by now a complete stranger to you.

At the center of all of these negative changes about this young girl, you notice that a scraggly, dirty-looking social degenerate has his arm around her anywhere she goes. He looks like a close relative of Dahvie Vanity or Marilyn Manson. He has to be at least 4 or 5 years older than her, if not 10 to 15 years older than her. You begin to suspect that this jerk has never heard of teen abstinence or doesn't care about it if he has done so. You realize that he only has one thing on his mind with this young girl, and you don't like how the situation looks. You figure that if he is still with this girl in 3 or 4 years, he definitely will not be helping her fill out scholarship applications or even college applications, to say the least about him. Horrendous images materialize in your head that perhaps by then he will have gotten her pregnant and will have messed up her life in every way possible.

What do you do in that event? Despite any liberal or civil-libertarian viewpoints you may have had in the past regarding the fairness of the statutory-age-of-consent laws in our nation or rather the lack thereof, you constantly feel tempted to pick up the telephone and dial 911 to report this creep to the authorities for befouling and apparently defiling this young girl, in hopes that they will lock him up and throw away the key. Then you finally do so, and this jerk gets arrested and charged with every reprehensible crime in the book. Sooner or later he's finally out of this girl's life forever, and perhaps she may still have a chance to straighten her life out and get back on the promising pathway she was on before she met this loser.

Nevertheless, we all still have to exercise proper judgment before we go taking a situation to those same extreme measures. The parents are supposed to be there to protect the young girl from such corrosive influences, and we have to respect their decisions up to a certain level. However, if these parents have done something as outrageous as having allowed for such a jerk to move in with them and shack up with their 13- or 14-year-old daughter, THEN it is anyone's right to run legal interference on the situation. There are still numerous variables that have to be considered in any event before taking such measures to any extreme.

We also have to remember that perhaps there may have been a friend you knew back in college who didn't find out that his girlfriend was a few months shy of the statutory age of consent until after he had taken his relationship with her too far, and perhaps you may feel that the law didn't give him a very fair shake once the authorities got wind of it. It can make you feel guilty about reporting someone for crossing that same legal line later on in life; but, as the saying goes, you've got to do what you've got to do.

Not too long ago, I watched a video that fallen journalist Chris Hansen posted on his YouTube channel named HAVE A SEAT WITH CHRIS HANSEN wherein he and the Genesee County Sheriff's Office in Michigan apprehended an 18-year-old man for attempting to hook up with a 15-year-old girl for sexual intercourse. I was surprised that Chris Hansen would film a sex-sting operation involving a suspect and a fictitious minor who were that close in age difference. Here is the video below.

Chris Hansen And The Authorities Catch An 18-Year-Old Suspect In A Sex-Sting Operation

After watching the above video, I almost got the distinct impression that Mr. Hansen was attempting to do a remake of the 2000 film titled Jailbait. Now, there can be no question that Mr. Hansen indeed has the law on his side. Even though most people will agree that going after an 18-year-old young man for pursuing a liaison with a 15-year-old girl is a waste of taxpayers' money, there is nothing in the law that says that Mr. Hansen and the authorities had no right to apprehend this young man. Moreover, this young man is legally an adult. It may fall within the same school of thought as a police officer giving a traffic ticket to someone for driving 26 miles an hour in a 25-mile-an-hour zone; but if a law gets broken, the authorities and the likes do have the legal right to bring a police action against the individual who broke the law.

Where I really begin to have a problem with Mr. Hansen's video is the way that he and the authorities mishandled the presentation of it. It did not surprise me in the least that Mr. Hansen received all sorts of pushback in the comments section of this same video such as arguments about how Romeo-and-Juliet laws should exist and be applied in every jurisdiction for any sexually-based offense involving a teenage girl no matter how serious it is.

In my humble opinion, if Mr. Hansen wanted to film an instrumental video of a sex-sting operation involving a young man barely above the legal age of majority, he should have at least waited until he and the authorities came across an 18-year-old suspect that everyone could easily hate insofar as they are reminded of some notorious deadbeat teenage father like Levi Johnston or Isaac Frausto. Then instead of receiving hate comments from his YouTube audience, he would have gotten the kind of love fest in his video's comments section that he wanted and to which he is normally accustomed.

The 18-year-old suspect in the video above appears to be what is commonly referred to as an incel. In other words, it appears that this young man has never had a girlfriend or has even so much been in the arms of someone of the opposite sex in his entire life. Naturally, he is going to find a woman the same age as him or older to be intimidating and he will, therefore, gravitate toward a girl slightly younger than him, because a woman his own age or older will have significantly more experience than him in the romance department. Of course, it does not give him an excuse to break the law in any event. At the same time, it does not make him a very good candidate to be featured in a video that is supposed to spread public awareness about the dangers of the Internet.

If the 18-year-old suspect had been some punk who had gotten seven different underage girls pregnant from the time that he was 13 years old, then I would be cheering Mr. Hansen and the authorities on for nailing this scoundrel to the wall. In that event, Mr. Hansen could have even told the suspect that the rules regarding teenage promiscuity change significantly once a young man turns 18 and becomes an adult in the eyes of the law. However, Mr. Hansen only has himself to blame for any pushback he got after filming an 18-year-old suspect that most people are likely to pity.

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In his interview with the suspect, Mr. Hansen doesn't do a very good job at making him look like the next Roman Polanski. The most noticeable characteristic about the 18-year-old suspect throughout the entire above-described video is that he looks as though he is wishing that the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek would fly over him and beam him up out of that whole nightmare with which he is confronted.

After watching the entire above-described video, there is a part of you that cannot help but to feel sorry for Mr. Hansen in that he obviously had to scrape the bottom of the barrel out of desperation to find something at least halfway interesting to post on his YouTube channel. We all must be reminded that he no longer has access to the coffers of NBC to launch these sex-sting operations, and his subsequent attempts to revive the same kind of budding career he once had with NBC have always ended in disaster. Therefore, I believe that it would be in his best interest to give up on setting up sex-sting operations and filming them. They require a great amount of money and manpower to make them as entertaining as they were when he was working for Dateline NBC back in the day.

The above-described video goes from bad to worse once Genesee County Sheriff Christopher R. Swanson goes all over the place in his narrative about pedophilia without really making very much sense. He states the following:

Whether you're eighteen or whether we arrested a 32-year-old or a 46-year-old, I feel sorry that they have this demon that they fight every day. Pedophilia . . . having sex with an underage individual is a sickness that even the doctors among us . . . the ones that disagree on everything agree that it is something that is a psychological sickness. It's the only crime that once you do the time, once you've paid your debt to society, you still have to be on a list for a lifetime or at least 25 years. What does that say? I feel bad for the people that cannot get it out of their head. And so my hope is that before they hurt somebody, that they get the help they need. I have much more respect for people that fight a sickness and are proactive in their own treatment than when they deny it and they act out and hurt someone else.

Sheriff Swanson is correct in his statement only insofar as this same school of thought would apply to a scenario in which an adult man was planning on kidnapping and molesting a toddler. However, he makes a very grave mistake in implying that an 18-year-old man is a Kenneth Parnell wannabe for being attracted to a girl who is only 3 years younger than him and is also a teenager. In other words, he is literally trying to blur the lines between the actual sexual victimization of children and what many may view to be merely normal adolescent behavior.

Sheriff Swanson needs to look up the definition of pedophilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) to steer himself and his precinct clear of any defamation-of-character or slander lawsuits. His statement on camera is definitely a recipe for a public-relations nightmare waiting to happen to him and his precinct, and he probably should have thought it out through and through before he went delivering it to the entire planet. His narrative on camera does very little, if anything, to bolster his public image, to say the least about him.

Should the 18-year-old suspect in the above-described video be punished for what he did? That question is for the court system to answer and decide. There was no actual 15-year-old girl in the entire scenario that unfolded after he took the bait from Mr. Hansen and the authorities in their sex-sting operation. Therefore, my best guess is that the judge is likely to go easy on him; and if a jury hears his case, they may even go as far as letting him completely off the hook. A criminal defense attorney would likely play on the sympathies of the jurors by putting it in their minds that this young man could be their nephew or their baby brother. However, the 18-year-old suspect should definitely be compelled to watch the video below so that he understands how sex laws work in our nation and he can educate himself on how to keep himself out of trouble with the law in the future.

Vivian Bestawros, Esquire Educates The Public About Statutory-Rape Laws

There are people in our nation who actually want Mr. Hansen to run for president and would even campaign for him if he did. However, he needs to wake up and smell the coffee regarding the reality that his career as a journalist is not what it used to be and that he is not indestructible to the damage that public criticism can inflict upon him professionally in the long run. His above-described video is no asset to his intentions to crawl back up out of the hole in which he now finds himself. The 18-year-old suspect probably had it in his mind that he was doing nothing beyond harmless sexual experimentation with a teenage girl who was not noticeably younger than him enough for anyone to be concerned about it. Mr. Hansen and his cohorts produced a video above that perhaps at best stopped an unwanted teenage pregnancy from materializing rather than prevented a really heinous crime from taking place.

Counselling is the creator of this image.

Counselling is the creator of this image.

2. Teenage Girls Should Never Be Victim-Shamed Or Victim-Blamed In Any Manner

On the other side of the coin is the problem that our nation has with influencers belittling and disparaging teenage girls for tragic situations that are beyond their control. Some of you may have heard about this one Christian fundamentalist named Robert Lyte who has a number of YouTube channels. He is someone who appears to have an obsession with hellfire and eternal suffering. On camera, he presents himself to be insensitive to the problems of teenage girls and the tragedies that ensue because of those same problems.

Now, I respect that we live in a nation whose constitution protects freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and I am perfectly fine with that fact. However, when some religious extremist goes blaming a young girl for a heinous crime that was committed against her and that girl is not even legally old enough to vote, I really begin to have major problems with that same individual pointing the finger at that young girl in judgment. Mr. Lyte takes his sermons and narratives way too far on YouTube when he takes them down that exact same road. That is, he goes on camera to shame a 15-year-old female rape victim. Unfortunately, there are many people who take him seriously and put him high up on a pedestal of honor despite his outlandish claims.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Lyte had the comments section on all of his YouTube videos turned off for a lengthy period of time. I have to question why he did so. Was he afraid that someone might have actually disagreed with him on anything or even criticized him? Anyhow, Mr. Lyte posted a video on one of his YouTube channels wherein he ranted and raved about how a 15-year-old rape victim stood the prospect of being cast into the proverbial lake of fire simply because she did not defend her virginity upon being sexually assaulted. Like many other videos of his, this same video would likely get you furious at him for spewing such nonsense to the world.

Suspiciously enough, Mr. Lyte put this same above-described video into private status so that the public at large would not be able to view it. I guess he finally realized that it didn't make him look good to have it posted on one of his YouTube channels.

Nevertheless, allow me to provide you with the gist of what Mr. Lyte said in that same above-described video. First of all, I can appreciate the argument that Mr. Lyte has the right to his own opinions and to his religious beliefs. However, where he takes his narrative way too far in that same video is when he begins to blame the above-described 15-year-old girl for a heinous crime that someone committed against her, using force and intoxication. He insists that she claimed that the Lord himself had told her that she was punitively bound for the lake of fire, after her astral body had ejected from her physical body. However, did it ever occur to Mr. Lyte that the out-of-body experience that she allegedly underwent was nothing more than a hallucination that the drug that she was tricked into ingesting caused her to have?

Second of all, other Christians have criticized Mr. Lyte for voicing such nonsense to the world. The more videos of his that you watch, the more apparent it becomes that he is not playing with a full deck. It greatly surprises me that no child advocacy organization here in our nation has jumped all over his case for posting such a video. This man is clearly dangerous. One would think that the MeToo movement would also have something to say about this man's disgraceful behavior in the above-described video of his.

Epicantus is the creator of this image.

Epicantus is the creator of this image.

3. My Conclusion To This Topic

While it may be true that our nation is more sheltered than other nations in how it addresses juvenile-justice-related issues and topics encompassing teenage-related morality all together, we are also a nation that is quite vulnerable to dangerous and harmful extremes in this respect. Chris Hansen has been known to misguide the public into believing that all teenage sexuality is depraved and destructive in some of his videos and television shows. Robert Lyte, on the other hand, promotes the detrimental school of thought that an underage girl only has herself to blame whenever she falls prey to a heinous sex crime. Both extremes only stand to pull our society into a downward spiral. We all must be wise to these ills and deceptions.

Whenever I think about these two different extremes, what comes to mind are two movies that warn society about the problems we all could face if we fail to educate ourselves about the world around us. The first movie that comes to mind is the George Lucas classic film titled THX 1138 about a futuristic civilization in which all sexual conduct and sexual intercourse are prohibited by law. Another movie that comes to mind is the 1972 Canadian film titled Wedding In White in which a patriarch forces his 16-year-old daughter to marry an aging man after her brother's friend rapes her and gets her pregnant. Both of these movies are very disturbing, and they teach us exactly what we do not want our society to become. As Americans, let's all stand strong against such stupidity.

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