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God Lit up the United States of America So That She May Shine; Let Us Cease With the Tarnishing

Another passion of mine, is learning about and from History. It saddens me that so much is being forgotten or revised.


What is this place, we call America?

A place like no other, for you see, she was born out of man's desire and need, to live free; free from dictators, free from kings, free from emperors and free from any person or group of people whom seek to rule over other men.

She was born out of man's innate understanding that our Rights come from God and from God alone; not from dictators, emperors, nobility, nor kings.

It works, it has worked and it will continue to work, as long as the people, not only understand, but cherish, what we have built here

As long as the people understand and cherish, how it all came together and why it all works, we will continue to prosper.

The Land of Milk and Honey

Early on, many referred to America, as The Land of Milk and Honey.

So many were willing to risk everything in order to get here, in order to see for themselves, if this place which they'd heard so many wonderful things about, was real or just tales being spun, growing with each new telling -

They anticipated finding work and earning a decent wage, preparing a home and eventually sending for their families, reuniting in a very special place.

A land of endless opportunity, where they'd anticipate succeeding, but if they failed, they'd start anew...either way, it would be on their terms!

There were so many unknowns and yet...risks and all, they came.

Nothing has changed...the people still come, most seeking the very same things!


An amazing feat

America's Founders knew that a vision was one thing, making it and more importantly, keeping it, a reality...was something else entirely!

So over time and with many revisions, the Constitution was born.

Solely for the protection of us, the American people...against dictators and kings and from any and all...who seek to rule over man!

A very important 1st Amendment not only guaranteed the people's right to speak freely and to assemble freely, it prevented the establishment of a national church, which left the people with the assurance that they'd be free to worship in their own way, in their chosen church, not one chosen for them.

They didn't stop short, they covered all the bases, if mistakes were made, they were rectified.

It was such an amazing feat!

America: Unique and Welcoming

While America was, as today, a very welcoming place; common sense was utilized, as it must be! There was a screening process, (today, one might say, a vetting process) which took place for all that sought entry.

America from coast to coast, had to be protected:

  • Disease and sickness could not be allowed to just enter in...medical screenings were a required necessity. Screenings which, in some cases, would lead to detainment or worse
  • Criminals were not greeted with wide open doors and wide open arms. Unsavory characters couldn't just sashay on in (although I suspect a few still managed to slip in)
  • Millions arrived at our shores and were processed on through, via Ellis Island, and while most had no problem entering in, many were turned away for various reasons.
Ellis Island, New York

Ellis Island, New York

God Lit us up and made us to Shine!

Not all see the United States of America, as I see it, I understand that!

Many have no thoughts about America, one way or the other; they're indifferent and unfortunately, patriotism isn't contagious and self-sufficiency isn't something prized nor cherished by them

But, it doesn't end there, unfortunately!

Many have been brought up to dislike, distrust, condemn and hate, not just this Country, but groups of people in America, those that think differently than they do or look differently than they do. They have a different mindset altogether; it is completely opposed {in many cases, closed} to other points of view and in this... they will not budge!

We are witnessing, almost on a daily basis, free speech being squelched....but, there is definite consistency, which cannot be denied.

It is the speech of libertarians and conservatives consistently being suppressed and it is happening often, on multiple college campuses!

While I know that America is not perfect, (I have many names and many nicknames and Pollyanna isn't one of them...thanks Mom) people are hankering to get in, not hankering to get out...

and while I am on this subject, why is it that so many over the years, celebrities for instance, threaten time and time again to leave this horrendous place, but they never do?

I know that I speak for a majority, when I say:

Life at times is hard for all of us and at times, all of us have to reach a little bit further and work a little bit harder.

Keep that in the back of your mind, while keeping this at the forefront - America is full of opportunity, for all of us, never doubt that. Don't let anyone tell you different, for if they do, they are lying to you, they have ulterior motives!

To those constantly bashing the Trump supporter, the conservative, the libertarian, the grounded Democrat...know this; we are all so busy with the day to day of making a living, paying the rent/mortgage, meeting the needs of our children, grandchildren, elderly parents, budgeting for gas and groceries, etc., we do not have the time, the wherewithal or the calisthenic capabilities...to hold you or any other person back

We are not looking around for someone that looks differently, worships differently, thinks differently, lives their life differently, so that, just for the heck of it, we can rain on their parade.

If we don't like a speaker, a musician, a restaurant, a particular movie, book, etc....we just say no.

If you are into that particular speaker, musician, restaurant, movie, book, whatever, then knock yourself out!

Don't rain on my parade, when I have no desire, whatsoever, to rain on yours!

Is that clear enough?


Let Us not Lose What is Left of the Luster

Maybe there isn't {and never was} free flowing Milk and Honey, but I know of no other place like the United States of America, unique to all other Countries.

Our Founders left behind a Constitution, including, a precious Bill of Rights which indubitably limits our Government and reminds them to never forget just who it is that has granted us our rights and just who it is...that they work for.

God lit us up and made us shine, let's stop with the tarnishing, let's not lose what's left of the luster

God Bless America!

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A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on June 05, 2020:


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