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Boris and Biden: On the Phone.

The President and The Prime Minister.


Biden and Boris: The Relationship Begins.

When President Donald Trump lost the election, (although he and his many followers would question that), many thought it would be an uncomfortable time for Boris. Why, because Trump's successor, long-time Democrat and once Obama's VP, Joe Biden, saw Boris as a British Trump. Some felt and feel, the Biden and Johnson administrations, would not and will not be as close. However, regardless of differences and issues, the UK Prime Minister and the American President, have always been close, historically.

So Johnson and Biden will have to learn to accept each other and work with each other, (if they secretly or openly, disagree with each other on some issues). A big difference of opinion between the two administrations is the Saudi led war on Yemen. Biden has withheld arms to KSA and wants to re-evaluate the relationship with his nation and the kingdom. Whereas Boris has continued arms sales to KSA.

So on Friday, Biden and Johnson discussed by phone, the different issues, both their administrations are facing. Both agreed that the vaccine is 'key' in fighting the COVID virus, worldwide. They also discussed climate change and bio-diversity, adding that both these issues go hand in hand. Also, encouraging nations to use climate change friendly technology. In other words, to use clean energy and cut down on fossil fuel that causes bad emissions into our atmosphere.

Biden and Johnson discussed Iran, and that it must return to the nuclear agreement and remain committed to original undertakings, as per-the agreement. Trump took the US out of the agreement saying it allowed Iran to operate under the radar. Biden wants Iran to return to the agreement, however, sanctions will remain in place, until Iran agrees to this. Iran has replied that it will not comply until sanctions are lifted first and Iran (for now), remains enriching uranium.

China and Russia were also discussed. The issue of sanctions came up in response, to human rights abuses in the country. Those human rights abuses are occurring in Hong Kong, Tibet and lately the Uighur Muslim area of China. Biden recently outlined Putin as a 'killer' and blames Russian interference (allegedly), in the 2016 POTUS election, that allowed Trump into power.

One issue dear to Joe Biden's heart is the 'Good Friday Agreement'. Being Irish-American, Biden had fears that Brexit would affect this deal and many thought this issue would upset the equilibrium, between the two administrations. This issue was also brought up during the phone conversation and as you would expect, both said it was vital, that this agreement is secure.

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Biden is trying to revive a meeting that Obama and Bush abided by, that is an international forum on global climate change. Trump not exactly a fan of environmentalism and let it languish. This time the meeting will be virtual and Biden has invited Putin and Xi Jinping to attend, along with other world leaders and of course, Boris.

So it seems the relationship has gotten off to a good start. How the men, personally feel about each other, probably won't matter too much, as long as the working relationship remains good.

Finally, both the UK and US are living through a challenging time, as is the whole world. For as long as both leaders remain in power they must steel themselves for the way ahead, in the coming weeks, months, and years.

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