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Boris' Shiny New Press Room.


Alegra Stratton once of BBC News and ITV's political programme, 'Peston', is going to be the woman in charge of press conferences at 10 Downing Street. There is or there will be, a new press conference room with all the latest audio and visual tech, to boot, at 10 Downing Street.

This room will be the equivalent of the press room at the White House. The question is, do we really need a 'press conference' room? Is this development an extension of Boris' ego? A vain-glorious extension of Boris' Nero-like personality traits? What next? A statue of Boris, who felt when he was young, he was going to be King of the world? Is Boris now saying, he is the equivalent to Joe Biden in the White House? Who knows what goes through the mind of the Eton educated Prime Minister?

One thing is for sure, Labour has attacked this development as proof of Boris' "warped priorities". This comes on the back of the announcement in Wishy Washy Rishi's budget, that NHS workers will only receive a 1% pay rise. Utterly disgusting considering that these frontline workers have been the soldiers in this war against, the coronavirus. Boris should remember that those on the NHS saved his life when he had COVID and he should have been, more generous.

Matt Hancock, the Newcastle UTD supporting Health Secretary has said 1% is acceptable. As has another cabinet minister Nadine Dorries. And, why wouldn't these two Tory ministers back, Sunak's 1% pay rise (if that's what it is)? Two reasons jump into the mind, one, because they have to tow the party line or they personally believe it, or indeed, both. There will be, however, many Tory MPs not in the cabinet, (and privately too, in the cabinet no doubt) who will disagree. This is where Labour and other opposition parties need to go on the offensive about this. Boris has shot himself in the foot over this one, for sure. Boris has been riding high in the polls, over the fast roll-out of the vaccine and the number of people inoculated (which is amazing). However, this 1% pay rise for NHS front line staff, will not be popular amongst the public either, and Labour should seize on this and hit the government with everything they have, over this. This could turn around the Labour parties poor showing in the polls and expose Boris and his government, for the charlatans they are. Boris the Clown, Wish Washy Rishi and the rest of this circus government, are all about quick fixes or gimmicks. 'Just papering over the cracks' as Sir Keir Starmer said in reply to Sunak's budget, with no long term solutions.

No doubt Alegra Stratton will be paid handsomely for her daily press briefings. However, they will be more like Boris' propaganda briefings. The press will be allowed to question Stratton at length or will the questions be vetted first? Whatever the format, Stratton will be given her brief to basically stick to the script and not veer off it. It will be interesting to see how she deals with, difficult questions.

Boris has defended the establishment of this Downing Street press conference room by saying it will make the government, transparent. Also, it will make the government accountable to the public, but will it? Transparent and accountable, really? Has this government ever been accountable and transparent? Boris may come to regret these words going forward, just as Theresa May was reminded time and again about 'strong and stable'. Another motto of Boris is 'Build Back Better', again really? Boris should be careful what he says, (not that he cares) because as others have found out, these things can come around again and bite you on the arse.

The briefing room has cost, the eye-watering cost of £2,607,767.67 and now Boris is ranting about having his flat, (at No 10) renovated. Boris will be asking the public to donate if they wish!

The question has to be asked, is Boris solely, the only one responsible for wishing his current accommodation to be renovated? No doubt, his partner (in crime), Carrie Symmonds, may also have something to do with it.

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