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Boris: Seen Cycling at Olympic Park.

British Prime Minister: Boris Johnson.


We all remember the Dominic Cummings fiasco of last year. When Boris' svengali drove north to see relatives and allegedly broke lockdown rules. This caused an uproar in the media when the government was accused of hypocrisy, allowing Dominic Cummings to break the lockdown rules. When us 'lesser mortals' could not do such a thing lest we get fined.

Now according to the 'Evening Standard', a female witness who wishes to remain anonymous saw Boris cycling 7 miles from home. According to this witness, Boris was cycling around in a 'couldn't care less' manner at the Olympic Park'. Boris was seen cycling around with someone in a bobble hat surrounded by security personnel.

Boris has been accused then, of breaking lockdown rules, while the rest of us would get fined for exercising so far from home. So this is why it would appear Boris has done a 'Dominic Cummings' on it. The public is told day in, day out, to only exercise on your own doorstep and not travel a long way to do it. Two women were fined in Derbyshire for travelling miles to exercise and later, the police dropped the fine after being accused of being heavy-handed. It would appear though, that the police are expected to get tougher as many people are ignoring lockdown rules. The government are looking at bringing in even tougher rules because some of us are not adhering to the rules. Matt Hancock at the Sunday press briefing yesterday stated that getting tough is not what the government wants to do, but it may have to.

It seems though, with Boris cycling around 7 miles from home it has set yet another hypocritical image in peoples minds. Like Cummngs before him, it shows the one rule for the so-called elite and one rule for the rest of us. Downing Street when asked by the press about the 'Evening Standard' story declined to comment.

However, at the press briefing yesterday, Matt Hancock adamantly said, that Boris had not broken any rules. However, that is not washing well with Labour MP for the Borough of Hammersmith, Andrew Slaughter. The MP accused Boris of sheer hypocrisy, telling people to do one thing and him doing the opposite.

Matt Hancock hoped this will be the last major lockdown and if people want it to be, they had better abide by the rules. Sir Keir Starmer is calling for a major lockdown like the one we had back in March of last year. To some, this lockdown is not really a proper lockdown as it was last year. For example, it is said only essential shops need to stay open, and food outlets can continue to stay open as long as they sell takeaway. But are food places that do takeaway, essential?

I feel we all should be doing our part and indeed, as Matt Hancock, says: "Act like we have COVID", in other words, think of the danger to ourselves and others. We should, whatever one thinks of this government, stick to the rules, for our benefit and that of others. There is, it has to be admitted, a certain weariness with lockdown after lockdown and that it is understandable. However, for the sake of our NHS and other key workers, we must, for now, abide by the rules. Maybe, the government should bring in tougher penalties and give the police more powers to deal with lawbreakers who bend the rules and yes, even for the likes of Boris. One's status in life, should not alter the fact we should all be equal before the law and subject to it, if necessary.

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Matt Hancock has said potentially this lockdown will last for another 12 weeks. By then, he is hoping the vaccine will make a difference in the infection and death rate caused by COVID. The government is rolling out the vaccine of various manufacturers across the country. Of course to the vulnerable categories and health/care workers and then to the rest of us, hopefully, it will all be accomplished towards the backend of the year.

COVID, however, just won't disappear like that, it will be around for a long, long time to come. However, if the world population is thoroughly protected by these vaccines, therein, lies hope. However, it seems social distancing, mask-wearing, cleanliness, will still be the 'modus operandi' for some time to come.

Humans finally, must live in a more sustainable and ecological way on our planet. COVID was caused by our consumer-led society of wanting more and more of what the earth has, but, which is fast disappearing. If we do not do this, then COVID could be just the start of a torrent of viruses, that may be in the end, will ultimately see us off.

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