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Boris: Rebel Tories Set to Wreck Tier System.


Boris cannot and must not, expect an easy ride when it comes to parliament passing the new 3 Tier system. The new tier system is supposedly harsher than the last 3 tier system, we had before England went into a total lockdown. Tier 1 will see life returning to some kind of normality, though of course, facemasks, social distancing, etc, will still apply. Essential and non-essential shops, etc, will be open. Tier 2, again social distancing, mask-wearing, etc, apply. Pubs, restaurants, essential and non-essential places, will be open. Tier 3, again all the conventions of mask-wearing, social distancing, hand-washing, etc, will apply. Essential and nonessential places will be open, however, pubs, restaurants, cafes, etc, will only be open if they do takeaway.

Next Wednesday, December 2, is when the new system should come into force. However, before it can become law, it must be passed in parliament and there is no guarantee it will be.

Already, rebel Tories like Steve Baker, Graham Brady, etc, are lining up to vote against the new tier system. The reason they justify their action is that according to Steve Baker and his ilk, it is "authoritarian". They say they will defy the Prime Minister because they are worried about how the new tier system will impact England. A while ago, another reason they said they would rebel is how the new tier system will affect those suffering from mental health.

Now they have gone further and stated that their rebellion is spurred on by how livelihoods and businesses will be impacted by the new tier system. Especially, those in tier 3. Most of those in tier 2 and 3 are in the Midlands and the North. One Kent Tory MP, Sir Roger Gale, did not want his county in tier 3, but according to the government, Kent is now a hot spot for COVID.

99% of England will be under the new restrictions if they are passed. These new restrictions will be reviewed on December 16, to see if those in the worst-hit areas have changed. Also, those like Cornwall, Isle of Wight and the Scilly Isles (tier 1) to see if they stay the same or not. Many who find their counties in tier 3, like Blackpool, Lancashire, thought it would be at least tier 2, but this northwestern, English holiday resort found itself in tier 3 (or at least it may be by next Wed). Blackpool like many places in England relies on the hospitality industry to bring in the revenue. With this national lockdown, only hospitality places that can offer takeaway can stay open. So if Blackpool goes into the tier 3 lockdown, then presumably, this will continue.

If passed in parliament, 32 million people will fall into tier 2 and 23.2 million will find themselves in tier 3. Boris will be looking for support from the Labour party and others to help pass the new tier system. However, Labour has yet to make up their minds. Labour has supported the government generally, over lockdowns, etc. However, which way they will go, when it comes to the vote, remains to be seen.

Cabinet minister, Robert Jenrick, speaking to Sky News' Kay Burley, said if the tier system was defeated, then it would not happen. This is why Jenrick stated, it is important that the cabinet win over those rebels. How they will manage this Herculean task of winning them over, remains to be seen.

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Boris was part of Theresa May's downfall over Brexit. May met resistance and struggle every week in parliament, over her Brexit policy. Now, May must be secretly laughing to herself as she sees Boris going through opposition (from his own party and opposition parties) after opposition over COVID. COVID has become for Boris, what Brexit was for Theresa May, something that won't go away and leave him alone.

So, from next week we will or won't be under the new tier system, it all depends on votes.

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