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Boris: Optimistic.


One thing all seem to agree on, whether scientists, politicians, or members of the public agree, this COVID virus may be with us perhaps, forever. The pandemic has swept out of Wuhan, China, and devastated human populations across the world. There have been many ideas of what may or may not, have caused it.

One theory was that it was brought to earth by a meteor, it was developed and escaped from a lab in China, it comes from wet markets, it is a deliberate result of man messing around with nature, etc. However, it happened, the pandemic has affected all human society in a way, perhaps, even the most foresighted person on the planet, could not have foreseen.

The government up until recent times has given Labour and other opposition parties ammunition to batter them with. Late going into lockdown or coming out too early, 100,000 dead and counting, PPE mess-ups, NHS struggling with medical effects of the crisis, etc. To be fair though to Labour, Sir Keir has worked with the government during the lockdowns but has called them out, when necessary.

The roll-out of the vaccine, however, has gone on rails and many of the vulnerable are now inoculated waiting for their second jab. The UK is up there with Israel and the UAE, in rolling out the vaccine to those, who need it most. This has obviously given Boris something to smile about.

After much debate over the weekend, Boris announced a four-stage plan to take us out of lockdown. Starting with schools going back on 8 March and culminating in June with many places being open that were formerly closed during the lockdown. With any luck, everything should be near as normal, and that's what everyone will want.

The four-stage plan will have five weeks in between to review how the plan is going. Again, it is a matter of the government getting this right and of people, co-operating with the safety measures that will be needed for a while yet.

Of course, as Boris admitted yesterday, there will be those totally against his plan and those, wishing the lifting of the lockdown would go swifter. Boris obviously knows this and knows if he gets this wrong, he will be damned (as he has been) in the press and with the voting public. Particularly, the voting public who will punish him at the local elections in May, God forbid, should anything go wrong.

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Boris has always claimed to listen to science when it comes to handling the pandemic. It would appear from Boris' cautious approach this time, he is listening to the advice, but time will tell.

Boris was voted in December 2019 with an overwhelming majority as he had the Brexiteer vote, even the Labour one. Seats fell to the Tories in the Midlands and North that had never been or not been Conservative, for a long time. However, a storm from the east was brewing and Boris knew about it and had been warned-COVID. Boris was ill-prepared for this storm, as he basked in the glory of his election victory. So, Boris has been handed a poisoned chalice that of getting the UK out of the EU and coping with COVID. The UK is now officially out of the EU and COVID would appear to be in retreat because of the lockdown and the vaccine.

Boris is also, according to some, is riding high in the polls, giving Sir Keir something to think about. Whether Boris will stay riding high, depends on many factors, in the run-up to the local elections.

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