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Boris On His Hols.

Prime Minister: Boris Johnson.


Boris Johnson, Carrie Johnson, Wilfred, and co, have decided to have a break in Marbella or so, it's said. Everyone is entitled to a break whether you be Prime Minister or a dustman. Stress affects all, whatever, their status in life. Not saying Johnson is suffering from stress, but being a Prime Minister, has to be one of the most difficult jobs, on the planet.

Of course, Boris having a break is nothing new, Boris and Carrie took a break in Mustique, (an exclusive Caribbean island), having won a landslide election. Boris stayed with family members in the West of England, though he labelled it "a working holiday". Boris also had another holiday but had to rush back to 10 Downing Street when the Taliban, took over Afghanistan.

It would appear that Boris has taken this trip away before parliament returns on 18 October. The parliamentary break or recess occurs after all the parties have had, their conferences. Perhaps, like most of us, Boris feels the need to get away, as he knows, he will have to face the chaos of the country and in his own cabinet, when he gets back.

While saying all of us need a break from life, many have questioned, the common sense of the Prime Minister. The decision has been questioned by former Tory MP, Anna Soubry. Ms Soubry has said "it is not acceptable" and that Boris doesn't care as he has an "80 seat majority".

Boris has indeed, chosen to go away while our country, seems to limp from crisis to crisis. We have the combined viruses of COVID and Influenza, we have the shortage of drivers to deliver goods, tons of migrants coming across the Channel, fuel shortages, Brexit done but not really settled, shortages of workers from the EU, etc. Welcome to Boris' Britain, if this was not a tale of a dystopia, I don't know what is. On top of all that, you have what people are calling another "winter of discontent". Not forgetting, the uplift to UC being ended and the furlough scheme, ending.

There appears to be infighting or at least denial in Boris' cabinet. Kwasi Kwarteng, the Business Secretary said, he had spoken, to the Treasury about helping businesses with rising fuel costs. The Treasury headed by 'Wishy-Washy Rishi' Sunak, shot back that no such meeting or conversation had transpired. So not only, is there, chaos in the country at large, but in the Prime Minister's own cabinet. But with this chaotic, fantasy, out-of-touch atmosphere, this administration lives in headed by a clown, we should not be surprised!

Coming back to Mr Kwarteng, the Business Secretary has said, Boris is entitled to rest and a break. Mr Kwarteng sighted, the fact that Boris had lost his mother, this year. Also, one and a half years ago, Boris nearly lost his life to COVID. It seems there are two arguments here, (as already mentioned), yes, Boris is entitled to a break, but should he go, when the country is in such a state?

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Obviously, the other party leaders will be or maybe taking a break. That's also, acceptable, and so many may question Sir Keir, for doing such a thing, while the country is in a mess. The difference is, Sir Keir is not Prime Minister yet, so he is not responsible for how our country is run. His job is to hold the clown and his cronies to account until he can become Prime Minister and hopefully, put things right.

There are rumours doing the rounds that the clown may be thinking of calling another winter general election. And, one can see why Boris, as Ms Soubry alluded to, has an 80 seat majority. Boris will be hoping to repeat the landslide victory he had thanks, to his Brexit policy, in December 2019. He may also, feel the need to go to the country and put before the country, his so-called, 'levelling up' agenda. Boris appears to be a few points ahead, of Sir Keir in the polls. Boris may win a comfortable majority, so he can continue in office. Such a defeat for Labour would be another disaster for them and a hard slap in the face for Sir Keir. That said, polls can be wrong and the slap in the face and defeat could be for Boris. Leading to Labour and Sir Keir, taking the reigns of power, stranger things have happened.

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