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Boris: No Lockdown Over Christmas and No Plan B Yet.


Boris Johnson has adamantly said there will be no Christmas lockdown. Why, because the Prime Minister has said the evidence presented to him, says there is no need for one.

The Prime Minister does not want to implement Plan B, either, if he can help it. This would mean a return to working from home, mandatory mask-wearing, and the implementation of COVID passports.

Boris is urging all those over 50 to get their booster jab when they can. For those over 50 now, if it has been 6 months since your second jab, you can now book your booster online. Alternatively, you can wait to be contacted and once you have your date and time for the booster, go for it.

It was announced on GB News, that those who model and forecast the number of cases of COVID is saying that cases are falling. However, other evidence would suggest that cases in England, are rising. So surely, the public, has the right to ask what set of statistics, do we believe?

At any rate, hospitalizations and deaths have fallen, compared to earlier this year. Obviously, the vaccine is part of the reason why the above facts are real. Approximately, 45.7 million people have now been vaccinated. One has to speculate, that those who have gotten COVID and survived, will now have the antibodies to recognize and combat any future COVID attack.

Influenza and other pathogens are doing the rounds this autumn. It seems many who have been isolated have been hit hard with some of these viruses. When we were isolating last Christmas, flu, for example, was more or less non-existent. Now we are circulating again and our immune system does not recognize flu, for example, it will hit us harder. So I would recommend, if you are eligible, to get your flu shots, if you qualify. Just as you should get your COVID booster shot. Of course, no vaccine is perfect, however, surely, to get your shot is better than none?

Boris continued, that the government, is monitoring the situation. The COVID virus, is continually changing and evolving and it is natural, it will continue to do so. The virus wants to survive and prosper, (like any living organism), so it will develop alongside the vaccine and overcome it. Just as scientists who developed the vaccine, (whether it be Astra Zenica, Pfizer, etc), will have to keep pace with it. So it is an arms race, between the science of mankind and this deadly virus.

Finally, as usual, let us hope Boris is not playing catchup again. Sir Keir has not called him, in the past, 'Captain Catchup', for nothing. In the past, Boris has been slow to act when it came to lockdowns, PPE, etc, with sadly, devastating results. Boris says he has the agreement of other opposition parties, including Labour in not implementing a lockdown and going to Plan B. The good thing Boris did do, was the roll-out and the mass vaccination of people against COVID. Whether you attribute this to the government, the NHS, the scientists, or whoever, the vaccine and its roll-out have been a roaring success. So right now, let us hope that the evidence Boris is basing his assessments on is correct, if not, it will be catastrophic.

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