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Boris: No Extension.

Boris: With a Decent Haircut.


Surprise surprise, Boris has stated there will be no extension to the transition period. The European Union is preparing for a 'no-deal' and said, as much. Boris has said, that nothing has changed with the sticking points when it comes to negotiations with the EU.

One of the main sticking points is fishing. European Union nations, wish to continue with fishing in UK waters as they did before the UK voted to leave the EU. However, Boris is not prepared to even entertain this, asking the question, "Do Eu nations" give the British fishing fleet, the same rights?

Of course, all those hardened Brexiteers, who voted to leave in 2016, will be glad if the UK leaves, with no deal. Of course, the reverse will be for those that voted to stay in in the same year 2016.

Of course, one area that will come into play, if the UK leaves with no deal, is Northern Ireland. If the UK leaves with no deal, then the prospects are that there will be a closed border.

This is something the incoming Biden administration in the new year, will not be pleased about. President-Elect, Joe Biden, no supporter of Brexit, has stated the border must be kept open. No doubt, this may cause tensions between the UK and the Biden administration from day one, if and when, it takes the reins of power from Donald Trump.

Joe Biden has gone on record saying that any deal with the US, will hang on whether the UK secures a deal. Biden, will not be as pliable to the UK and Brexit as Trump was. Trump, was happy to have a deal with the UK, but, it appeared, on the USA's terms.

There were worries about drug injected meat, chlorine chicken, US companies wanting a private stake in the NHS, etc. Now if a deal does not transpire on our leaving date on 31 Dec, we may not have to worry about that.

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The EU is our biggest trading partner and if we leave without a deal, where does that leave us?

A nation out on its own, in a big world. We will presumably leave on 'WTO' rules (World Trade Organisation). If we cannot secure a trade deal with the US, who else can we trade with?

Obviously, British companies, especially the smaller ones, will be worried. Foreign companies based here may think it's not worth hanging around and head for mainland Europe.

The UK right now is in a period of unknown. We have COVID, still a clear, and present danger, we have all four UK nations heading off in directions over COVID, plus Brexit looming closer and closer. We have a government led by a clown, that seems to make policy as it goes along or indeed, on the back of a fag packet. We seem to have a more competent opposition led by Sir Keir, however, they will not be able to get anywhere politically, until next May's council elections, or, 2024's general election.

Britain finds itself in a strange and unknown predicament on all fronts. The only certainty as regards the UK now is the uncertainty.

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