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Boris: Losing Support for His Covid Handling.

PM: Boris Johnson.


Old Bo-Jo-Johnson has sure had a year of it, dealing with the COVID crisis, still dealing with Brexit, and, contracting COVID himself. Certainly, like most of us, Boris will be glad to see the back of 2020 no doubt, not saying 2021, will be any better. The only glimmer of hope on the horizon is the fact that a vaccine for COVID, will be available from next week.

Look at last year, when Boris drove that digger through that wall at the general election and smashed through it. Boris smashed through the 'red wall' of Labour seats in the Midlands and the North, to deliver a barnstorming victory. This victory came about because many Labour Brexiteers voters flocked to the Tories. Boris promised to deliver Brexit on time and had an "oven-ready deal ready and waiting". However, COVID came along and sank the euphoria of the Tory victory and it seemed Brexit took a back seat.

It seemed Boris lurched from disaster to disaster when it came to COVID. A poll taken at the time when the UK had 30,000 dead, thanks to the pandemic, showed Tory popularity was on the wane. Now, the number of dead is 60,000, the highest number of fatalities in Europe.

42% of voters who had voted Tory in 2019 said they would not be voting Conservative again. The reason given by the 30,000 members of the populace was that they were disillusioned by the governments handling of the Coronavirus crisis.

One of the biggest blows to Boris this year was the departure of his go-to man, Dominic Cummings. Cummings who had masterminded Boris' general election victory and secured the leave EU victory, left the employ of Boris. Dominic Cummings was seen (deliberately, perhaps) leaving by the front entrance of 10 Downing Street, instead of leaving by the back entrance.

Many Tories mainly on the backbenches and perhaps in the cabinet are turning against Boris. Boris has faced rebellions from his own party over the recent lockdown and the 3 Tier system we are now all in. However, some Tories remain optimistic that all these polls pointing to the downfall of Boris, are just glitches.

Ben Bradley, a Conservative MP who won the Mansfield seat at the 2017 general election, suspects voters will return to the Tories. Another Conservative MP, who also won his seat in 2017 from the Lib-Dems has said the government needs to do more in showing the people they are on top of the COVID crisis.

A report conducted at the same time as the survey was conducted (in conjunction with the survey) stated that once trust between a government and the people is lost, then, it is hard to get back. Boris it is reported is doing his damnedest to shore up and support his victory in the 2020 election. It seems even though COVID has dominated the headlines this year, secretly behind the scenes, Brexit negotiations have continued. Now as we approach the leaving date on 31st, it seems now a Brexit deal is looking less and less likely. It would seem it has come down to a last-minute trade deal, between the EU and the UK.

The arrival of Sir Keir Starmer as Labour leader has damaged Boris, in many ways. From the time Boris and Sir Keir faced each other in the Houses of Parliament, Sir Keir took Boris apart. His cool, collected persona, based on his training as a legal eagle in the face of Boris' belittling and clowning, didn't work on the new Labour leader.

Polls have consistently shown that Sir Keir would make a better Prime Minister than Boris in many people's opinions. Labour was trailing but in You Gov poll after You Gov (You Gov correctly predicted Boris would win last years general election) poll, Labour was level pegging with the Conservatives, now they have overtaken the Tories.

Is this, however, a sure sign that Labour will win the 2024 and be successful in next years local elections? Not necessarily, Boris' fortunes look bad but something could happen to revive his popularity. Between now and the 2024 general election things can change. In the meantime, he must battle on and hope he is doing enough to please the people, the same could be said for Keir Starmer.

Finally, another blow for Boris is the almost certain coming to power of Joe Biden. Despite the fact, that Trump still alleges fraud and refuses to concede defeat, unless something drastic happens, it is a dead certainty, that Biden will be President, next year. Joe Biden considers Johnson, a British Trump, and is no fan of the UK leaving the EU. He also wants an open border between the Northern Ireland (part of the UK) and the Irish Republic (part of the EU) to protect the 'Good Friday Agreement' that has ensured peace in Northern Ireland. As for any trade deal, Joe Biden has made it very clear, that any trade deal with the US, would be dependant on an EU-UK trade deal. And, keeping the border open (between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic) on the island, of Ireland. Obviously, in a presumed post-Trump world, Biden and Boris must work together. How that plays out, however, can not be known.

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