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Boris: Joked About Rule of Six, Helps People, Avoid the In-Laws.


Boris always regarded as the joker and the clown seems to have made quips that didn't go down too well, apparently. On a private 'Zoom' call to Conservative ministers, Boris is said to have joked that "rule of 6 helps people, avoid their in-laws". While some, might find this statement 'funny', apparently those involved in the 'Zoom' conversation with the PM, did not.

Those involved in the 'Zoom' call said this 'joke', is typical of Boris' sense of humour. The call was made to get fellow Tory MPS like ex-PM Theresa May onboard, with the government's 3-Tier COVID approach. One of the assembled MPS, taking part, in the conversation was Theresa May and she was one of the few who laughed at Boris' quip.

Someone who will remain anonymous stated that Boris' schoolboy humour has changed little since his days at Eton (where he attended with another ex-Prime Minister, David Cameron). They went on to say that elect a clown and you get a circus.

Today, government ministers are conferring with local leaders in the north-west of England. At the moment, Blackpool and other places in Lancashire, are, in Tier 2 of the government's COVID policy. But, it is possible, that Lancashire as a whole or at least parts will be put into Tier 3. Liverpool currently, is the only English city to be placed in Tier 3. Tier 3 means that many places like pubs, restaurants, gyms, casinos, etc will be forced to close. Only pubs, that have the capacity to double as restaurants will be allowed to stay open.

Sir Keir Starmer, wants a 2-3-week' circuit breaker' to control the virus and get the 'R' level down. Certain members of SAGE, the scientific body that advises the government on COVID, are also, said to support this measure. Boris, however, has flatly refused to support such a move much to the consternation and anger of Sir Keir Starmer. Boris and Sir Keir, today clashed in the weekly Prime Minister's Questions over this and other related issues. The SNP's Ian Blackford, via 'Zoom', from Scotland, again asked the Prime Minister to extend the present furlough scheme. Saying the JSS (Job Support Scheme) that replaces the furlough scheme on 1 November, doesn't go far enough to protect jobs or businesses. Boris quipped that the government JSS scheme was enough as was Universal Credit. Ian Blackford responded harshly to Boris, saying that because of him, thousands will be unemployed and that people would never forgive him.

Ian Blackford, canny Scots MP, that he is, could be right. Come to the local elections in May of 2021 and the general election of 2024, voters could turn furiously on Boris and the Tories.

In the 2019 general election, Tories gained seats from Labour in the Midlands and the North. Smashing the so-called 'red-wall', largely because, Labour were so vague on their Brexit policy.

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However, much of the general public is fed up of Boris and this government (particularly the handling of COVID) and so this 'red wall' could be re-built. It will be the smashing of a 'blue wall' instead.

Boris joked with Theresa May during COVID 'Zoom' call,

Boris joked with Theresa May during COVID 'Zoom' call,

Boris clashed in parliament today with Sir Keir Starmer.

Boris clashed in parliament today with Sir Keir Starmer.

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