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Boris: Down in New Opinium Poll.

Cummings and Boris.


It seems, Dominic Cummings alleged statement on the antics of the government led by Boris Johnson, maybe starting, to take effect. Anyone, with even a small amount of understanding of political goings-on, will realise, how potentially damaging these allegations, could be.

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, and Boris came under sustained attack from the ire, of one, Dominic Cummings. The web he spun was of a lying Health Secretary and a Prime Minister, unfit to do the job.

So the question has to be asked, how have Mr. Cummings statements, to the all-party committee, affected Boris and the government he leads approval ratings? According to survey company, 'Opinium' Boris' approval ratings would seem to have sunk, somewhat.

So, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's public approval rating has slipped down to 6%. This is compared with + 6%, two weeks ago. Has Sir Keir Starmer, benefited from this? Well, not according to Opinium, Sir Keir's net approval rating is at 9%. 9% is exactly where his approval ratings were, a fortnight ago

The Conservatives are on 42% down 2 points, while Labour as a whole, has risen to 5 points up to 36%. Asked about Dominic Cummings, many see him as untrustworthy, but others felt he was speaking the truth about Johnson and the administration under him.

66% believed Cummings, when he said the government wanted to pursue, a herd immunity strategy as opposed to, 20%, who did not. When Cummings, described Boris' belief, that COVID was just a "scare story" and when he called it, "swine flu" 2, 24% thought it was fake.

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As regards, Matt Hancock and Cummings alleged statement, that the Health Secretary was a born liar, 44% thought he, (Hancock), should resign. Others thought despite Mr. Hancock being an alleged liar, 30% thought he should stay in the job.

Before we say, as we always do, that these approval ratings have put a hole in Boris and his circus government, we need to stand back. Public approval of the roll-out of the vaccine remains high and so, this may again, save the government's bacon.

2,004 UK adults took part in this Opinium poll, (that's an opinion poll taken by the straw poll company, Opininium). The questions were asked between the 27 - 28 May of this year.

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