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Boris Bounce of Vaccination: Sleaze Not Cutting Through yet According to You Gov Poll.

Boris and Keir.


If Boris thinks, the sleaze allegations are going away soon, he's got another thing coming. Boris has made a ruthless enemy in 'Atomic Dom' aka Dominic Cummings. When Boris sacked his 'go-to-man, Cummings refused to leave by the back entrance, he left, belongings in hand, via the front door.

Cummings has information on Boris, Boris must-see Cummings as a dire threat. Even though, he bats away questions, regarding what damage Cummings could do to him.

At PMQs this week, Sir Keir took Boris apart, being the seasoned legal eagle that he was and, still is. Questions flowed from Sir Keir, like a torrent of water, and hit Boris like a tsunami.

Boris at first tried to distract from the questions of who paid for Boris' flat, but gradually, he lost his temper. Cool, Sir Keir, held his nerve and repeated the question, "Who funded your decoration and refurbishment of your flat". Boris flew into a rage, it seemed at one stage, he would turn into the 'Incredible Hulk' who the PM has referenced in the past.

Both Sir Keir and the SNP's Ian Blackford said, there could be legal repercussions for Boris. At this, Boris was stuttering and quivering, perhaps, because of the police and breaking parliamentary standards being mentioned by Sir Keir and Ian Blackford.

The questions of Boris's flat, What did Boris say to James Dyson, and how many times, did David Cameron text Rishi Sunak. Undoubtedly, the vaccine and the number of people vaccinated, have given Boris, something to be cheery about. According to a recent 'You Gov' poll, the Tories remain 11 points ahead of Labour. However, come polling day, all this could change, but it depends on how far the sleaze allegations have impacted voters.

So far it seems, the sleaze allegations have not made much impact. Had the sleaze allegations come up, when there was no successful vaccine campaign, maybe, the allegations would have turned people off Boris. The opposition parties like Labour, SNP, and Lib-Dems, etc, are running with this. They know, they have been handed a bone and are using it, to cause as much damage, to Boris, as possible. However, they must know themselves, that vaccine success is a higher priority in most people's minds than Tory sleaze.

Even if the Tories are successful at the local elections, the vaccine success won't last forever. The sleaze allegations are not going away and could over the long term do Boris damage, time will tell.

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