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Boris Battling for His Political Life.


An investigation is underway in the Conservative party regarding parties at No 10. These parties may have broken the terms of lockdown. When the rest of us were told to isolate and told not to mix with family, friends, etc, Boris held a 'bring your own booze party'. Sir Keir expressed his outrage and disbelief that Boris, did not know, that he was at a party. Some said some of these parties were held to alleviate the stress of Downing Street staff. That's all well and good, but I'm sure NHS staff, care workers, supermarket workers, etc, would also like to hold parties.

This report once it is finished and published may define the rest of Boris' Premiership. Some say that if the report goes easy on Boris and those who attended these gatherings, it will be a stitch-up. And it's easy to see why people would think this. In other matters, Boris has done other things that seem to have broken parliamentary codes. For example, in not sacking Home Secretary, Priti Patel, for alleged misdemeanors. Whenever trouble comes up, Boris seems to ignore it, stay silent, and hope trouble blows over. This stance has worked in most cases, and the Teflon Prime Minister has survived. However, if Boris is found to have broken both rules of COVID and Parliamentary codes, Boris could be for the chop. Apparently, the Met Police are also, looking into the parties at No 10. There is much skepticism as to whether the police though, will actually, take action against the Prime Minister.

The public, especially those who voted for Boris in 2019, is rightly outraged by his antics. When they have followed, to the latter, rules of safety regarding COVID and he so obviously, has not. Many accuse the Prime Minister of thinking someone from his class, can get away with things and that, he is, above the law. The same mentality seems to exist with people like Prince Andrew because of who he is. But this should not be the case, celebs, the rich, and the famous should be under the law, like the rest of us. At the end of the day, guilty or not, Andrew and Boris are just men.

Of course, watching from the wings, are the potential successors to Boris. If Boris is forced out of No 10, Dominic Raab, in his role as Deputy Prime Minister, would be Acting Prime Minister. Meanwhile, a leadership vote would be held and Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, are expected to take part in this. Whether Raab would also take part is unknown. Nadim Zahawi has been touted as a possible contender too. And of course, there may be more, who may commit to running for the leadership. However, many may see which way the political wind is blowing in reflection of the fact that any leadership contest Sunak and Truss, (at the moment), are the clear favorites. Of course, all that could change, as politics is a very fickle place. You can easily rise one moment and then sink like a stone.

Sunak's supporters are reported to have said, Wishy-Washy Rishi would "wipe the floor" with Truss. Truss' supporters hit back saying that Sunak was missing when the Prime Minister apologized this week at Prime Minister's Questions.

It is a fact though, that Sunak goes to ground, whenever trouble erupts around the Prime Minister. It seems Sunak is doing this to say "none of this concerns me". It could also be interpreted as Sunak voting with his feet and not supporting the Prime Minister when trouble comes. Indeed, Sunak waited 8 hours, until he gave his backing to Boris. This was done on Twitter and the words Sunak used were lukewarm.

Truss seems to be missing too, especially like Sunak, when trouble comes to Boris. Many of those who support Boris, have condemned Truss and Sunak for being so overt in their bid for leadership. Boris loyalists have stated that both potential leadership hopefuls, should back the Prime Minister, not stabbing him in the back.

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Sunak and Truss, it appears can be sneaky and at the same time, arrogantly, display their leadership hopes. Both it appears, want to be Prime Minister and it may happen at some juncture, they may each, get their chance. However, if the report is in Boris' favour and the Met Police find Boris has no case to answer, what then? Will Truss and Sunak, wind their necks in and bide their time? Or will they step down and retreat to the backbenches, to also bide their time?

From Labour's point of view, it may be better if Boris, stays where he is. It seems the momentum right now, is with Labour, and as long as bumbling Boris stays in power, this will give them ammunition. However, if Truss or Sunak take over, that would be unknown for Sir Keir and his team.

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