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Boris' Adventures in Peppa Pig World.


Sir Keir Starmer, addressed the Confederation of British Industry or CBI. The Labour leaders speech was welcomed by the CBI President, Lord Billimoria. Lord Billimoria welcomed Sir Keir's speech and said he was prepared to work with the Labour leader, over Labour policy.

Meanwhile, when Boris addressed the assembled audience of the CBI, in South Shields, it was something different. Boris was expected to outline his 'levelling up' agenda and his 10 point plan for a greener UK.

Boris said he was like Moses, coming down from Mount Sinai, with The Ten Commandments or in Boris's case, his Ten Point Plans for a greener Britain. Boris then mentioned Peppa Pig. He had taken his family to Peppa Pig World and said it was his "kind of place". He mentioned that no one in White Hall could have come up with the oddly shaped pig. Peppa Pig has theme parks all over the world and is worth billions. The BBC rejected the little pink pig and her family, they now must be kicking themselves.

All this came about because Boris lost his place. As he stood at the podium, Boris lost where he was in his paperwork and apologised to the audience and swore, as he tried to find his place. Boris' performance made some of the audience laugh, as they beheld his ramblings.

After the performance, some at the CBI wondered what they had just seen. A reporter asked Boris if he was okay and the Prime Minister said yes and he thought the CBI understood his ramblings, which also included engine noises.

An unnamed Conservative Grandee put it thus, after Boris' speech: "It's bad, but is it is not irritrievable". Many in Boris' party though will see this as yet another sign, the Prime Minister is losing, the plot. After the sleaze fiasco over Owen Paterson, changes to HS2, Northern Powerhouse, etc, have all resulted in criticism from his own party, the opposition parties and a slump in popularity, in some polls.

Labour Shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves said "Boris isn't funny anymore". Following up by saying, "Businesses are crying out for clarity and they all got was Boris rambling on about Peppa Pig".

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When Boris was desperately searching for his place at the CBI, it reminded many of Joe Biden when he gets mixed up. Many of Boris' opponents will see this as a sign that Boris cannot hold it together, any more. Those opponents are active in his own cabinet and in the Conservative party as a whole. Those opponents will naturally exist in Labour and the other opposition parites.

Will Boris be dropped by his own party and replaced by Dominic Raab? Will there be a leadership contest or challenge to Boris' leadership? Who would step forward? Dominic Raab, Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak? Of course, this is speculation and Boris, may yet turn it around. As long as Boris is making huge mistakes and gaffes, some Tories who want a leadership change, Labour, etc, will want him to remain in place. Boris' enemies will have their case strengthened that this Prime Minister is unfit to govern and must be brought down.

Sir Keir Starmer.

Sir Keir Starmer.

Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig.

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