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Booster Roll-Out Slow



The COVID roll-out this year has been a stunning success. However, Sir David King, speaking to Kay Burley on Sky News, said he was not very happy with the booster, roll-out. Sir David said that he knew of many cases where people due for their booster, had not received it. This is in light of the rising again of COVID cases, in the UK.

Sir David described the COVID peak could be, as bad, as last time. In the UK, according to Sir David King, there have been 49,156 reported cases. This figure, apparently, is the highest amount since, mid-July.

Cases have been 40,000 in the last week or so. These numbers have been attributed to schoolchildren. Meanwhile, WHO or the World Health Organisation, has claimed that COVID cases in the UK and the death rate, is higher than in China.

It is doubtful, however, that we will go into a lockdown again. It is possible, the population who became rather restive, last time, would not tolerate it. Also, business owners from large to small probably wouldn't tolerate it, either. For such a thing to happen, furlough, would have to be re-introduced and even the £20 uplift reinstated to Universal Credit. Rishi Sunak, who has just removed these, probably wouldn't be too chuffed, having just dispensed, with both

Meanwhile, 10 Downing Street, has said they are keeping an eye on the situation. Will, we have Boris, along with, Whitty, et al, addressing the nation again? We will have to see as the situation progresses.

The government continues to say that the link between COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths has been broken. The latest deaths in the UK, are 124.1, while hospitalizations for COVID, are 7,097.

As with last time, the NHS will be letting people know when it's time to receive their booster. Of course, elderly people will be the priority, as it was last time. Then those under that age group such as those in their 50s, 40s, etc, will be next.

Though the government has said, the vaccination does not stop you from getting the virus, you will not die or be hospitalized. Of course, there will always be those, who refuse to have it based on religious grounds or they do not trust the vaccine.

The take-up though, in the majority of the population, has been good. It is to be expected that the elderly, those in the care and NHS sector, obese people, ethnic minorities, and those with underlying illnesses are still the highest risk factors.

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