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Jehovah's Witnesses and Blood Transfusions-Grab The Rope!

Death is always tragic. Made even more so, when it can be easily avoided.This Hub is an appeal to Jehovah Witnesses world wide to reconsider their stand against emergency blood transfusions. It is dedicated to those who have had to helplessly stand by and watch their Jehovah Witness relative, friend, loved one, or patient die because they refused a blood transfusion that could have easily saved their life. Most victims are adults, many are children. All died needlessly.


Grab The Rope!

An experienced fisherman is fishing off the coast of Florida when he hears a cry for help off his port side. He quickly looks and sees a man in the water about 50 yards away clearly exhausted. He is treading water and is barely able to stay afloat a midst the blistery ocean waves. It is a cold day and the waves are rough.

"Hold on" shouts the fisherman, "I'll help you" He quickly maneuvers his mid-size craft to within a lines throw of the man in the water.

He grabs a line and ties a flotation to it. The poor man is getting weaker so he must make this throw count. He takes a deep breath and says a quick prayer, then throws.... It is a perfect shot. All the struggling man need do is reach out and take hold of the float to be pulled to safety.

But the man in the water refuses. Yelling back that he could not accept this type of line. "Only an organic line will do!"

Our would-be hero can't believe his ears. "Say again" He calls out in disbelief.

"Your line" The man in the water yells, "it's the wrong kind! I can't defile myself with Nylon! Throw me a flotation tied with an organic line! Cotton, wool, or even silk! I don't care! Anything organic will do!!"


Our hero is perplexed!? By this time his line has moved out of reach. He will have to try again. As he pulls the flotation back onto his boat, he sees the man slipping further and further under the water with each wave. He will only get one more chance.

He considers jumping in after him but the ocean is far to rough and there is no one else on board. Who would steady the boat? He knew his physical limitations. He is not a good enough swimmer to save the drowning man and himself. If he jumped in, they both would be lost.

He thinks about maneuvering the boat close enough for the man to climb in but abandons the thought. It would take to long in these waters. Every moment he takes trying to consider alternatives the man grows weaker. The line is the man's best and only chance.

Our Hero yells back. "This is all I have! Grab on! I'll pull you in!!!" He throws the line, and again, a perfect shot. But the perishing man refuses to grab hold.

"No! I can't! It is against my religion!"

"But its a rope! Grab on! I can save you!"

"No! Please find another way! I can't do this any longer!

"There is no other way!" Cries our hero in despair, desperately emploring the man to take hold.

"Please!! Grab the rope!!!!"

"I ca.......... "

Suddenly, a large wave overpowers the man. He disappears under the water and is not to be seen again.

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The fisherman stood there in sickened astonishment for several minutes peering at the ocean surface waiting, hoping, praying. His heart racing as adrenalin rushes through his veins. Sweat dripping from his cloths. Anguish ripples his face as the reality of the moment begins to take hold. The line that he had grasped like claws of iron slowly drop from his fingers as the current drags it further and further out to sea. He can't bring himself to pull it aboard!

"It was a rope" he says to himself, "I don't understand!"


Laurie on August 07, 2014:

yes here I lost my mom to not taking a life saving blood transfusion she desparately needed....they tried giving her iron supplements introvenusly but it wasn't able to help her. She was a hard core old JW of over 40 years I knew she would die thinking she was a 'martyr'. so we witnessed Jesus to her as she few JW's showed up at her was her 'apostate' ex JW born again daughter who held her sick bucket and loved on her in those last days of her life. Her last words to my husband were 'i loved you from the first moment i met you'...strange words indeed to the man who helped the most to win her daughter to Jesus Christ...we have hope...not blessed assurance sadly but hope :'(

Aaron Rushing (author) from USA- Florida on July 14, 2011:


I do most heartily agree. You have a excellent grasp on the issue. Thank you for adding your thoughts to this topic.

You said "However, those are "straw" agruments to the actual issue. The actual issue/question, (theology not withstanding),is, in an emergency situation, what do you do to save a life?"

Indeed this is the heart of the question. When a person has the luxury of knowing that a blood transfusion will be necessary there are alternatives. But when they suddenly find themselves at deaths door with no time for alternatives this is when their foolish and unbiblical legalism kills them. A rope is a rope. and they refuse to grab on. such a shame.

Thanks for stopping by.


Michael on July 12, 2011:

I have adult children and recently I married a JW. We agreed we would NOT have children. Against all odds. I had a child with her. I vehemently disagree with the Watch Tower on countless theological interpertations. Grace is such a fundamental concept and gift that we are freely given. So is the gift of thought and critical thinking. The amount of needless self inflicted pain caused to so many in the name of God is very sad, and in my humble opiniion,so much the work of the devil. I feel sorry for them the dedicated, good hearted witness people. They are like lemmings absolutely brain washed and following each other off the cliff and worse yet, they are trying to take others with them.

My wife and I have dicussed/agrued the transfusion issue conutiuously. I can acknowledge that there are risks associated with a transfusion and that it is better/preferable to not have one. I will even allow for their claim, that pressure from the JW's has made bloodless surgery more mainstream and even preferable.

However, those are "straw" agruments to the actual issue. The actual issue/question, (theology not withstanding),is, in an emergency situation, what do you do to save a life? There are 6 billion people that this question may apply to and only a statistically insignificant number of them,under optimal circumstances,would even have a slim chance at receiving all of the alternative blood treatments that are the basis for all there rationalizing claims. In an emergency you do what is necessary. A person would conscioulsly take some risks that they otherwise would NOT take. In the name of God or Jehovah, IF my baby is dieing and there is even a remote possiblity that a blood transfusion would save her life, Please, I beg you, give her blood!!!!! DO NOT TRY TO JUSTIFY a compromise partial blood treatment here! To do nothing is sinister, evil, demonic, twisted, and is in fact MURDER! I believe somewhere in the bible it talks about not killing, or is that part of the old testament that they did away with? Please pray that these dear people can "see" the insanity in their reasoning or as the case may be, their lack of reasoning!!!!!

Aaron Rushing (author) from USA- Florida on March 19, 2011:


I am so glad you stopped by. You were willing to grab the rope. I am so glad! I am sure your precious family feels the same. I will pray for you as you reason with your friend. The JW faith is wrought with false doctrine. It is such a shame.

I hope you will share this story with her. There are indeed alternatives. If a person knows in advance that he/she will need blood, there are lots of alternatives. However, it is in times of emergency, those times when a person is not able to prepare, that this false doctrine takes on it sinister nature. It becomes a killer! In my opinion it is suicide. I am glad you were not convinced by her. \o/ Praise God!

Go well my friend

In Christ


sandra on March 18, 2011:

I got into a discussion about blood transfusions with a coworker who is a witness in the lunch room. We were discussing our birthing experiences. I mentioned that I had a blood transfusion becuase I had lost alot of blood after giving birth. I was not in good shape. I told her I would of died and left a newborn baby without a mother and a husband with no wife to help him care for this new life I brought into the world. Her answer was there are alternatives for blood and I can bring you some reading material and info on it. I agreed out of respect for her and for my self to try to understand their reasoning which brought me to this website after further research online. but I am still not convinced. My alternative that day was was blood that saved my life. I would rather take the risk of contaminated blood than death. I did not drink the blood that day it was put into my body through an iv. The scriptures are taken out of context. I will be sharing what I feel with her since she asked me to let her know what I think.

Aaron Rushing (author) from USA- Florida on November 13, 2010:


So true sister! So true! Thanks for the great add and for stopping by. As always it is good to hear from you.

My we all know the freedom that comes from a relationship with Christ.

Praise God! \o/

Have a blessed day


coffeesnob on November 13, 2010:


I hear your heart. Religion Kills in any scenario. Jesus brings life. It is not the heart of religous views and doctrines that brings salvation it is Christ aloone. Our righteousness does not come by what we do, but is a gift (Romans 5:17). herein lies the JW dilemma. If they didn't sink so severely into relgiosity a transfusion would not be an issue. Good hub, brother


Aaron Rushing (author) from USA- Florida on November 08, 2010:

Tammy I am so so sorry!

Dear Heavenly Father please comfort Tammy. Help her to Heal from this terrible tragedy. Turn her mourning into joy. You know her pain. She is not with out a father, for you are there for her. Thank you for her testimony. May her story save others.

Please father stop these senseless deaths. Give the JW's understanding. Open their eyes Father. Save them from their bad doctrine.

In Jesus Name I pray


Daddy's Girl on November 07, 2010:

I lost my Daddy due to him not accepting a blood transfusion, only fractions & a shot they said would benefit him tremendously! What a crock, I watched my Daddy suffer for days, & then going to life support & having to take him off. The Doctors could have saved him if he would have just took the blood!!! I lost him on Nov. 8, 2007, & it is still just as raw as the day it happened, because I blame myself for not arming myself with all the info. that I now know, & talking to him about it. He was under so many false pretenses with the blood issues, I will never know if I could have changed his mind or not, but that will haunt me forever! To bad we can't get more info out there to these people so they don't have to go thru this with their loved ones! I would not wish this on my worse enemy! Thank You for the story above because it does help to show just how pointless it is & how helpless the family feels when it happens to their loved ones! Thanks Again, Daddy's Girl(Tammy)

Aaron Rushing (author) from USA- Florida on November 05, 2010:

God Bless Laurie:

Also I need to make an addition to my statement to Melvinvines:

In addition to Raw Meat, the passage used by JW's in Acts 15 may also be referring to the ritualistic practice of drinking blood. Which was common in Idol worship.

Acts 15:19-20

19 Therefore I judge that we should not trouble those from among the Gentiles who are turning to God, 20 but that we write to them to abstain from things polluted by idols, from sexual immorality,from things strangled, and from blood.

Acts 15:29

29 That you abstain from things offered to idols, from blood, from things strangled, and from sexual immorality. If you keep yourselves from these, you will do well.

This is dealing specifically with eating and drinking blood.


exjwlaurie on November 04, 2010:

And I pray for your your family as well ABR, this battle we face weighs heavy on our hearts. Thank you for your encouragement to me as well. And God Bless you for sounding the alarm on this life and death issue!

Aaron Rushing (author) from USA- Florida on November 04, 2010:


I was hoping you would read this. I knew you would understand. Thank you for taking the time. This is a battle. We are fighting for the lives and souls of our loved ones. Our enemy is out to get them any way he can. In this case, his weapon of choice is bad doctrine.

Thank you for your kind encouragement.

I am praying for your ministry and your family.

In Christ


exjwlaurie on November 04, 2010:

What a perfect illustration! And a brilliant way to drive home such a vital message.

The JW's trade so much in their worship of the almighty Watchtower.

They cause so much pain, so much suffering. Your comment to melvinvines further establishes the truth in your story! My heart aches for such needless loss over precious life. The JW's just don't get it.

Thank you Abrushing for drawing attention to this subject. And in such a powerful way! God Bless you! I voted this up and awesome, because it is!

Aaron Rushing (author) from USA- Florida on November 03, 2010:


Tell that to the staff and doctors of Emma Gough, 22, the young mother who was only able to hold her son and daughter for a few moments after a natural delivery. She suffered a hemorrhage and died.

As a Jehovah's Witness, Mrs Gough had signed a form before the birth insisting that she should not be given blood. The transfusion would have saved her life.

Tell that to those doctors and nurses who watched Joshua McAuley die. He is a teenager who declined the treatment advised by doctors and was not overruled by members of his family.

McAuley was treated at Selly Oak hospital in Birmingham after he was pinned against a wall by a car in a freak accident.

Tell that to Mary, who's 15 year old 9th grader Died

I could give many more cases my friend where people died needlessly because of their decision to refuse a blood transfusion. JW's do refuse treatment.

Your scriptures sir, like the majority of JW beliefs, is taken out of context. It is being applied in a way that brings death instead of life. Acts 15:19, 20, 29 are referring to the eating of raw meat.

Blood transfusion are dangerous, no doubt. But so is dying! Is your point that it is better to let the the patient die then face the risks that accompany Blood transfusions?

To allow a loved one to die with out administering a technique that could save his or her life is the real sin.

This is basically suicide and it does not please God!

Melvinvines on November 03, 2010:

"To say that one has died because of refusal of blood, I think is a very general misleading statement." - Dr. Aryeh Shander

"It's rarely, if ever, the case that a patient refused a blood transfusion and therefore died." - Dr. Peter Carmel

"Blood is probably the most dangerous substance we use in medicine today and probably kills more that any other drugs that we use" - Dr. Ronald Lapin

You need to educate yourself about blood transfusions and alternative treatments (bloodless medicine & surgery) which JW's have been successfully using for decades.

Jehovah Witnesses do not refuse treatment, they avoid blood, but still seek out the best treament, they want the best treament. JW's do not die from refusing transfusions. Please don't be ignorant.

Blood Transfusions May Have Killed Millions

The Truth About Transfusions: A PBS Presentation (video)

They are supposed to save lives, but could a blood transfusion give you a heart attack?

"Abstain from ... blood" (Acts 15:19, 20, 29)


Aaron Rushing (author) from USA- Florida on November 03, 2010:

Thanks Life Gate. I hope many will listen.

William Kovacic from Pleasant Gap, PA on November 03, 2010:

You made your point--powerfully and persuasively. Yet many will never get the point and drift away. Thanks for sharing this. It is the few that may listen that count.

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