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Blind Tragedy


Chiquita Sings the Blues

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Friday, February 16, 2018. Our nation is in mourning. There has been another horrific school shooting that has taken the lives of 17 innocent students and one teacher. At least 15 other people are injured, and the perpetrator is in custody. What are we doing wrong? That question is on Chiquita's mind this morning. She has asked for the pleasure of your company and your friendship this sad morning. Please join Chiquita when you can. She is preparing butter dipped orange muffins and Irish coffees.


After the Tears

Thanks so much for coming to breakfast this morning. Mass shootings have occurred in our nation far too often. We have to look into this problem from all sides. Simply blaming what is happening on gun control is politically motivated, and not rooted in fact. Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the nation, and the highest murder rate. Realistically speaking, strict gun control laws stop the decent people from obtaining guns, but the bad guys know where to go to get what they want. The end result is that the murderers are safe in the knowledge that there really won't be too many obstacles in their way when they want to commit mayhem.

A compelling argument can be made for banning the sale of assault rifles. Normal people don't need them, but I have no doubt that if there is a will there is a way, and despite any ban, a rifle can be found. We also have to keep in mind that anything in the wrong hands can become a lethal weapon. Information is all over the internet for anyone wanting to build a homemade explosive. A car is a weapon in the wrong hands. Chemicals are available that can harm untold numbers of people. So having said this, what can we do?


Protect Our Children

We have plenty of work to do if we want to stem this horrendous cycle of violence. There are mental health issues that must be addressed. There are cultural issues that have brought us to this frightening place. There are law and order issues that must be looked at. All of this introspection will take time, and we do not have that luxury. Our priority must be our children, and they need protection now. We can beat our chests, lay flowers for the fallen and bemoan the loss of civility, but in the meantime kids are dying.

We need to face reality. There are troubled people out there who wish to harm us. Some of them are students who want to target other students. If we spend all our time trying to root them out, psychoanalyze them and separate them from other students, we will fail. We can try to identify potential problems, and we should, but we need to keep our children safe now.

Our schools are not doing a good enough job. The Parkland massacre demonstrates that reality quite clearly. This student was a troublemaker and was eventually expelled. That action did not stop him from coming to the campus, pulling the fire alarm and killing as many people as he could. The picture would have been quite different if there were teachers in that school who were armed and trained for just this situation.


It's Common Sense

Whether it is pretty or not, we have to make sure that there are trained people in our schools who can stop madness like this massacre in its tracks. One guard won't do it. In fact, it was said that there was a guard who was armed, but he wasn't near the shooter. That is unacceptable. Secondly, we need to severely limit entry into our schools. There should be one central entrance for admittance to any school, and that area must have a guard who can make sure that whoever wants in deserves to be there. Aren't our children worth that? We must do whatever it takes to secure our schools, and that should be the first thing we do. Once that is accomplished, we can turn to the larger issues of why our society is so troubled, and why our kids are lashing out with violence against others and themselves. Let's begin now, because time is of the essence and we have to stop the pain.

Chiquita's Song

I'm Chiquita Cicada

And I'm here to say

If we do nothing

The violence

Won't ever go away.....


Dianna Mendez on February 24, 2018:

The fix is not as simple as we would hope. Meanwhile our children life in fear and many out there are not offering any real valid solutions. Better parenting would definitely make a difference. I agree if not a gun, it could be any other form of weapon that one would use to harm others. Praying for our us all!

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breakfast pop on February 22, 2018:

Dear maven,

Common sense must prevail. The first order of business is to protect our children. We can do that if we arm specific people in the schools. Reducing violence on television, movies, video games may not do a thing, but it is worth a try. Better parenting is key, but how exactly do we make that happen? We really don't have a handle on what produces a kid like this. Sad to say, I don't think we are going to get any closer to understanding anything. Personally, I think many people in positions of authority have lost the ability to think rationally. The division in society, the hatred for the police, for the president, for anyone who is not a democrat is frightening. Straightening all of this out may take a lifetime. I probably sound paranoid, but I believe we took a giant step forward in chaos when Obama came into office. Hatred for the police bloomed under his leadership. White versus black blew up in a hideous way. Rich versus poor got a lot of play. Political correctness( stupidity} took root and I feel this all happened by design. The objective was anger and chaos. Obama wanted things to turn out this way, because he had no love lost for this country. If I had a magic wand, kids would all grow up in a peaceful world with gifted and loving parents who were wise enough to get their children help when they needed it. The truth is anyone can be a parent, and lots of them do a miserable job. The other truth is that not all people are angels. I think I'm ranting, and I apologize for that. I am still at the Inn which may explain my comments!

Larry Conners from Northern Arizona on February 22, 2018:

Good morning, Chiquita and Pop...

To answer Bill Holland's question...Human beings are the root cause of murder and mayhem...Not the gun, not the toxic loveless environment of poor parentage or poverty, and certainly not the lack of laws...Until we reach that utopia of total understanding human nature we will continue to have these insane mass shooting...And the problem is not only confined to the USA...Germany had several school mass shooting in 05 and 07, Finland had a couple early in the 21st century, and Japan had a horrendous mass school killing with a sword and knife...

There are things we can do to lessen these tragedies, but we will never totally eliminate the worst of human nature until we, as a species, evolve to a higher plane...Arming the teachers would send a strong message to those that would murder the unprotected...Armed security officers, trained to police standards, would go far in preventing mass shootings in schools, malls, and other people-oriented venues...

My concealed carry permit provides comfort and security for my family and friends,,, I pray I may never have to use my weapon in self-defence, but I absolutely refuse to allow me or my family to become victims to crime...

breakfastpop (author) on February 19, 2018:

Dear brad,

I agree.....

Brad on February 19, 2018:


Sounds good. Franks and a Knish would be a great breakfast. A real meat and potatoes American meal. :)

breakfastpop (author) on February 19, 2018:

Good Morning brad,

It's only around 9 am and I want a frank and a knish! I'll meet you at the Inn, and we'll talk about food, not politics.

Brad on February 18, 2018:


You got them, and the danish will be desert. :)

When I was growing up in Manhattan, I would come home for lunch, and have two knishes and a Coke practically every day. Miss them.

Grew up on Nedicks, and Nathans

breakfastpop (author) on February 18, 2018:

Dear brad,

Right now I am in the mood for franks and knishes.

Brad on February 18, 2018:


Probably so. Cheese danish on me :)

breakfastpop (author) on February 18, 2018:

Dear brad,

Of curse, it's not proactive to ignore all the info coming in to the FBI. They should be held accountable for their failure. If they had, perhaps things would have been different, but the only way they would have been different is if they took this killer off the streets. You may have misunderstood me, brad.

Brad on February 17, 2018:


Are you willing to take that reasoning to apply to terrorists as well?

Letting one terrorist get through can make this tragedy look good in comparison.

What the FBI didn't do is even find out who this person was, and now their excuse is that they don't know if this was the same person that was reported.

They would have known, if they actually tracked him down, but they didn't even try.

Is that the standard, we want to apply to the FBI or any law enforcement agency?

Your comment to Pino was we need to be proactive, and is it proactive to ignore?

We know what happened did happen, but we don't know what would have happened if the FBI did their job and investigated this person? What happened to the I in FBI?

breakfastpop (author) on February 17, 2018:

Good Morning billy,

Okay... See you at the Inn.

breakfastpop (author) on February 17, 2018:

Good Morning Pino,

We are reactive in this nation, and never proactive. We need to attack this growing problem from all sides, but first we need to protect our kids in school. It is the same issue at the border. We need a wall, and enforcement of our laws. I'll meet you at the Inn.

breakfastpop (author) on February 17, 2018:

Good Morning brad,

Even if the FBI had followed up on this shooter, what could they legally do? He couldn't be arrested before the fact. I truly believe we need to protect our kids in school by arming teachers. It is insane and stupid to declare a school area a gun free zone. Criminals don't read or obey signs. See you at the Inn, brad.

Brad on February 16, 2018:


Every time these shootings occur, the left comes up with their knee jerk gun control? They even use false information to inflame the event, one report came out saying their were 18 school shooting this year, and it turned out to be three. Yes, three is still a bad number, but it is not 18. And when you consider we have over 320 million people in the US.

The real question is what gets done between the shooting, what have we done since Columbine?

We have gun control laws, just like we have immigration law and what is the problem with both of these laws. They are not really being enforced.

Also, half of the gun deaths are from suicide. So why isn't suicide an issue, and guns are just one method of committing suicide.

And in the current shooting, are we sure it wasn't induced by terrorists who troll the Internet looking for volunteers?


Even if the US banned all guns today, it would be generations before all guns were removed from criminal gangs given the incredible numbers (probably topping a billion) already in circulation. Additionally, there are brilliant men and women who are "pro gun" who'd simply set up clandestine operations in their garages and basements to make new ones


If the problems were the guns the mass shootings would be in the thousands, but like the Terrorists it only takes a few to get the attention of the country.

And like the terrorists, the innocent law abiding citizens have to pay for their acts. TSA screening at the airport to find one terrorist, putting the gun owners that are law abiding into the blame.

As far as automatic weapons, again while 17 is a devastating number, wouldn't you think that the number would be a lot higher.

It is obvious that gun control is effective if it were really enforced, because these mass shooters usually have a clean record, but on social media, and with their class mates their problems can be detected before they act. The media also doesn't help by giving them the limelight.

The FBI in this case could have stopped him before he acted, if they would have followed up on the reports that had received.

Pino Krisio on February 16, 2018:

POP: What we need to eliminate this situation is very complex and not just a statement saying to ban guns. That is a lot of hot air; just like you said about Chicago: the strictest gun laws and the highest murder rate by shootings. the murderer was mentally ill. Someone called the FBI's hotline on January 5th and they dropped the ball. The Sandy Hook shooter was mentally deranged and jealous that his mother spoke fondly of the children at her school.

She was having him committed and he broke into his mother's gun safe. Mental Illness is the issue; not gun control. It is a sad day for America. I am going to the Inn early; need the comfort of you, taxlarry and maven to make me feel better. I lot of Pino Grigio will help as well.....

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on February 16, 2018:

I just don't feel like discussing this today, Pop. Nothing personal. I'm just too damned tired of it all. I'm not interested in BandAids for cancer. What is the cause of all these shootings? When someone can answer that question then we might be a step closer to a real solution.

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