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Blair and Rumours of a Return to Front Line Politics

When you speak of former Prime Minister Tony Blair today most people turn their noses up at the mere mention of his name. Of course they do that because of Iraq and his co - invasion of that nation with his American buddy in the saddle George W Bush. Both men will be forever tarnished with the disaster that Iraq has become however people should remember that between 1997 and 2007 Blair did do some good things.

One he was the instigator of bringing the two sides of the Irish conflict together in Northern Ireland that is the Republicans and the Loyalists. Today thanks largely to him and his government of the time the Northern Ireland Assembly sits now with Republican and Loyalist parties sharing power. There is still from time to time trouble from disaffected Republican terrorist groups like the Continuity IRA but life for most people in Northern Ireland is as normal as any where else in the UK.

Secondly he brought in the minimum wage which boosted the income of many a worker something the Conservatives voted against at the time. Their own version was brought in by George Osborne the former Chancellor of £7.20 which is expected to rise as we get towards 2020 but if it wasn't for the Blair government bringing in the minimum wage it is doubtful the Tories would have brought in the living wage. Blair also opened up children centres called 'Sure Start' that helped parents and children particularly those children who had single parents.

Blair also won three general elections and that has to be taken into account too but it was when he got stuck with Iraq that things largely went down hill for him and with his Chancellor at the time Gordon Brown chomping at the bit to have his go at being Prime Minister Blair resigned in 2007.

Blair since then it seems has been Middle East Peace Envoy and has done various after dinner speeches which has earned him a good living. But there are rumours doing the rounds that Tony Blair wanted to return to front line politics. Blair reportedly told 'The Sunday Times' there was a hole in British politics and no real figure to fill it.

He purportedly thinks current Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a nutter and Prime Minister Theresa May is a lightweight. He thinks the May administration has no clue what to do about Brexit and Blair himself is an anti - Brexiter and apparently he is looking for new headquarters in London from where to base his campaign. Not that position will do him any good now because Brexit despite the shenanigans currently going on between the UK and EU the UK is leaving the EU and it will happen because the British people have spoken whether you like it or not.

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Summary bio of Cherie Blair

1) Wife to Tony Blair.

2) Born Cherie Botth in Bury Lancahsire England

3) Actor father Tony Booth

4) Became Barrister in 1976

5) Still works as a Barrister

6) Expressed interest in becoming a Judge

7) Appointed Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in 2013

8) Awarded Honorary Degree of Doctor of the University from the Open University

9) Patron of charity Breast Cancer Care

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