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Black-Owned Non-Profit Spotlight: The Black Card Lottery

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The Black Card Lottery

The Black Card Lottery

The Black Card Lottery

The Black Card Lottery is a trailblazing community-based organisation that will help to create, develop and sustain educational programs for the Black community in the UK. The Black-owned non-profit will also support and contribute to the growth of Black-owned businesses in the United Kingdom.

The Black Card Lottery is the brainchild of award-winning retail professional and entrepreneur Sophia Leach. It is Britain’s first-ever Black-owned, fully licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission lottery system.

The central goal of the Black Card Lottery is to use the solution-based lottery system to raise funds to facilitate the growth and development of Black-Owned businesses, and to fund much-needed educational development programs for Black students in the United Kingdom.

The substantial wealth gap and ongoing depreciation of funds allocated to community development initiatives and charities for Black youth and Black-owned businesses indicate that organisations like the Black Card Lottery, are essential for the overall progression of the Black British Community.




The Black Card Lottery highlights community in its central mission and ethos. There is an urgent need for community-based solutions and BCL plans to work with the Black community to implement strategies to create and expand educational programs for black students. They also plan to generate revenue to accelerate the growth of Black-Owned Businesses in the UK.

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How it Works: Weekly Jackpot Draws


How it Works

The Black Card Lottery uses a monthly subscription system where members pay £10 per month and a winning member is announced every day for prizes that are sourced from Black-Owned Businesses.

Prizes are purchased from small Black-owned brands in the UK, this is one of the ways that BCL aims to contribute to the growth of Black business in the United Kingdom.

Every Friday a Jackpot winner is announced, jackpots currently start at £500.

50% of all lottery funds are returned to the community as cash prizes and smaller prizes, thus redistributing wealth and facilitating the progression of the Black community overall.

Daily Small Prize Draws


Collaborative Action

A minimum of 35% of ticket sales is set aside for educational and other charitable causes within the Black British Community.

The advancement of the Black Community lies within the Black Community itself. Progression occurs when like-minded groups develop a passion for collaborative action.

BCL is spearheading that collaborative action by providing a legitimate avenue and system to accelerate change, build businesses and improve educational programs using a community-based system that historically worked effectively to generate the necessary funds to implement strategies and action steps to drive change within the community at a grassroots level.

The Black Card Lottery Website

  • Black Card Lottery
    The UK’s 1st black lottery licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission is a subscription lottery called the Black Card Lottery, which was created to raise money to support the educational advancement of the black community.

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