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Are Black Boys The New White Boys?

I am Mrs Lawretta Ayodeji; a minister of God with a Law degree. A lover of Jesus Christ. I love life and live it to the full God's way


Gone are the days when the black community cried woo over segregation and deprivation. Black boys are now doing big things, checkout the statistics. Black boys now own conglomerates. I mean chains and chains of high profile companies, manufacturing, supplying, wholesale chains of companies. These black boys aren’t playing games no more. Something seems to have awoken in them. Maybe it is the Jesus Christ religion in the black community that has finally come through.

I met this young man in a luxury night club somewhere in some country and his name is Oluwafemi Ayodeji. He is a young 31 year old chocolate skin delicious boy from Houston, USA. He is around 5’9 in height, slim and even wears glasses. This man that I just said that I met at a night club; Oluwafemi Ayodeji, is a filthy rich billionaire yet innocent looking. Thank God I got my time with him that night in no small measure and the reward is still on-going and massive.

I must say that I am seriously impressed that black boys are finally standing up for themselves and taking the bull by the horn instead of blaming their past failings on the entire white race. I mean, it was disgraceful to watch in time past how the black community cried woo over everything but themselves.

And guess what? White boys seem relaxed! Do not get me wrong, they are somewhat still the big boys running things in our world but we somehow do not hear too much about their latest inventions anymore. On the flip side, we now hear a lot about many rich black boys and their new inventions especially on Instagram, Facebook, twitter and more.

White boys wake up because the black boys are really contending and maybe they could just take over the world. Things are looking good for the black community, If I could say so myself. No more racial blabbing's or finger pointing. Black men are now at work!

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Below, I have attached a link to the biography of the billionaire man that i met at the night club. Titled: Oluwafemi Ayodeji, My Story; The Billionaire and Counting. It is a must read! Cheers.

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