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What Is The Largest Assumption Held By Public About Government?

Raymond D Choiniere, aka Cagsil Equal Rights Advocate and Activist, shares Life Experiences, Knowledge, Wisdom..


Government Would Never Do That To Us

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Reader,

I'm Cagsil, aka Raymond Choiniere, Equal Rights Advocate and Activist, and I'm here to tell you a few things you might not know or be aware of. It's already realized you're busy, dealing with whatever issues life has been throwing your way recently. However, having said that, I need to warn you that your own individual rights are under attack, unlike ever in your or my past.

Since when did "Government" know best path for anyone's life? Since when did "Government" reserve any authority to dictate, coerce, force or mandate anything?

Actually, according to Natural Rights, which is basis of Equal Rights, as each individual has Innate Rights, reserved 2 Rights- (a) Right To Life, means you get to choose your path for your life and (b) Right To Choose How To Benefit From Economy.

Before you get upset or throw a tantrum about other "Rights"? There is absolutely no need for other rights, unless you're creating division among society. Regardless of how you identify yourself, what religion you lay claim to, what sexuality or gender or what culture you were born within. You are an individual, therefore you have innate rights. These Rights are NOT to be stripped. They are NOT to be subverted by justification.

To allow so, says Rights mean absolutely nothing and that simply isn't true. Governments around the world have no concerns for individual rights, regardless of what any of them has to say, including America or UK. The UN is no different, with regards to "Human Rights" which is nothing more than a "catch phrase" to appear as if they said something worthwhile.

Here's a little lesson I learned over several decades.

Government - Man-made separation tool

Religion - Man-made separation tool

Culture - Man-made separation tool

Politics - Forced Compromise tool

* Politics - Is dual purposed. It serves 2 specific purposes- (a) divide and conquer strategy, and (b) it employs master/slave mentality, to ensure forced compromise is a result of conformity or punishment.

Those are just a few thing I've identified to be, exactly as described. No two-ways about it.

When you take above into account, you get a little bit better understanding of your environment. Politics was hard to identify because of multiple purposes. The others went off like a trigger released awareness. Sorry, no joke. From that day forward, I began looking into more things which I wasn't aware of previously. Yes, Internet is a haven for misinformation and disinformation.

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However, this subject matter is about "Government" lacking a conscience with regards to public, yet remaining unaccountable. When "Government" believes it knows best, you should be weary, to say the least. "Government" isn't ever to be trusted.

I'll demonstrate what I mean, using Smith-Mundt Act, which was enacted many decades ago, for the sole purpose to gain additional support from public. The Smith-Mundt Act then allowed "Government" to use propaganda against public for gaining support of war. The use of propaganda is essentially telling public nothing but lies to gain support for whatever "Government" agenda. In case you didn't know, it was removed. But, was re-enacted by ex-President Obama in 2012.

Therefore, that throws everything the "Government" has said in last 10 years, in the trash barrel or dumpster, whichever you prefer. Nothing they've said has been for the benefit of the public.


Government Is Not Your Friend. Far From It.

When you examine what "Government" does, then you begin to realize it is not your friend and very far from it. As you can see from photo's quote above, "Government" is extremely dangerous if left unchecked.

Like William Blum, Former U.S. State Department employee said- "No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine."

And the really sad part is he is dead-on accurate with his statement. Now, I'll go even a step further and say, and yes you can quote me on it, if you like- "When you have criminals in office, writing legislation which allows them to continue their criminal activity, then absolutely no one is safe."

When "Government" decides to slowly pick away at our individual Rights, it proves how no one is actually safe at all. How so? Because, it proves those who hold office have no conscience or moral value. When Rights are stripped from one individual, then Rights are stripped from all individuals. That also means, if you advocate against someone having access to the economy, then you also say that it is okay to strip you of your access to the economy as well.

Last checked, America is a Republic based on Individual Rights, first and foremost. Majority Rule does not apply. A Majority reserves no actual Right to command or demand others do as they want, which includes those who hold political office.

As I've told others and gladly repeat- "Government has only one interest and that is to expand it's own power and control over those which it governs". It happens to be one of the truest statements. Again, when you examine "Government" action, it clearly demonstrates statement to be truth. It's true, fact and a guaranteed Truth..

Government Is Not What Many Believe About It.


Government Is All About Control of Your Mind.

Again, here is another unfortunate Truth. "Government" is all about control of your mind. Literally, it gives an illusion of safety and freedom, while you do not have neither of them.

To prove that to you, I've a video for you to take time to watch. It is highly recommend you watch, listen carefully to what gentleman has to tell you, because it is yet another unfortunate Truth, which needs to be heard by public. You will need all your comprehension skills. Do not get me wrong. Many individuals have already seen video.

You might or might not know, but it is still worth your time.

Here's link: Sargeant Explains Old Masonic System

Thank you for your time. It's appreciated.

Cagsil, aka Raymond Choiniere.

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