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Biden's First Days in Office and the Price Americans Will Pay

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Evidence of ability is the ripples in time produced from its inception. Effects are measured by people touched throughout eternity.

This year’s election was one filled with lies, mis-information and slander, perpetrated by Main-stream media, social network giants and big tech. The overly zealous attempts to encourage mail-In ballots were reticent of what has happened before in other countries when radical leftist took power and worked their schemes to transform a free country into a socialist nation. The perpetrators of the United States Take-over, did it on such a broad scale, even a team of Lawyers could not fort their efforts. It was once said that if a lie is released and then the media is saturated with the lie, soon the lie will become the truth, and the truth’s validity is brought into question.

But President Biden went one step further in his hate of Trump and the Republican party. He promised to undo everything Trump put in place, which previously helped our economy, bolstered our GNP and greatly lowered Unemployment, all done prior to Chinas deception of Covid19 and its release on the World.

Biden’s first Executive orders were for the most part a waste of ink. The large stack of Executive order on his desk when magnified, had noting written on the inside and whereas customarily, when Executive orders signed and turned to the camera for public view, his were closed and set aside. Even the Vice president did not look at them or add her signature. Only 5 orders were actually signed on his first day, but what do they mean to the American People and how will they affect taxpayers.

Executive Order #1

The First Executive Order returned the US to the Paris Peace Accord, that President trump ended, which according to a previous article by the Washington post : Pulling us out of this bad deal is good news." As it was negotiated under the prior administration, this agreement imposed a goal of reducing U.S. carbon emissions by nearly 30 percent over a decade. The so-called "Obama pledge" accompanied a host of related federal regulations that would have damaged the economy, killed jobs, and driven up energy prices for families across the country.

National Economic Research Associates study stated: "Sticking with the deal could have cost 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025.The effects would be widespread, including a loss of 440,000 manufacturing jobs. Meanwhile, according to the proponents' own data, the agreement would have no discernible effect on global temperatures,And the longer the agreement ran, the worse it would get.

NERA found that by 2040, production (and thus employment) would be decimated in a host of industries, including iron and steel, natural gas, and coal. At that point, the total economic cost to the U.S. would approach $3 trillion in lost gross domestic product and 6.5 million in industrial jobs.

A recent study by Oren Cras of the Manhattan Institute, discovered the “Paris Climate Agreement” was simply a collection of commitments from each member country, to reduce their emissions by a certain time. But what was the promise?

China promised to reach a peak by 2030 (a goal already in the works before the agreement) and not to exceed that from that point on (And we all know China can be trusted). India pledged to become efficient, but over a longer period which they already pledged, except now they can take longer. Many countries either made no pledge or to only commit to what they agreed to before the agreement came into play.

The United States, under the Obama Administration, was the only one to pledge a reduction of 25% by 2025. For the most part, nothing has changed in the world greenhouse emissions, and since there were no definitive promises, nothing will be done to enforce it, except the United States will continue to pay out fees, higher than any other country in the agreement.

Which makes one wonder, how much kick back are these politicians receiving at our cost.

Executive Order #2

The Second Executive Order signature was to realign us with the World Health Organization, the ones that backed China and hid the truth about Covid19, which as of January 23rd, 2021, has now claimed the lives of over 419,000. Yet Biden is signing up the US taxpayers (as the highest contributor to the Organization) to spend 450,000 annually. (according to Forbes): "The U.S. Department of State gave $820 million to the WHO since 2010. The largest portion of the money consisted of “assessments” or dues to the organization which amounted to $611.1 million. In addition, the State Department funded programs for “general assistance” ($95 million); “refugee” health ($17.3 million); “peacekeeping” ($15.9 million); and emergency vaccines ($2 million)." The United states has received no benefit from the WHO, but one questions who will personally benefit from the realignment with this organization.

Executive Order #3

The third Executive order signed related to travel bans on Muslim countries. The Democratic members of congress stated the original ban was racist and was targeting All Muslims. But a study by Brietbart published in August 2020, in which they stated the reasons behind the ban: "What Democrats called a “Muslim ban” was an executive order issued on January 27, 2017, that barred tourism and immigration from seven countries previously identified by the Obama-Biden administration as being particularly vulnerable to terrorism, partly because their internal record-keeping was substandard. These seven nations — Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen — happened to be Muslim-majority countries, but there was no blanket ban on Muslims from other Middle Eastern countries or large Muslim countries like Indonesia."

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Later, the executive order was updated, or superseded, by subsequent orders. A second version dropped Iraq from the list; a third version added North Korea and Venezuela, two countries without substantial Muslim populations whatsoever. The Supreme Court tossed legal challenges to the travel ban in October 2017. Several more countries — including non-Muslim ones — were added in January 2020. The “Muslim ban” exists only in the minds of Democrats and left-wing journalists.""

In December 2015, then-candidate Trump did suggest “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” He made that suggestion after radical Islamic terrorists launched brutal terror attacks in Paris, France, that November — with at least one hiding among Syrian refugees.

Trump later dropped that idea. But it is important to note that even Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) considered a “pause” in Syrian refugees, given the security vulnerabilities and the possibility that fighters from the so-called “Islamic State” might infiltrate into the country."

Executive Order #4

The 4th executive order signed related to the Dream act [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)] which although the media published information blaming trump for the legislation Against it, was rescinded under the Obama Administration in 2012, according to the American immigration council : The most recent version of the Dream Act, was introduced in May 2019 in the House by Rep. Roybal-Allard. The House Judiciary Committee passed the bill and it was subsequently combined with the American Promise Act of 2019, to form the American Dream and Promise Act of 2019. This bill would provide permanent legal status for Dreamers as well as beneficiaries of two humanitarian programs: Temporary Protected Status and Deferred Enforced Departure, which passed the House on June 4, 2019, by a vote of 237 to 187.

Biden's executive order did nothing but insure they can continue to work and attend school in the US. However, the US will continue to pay for their medical expenses and school needs, with the cost being transferred to taxpayers. additionally the DREAMers can bring family members into the united stated and give them citizenship. His aim was to stop the deportation of Illegal immigrants of which he claimed Trump had plans to do. According to Eric Bohem, who published an article in Reason,.com in 2019, "

In 2012, the Obama administration deported 419,384 people out of the United States, a single-year record that still stands, despite two years (and counting) of Trump framing himself as America's border-guard-in-chief. Earlier this week, Trump tweeted that he would remove "millions" of illegal immigrants if given a second term in the White House—but last year Trump managed to deport merely 256,000 people.

Those facts are problematic for the current debate over immigration policy, in which Democrats try to frame Trump as being unreasonably cruel towards immigrants—a title that Trump (and many of his supporters) seem pretty happy to embrace. With the understanding that legal immigration helps America and builds up the economy, illegal or alien individuals are the ones targeted for removal, and not the mass majority of those working in the US and trying to build a better life than what was offered to them in their own country.

Joe Biden invoked that false narrative in response to a question about immigration policy during Thursday's Democratic primary debate. Biden was, of course, part of the Obama administration, and when debate moderators asked him to justify the Obama administration's record deportation numbers, he refused to do so."

Executive Order #5

The Fifth Executive order signed was a waste of ink, as the Department of Defense had already Implemented standards and requirements which did not separate or impugn hardships on individuals and states “A transgender person is someone who identifies as a gender other than his or her biological sex." IE, if a person who is biologically male but identifies as female, may identify as transgender. Transgender individuals are not excluded from military service, and DOD policy specifically prohibits discrimination based on gender identity. But all persons, whether or not they are transgender, must meet all military standards, including the standards associated with their biological sex. Waivers or exceptions to these standards may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

According to Wikipedia, “Beginning on January 1, 2018, transgender individuals were allowed to join the U.S. military if a licensed medical provider certified that the applicant completed all medical treatment associated with gender transition, has been stable in the preferred gender for 18 months

In February 2018, the Pentagon confirmed that, for the first time, a surgically altered transgender recruit had signed a contract to enter the U.S. military, joining an estimated 4,000 already serving.” Although Biden signed the order there is no date set as to when the order will go into effect.

President Trump had sound reasons for actions he took to bring America back to its solid Platform, however with the directives Biden has taken so far, coupled with the stopping of the Pipeline which left 11000 new additions to the unemployment line, is taking this country further towards his goal of Socialism. Many people do not see the dangers, but if Biden continues with his attack on American businesses and its citizens, we will fast return to a higher unemployment then that of the Obama Administration, prior to the Chinese release of Covid19.

Soon we will see our fuel cost skyrocket to $4.00 per gallon or higher, our transportation cost which will drive up the cost of goods and services, and the shut-down of America. Biden is following the same plan that was used by Chaves and Maduro in Venezuela. Biden’s plans to require more economic shutdowns and implementing his Covid19 mandates, will plunge America deeper into Financial hardship and escalate Unemployment. All of which he will blame on the previous Administration, and not offering his explanation of the massive additional expenses he is placing on America amidst this pandemic.


MG Singh from UAE on January 23, 2021:

This man appears to have lopsided priorities. All he was interested is to undo what Trump had done So the flurry of executive orders like the Muslim ban etc. which he should've studied and taken time but he was just in a hurry. I have written in so many articles that this man is going to preside over the downfall of the Americans as the number one power in the world.

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