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Biden's Immigration Border Crisis

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It seems like every administration has had to deal with the immigration problem along the US-Mexico border. Each has its own take as to how to solve it and yet, it never ever happens and this has been going on for decades.

With Trump, his Draconian measures were heavy handed for sure for the most part, but parts of it were rational, logical (I am not talking about the Wall). Immigration dropped significantly under Trump as they were trying to solve the problem with asylum seekers, kids arriving without parents etc. While those numbers were high, they are not as high as under the Biden administration, which basically has invited all of them to come via some very bad messaging via social media and public announcements. With Trump, the message was clear- do not come because you will have to wait in Mexico for your immigration status to be resolved, whatever it is. Yet, many did come and suddenly Mexico had to share the same problem as those camped out in Mexico near the border. Today, it is the opposite, although, Biden has tried to tell those coming to turn around because we are not ready yet. The number of kids arriving without parents or faux parents via coyotes and cartels, which make money from trafficking them to the border, amounts to $3-4,000 per kid. Business is good for them thanks to Biden.

President Biden has said the VP Harris will resolve the issue, yet, she has said this albatross will not belong to her. She is smart and does not want the legacy if it further explodes, which it will. The lack of transparency given to the news media is simply trying to coverup a real mess at the border. Showing the media a "model" relocation camp is akin to the Nazi's doing the same thing about Jew relocation facilities, when in reality, they were far from it. Those Nazi promo films about the Jew facilities are even today eye popping when noting the stark contrast with reality. The same can be said with Biden's promise of being transparent, but he does not know when! Such bullshit belongs with Trump. Biden could easily send an order that all facilities be open to cameras of the press, but he will not knowing how much blame he will get for the current crisis. And then, Biden said the lack of transparency is because things are not in place yet. That is code for crisis and we need to get a handle on it. It is also a piss poor excuse that reporters should and must press him on.

Biden likes to put all the current mess on Trump. He is unwilling to accept the fact that he, too, has acerbated the border migration with bad messaging and policy. The asylum laws need a complete overhauling. How can all these kids without parents claim asylum? They do not even know what it is. They are just repeating what their handlers are saying to get in the USA. The asylum process is far worse under Biden. Under Trump, those waiting for asylum determination had to wait in Mexico and rightly so. Why should the American taxpayer pay for their basics while waiting in a INS camp in the USA? On the humanitarian side, lone kids arriving is a ploy by nefarious people to make money. Then, as Americans, we do not have the heart to say "wait in Mexico", so we house and feed them. With Biden, sending them back home to their relatives is the only right thing to do. But again, we have to fly them there and pay or it.

Even though I voted for Biden, his handling of the border crisis is pathetic and he should incorporate the best of Trump immigration policies with his own.


perrya (author) on March 30, 2021:

It would be wise to have a little of both. Other countries do, the US cannot be humane and feared simultaneously along the border. The balance is hard. Making adults or families wait or asylum in mexico was a smart move. Dealing with kids without parents at the border poses a real dilemma as to either turn them away or take them and then deport them

DW Davis from Eastern NC on March 29, 2021:

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Trump's policy was to instill a sense of terror and horror in those who might try to cross the border. While Biden's policy may result in more migrants trying to cross, it is more humane.

Odd how the Christian right is so in favor of treating migrants as if they're less than human, while the godless liberals treat them the way Jesus taught that strangers in your land should be treated.

perrya (author) on March 29, 2021:

It depends on how you define crisis, if the numbers are far worse than when Trump or others previously, the word crisis is fine. It is what it is and Biden's handling of it so far has been mediocre at best. It is a nightmare no administration wants to deal with. I am just waiting for some sort of terrorist attack at the border because it is just waiting to happen.

Ara Vahanian from LOS ANGELES on March 28, 2021:

This border issue has been a problem for both major parties but I would not say that this is a crisis. That's just a word being used to hype up the situation. This is a very complex issue that needs to be worked out for sure. The bigger crisis in the USA is the COVID-19 situation as it is still causing lots of deaths. Maybe there has to be some kind of bipartisan effort to reform the immigration system by making the penalties harsher for those that cross the border illegally? Just a thought. Of course there is no easy answer to the issue but it is not a "crisis" yet.

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