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Biden’s First 4 Months: A Prodrome of Debacle

Pendhamma Sindhusen is an independent political columnist and analyst.

President Joe Biden speaks about the April jobs report in the East Room of the White House on May 7.

President Joe Biden speaks about the April jobs report in the East Room of the White House on May 7.

In less than a week, the Biden presidency will officially arrive at its 4th mensiversary. At first, it started with high hopes and bold ballyhoo — the media cloyingly depicting a picture of a savior galloping in to salvage the country from what they decry as a disaster begotten by his predecessor. But now, as reality starts to settle in, the trajectory of the Biden administration thus far seems to only be a prodrome of debacle.

Taking a retrospective observation at the moment Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States, things were trending positively for him and the American people. Albeit still in doldrums, the economy that had already commenced convalescing under Donald Trump was effectively revving up as jobs regains burgeon. The circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic that had instigated the doldrums were expeditiously improving with the Trump-era Operation Warp Speed having successfully steered the development and manufacture of vaccines in record time and delineated the plan for their distribution. And the perennial, obstreperous Middle East conflicts were starting to hunker down after the vast decimation of ISIS under Trump’s watch and multiple diplomatic attainments procured by the Trump administration for peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

By any account, although not in an immaculate condition, such provisions constituted a hearty inheritance and apparently rendered Biden one of the most fortunate presidents ever. Nevertheless, he still managed to mishandle them all and engendered the entirety of the present fiasco afflicting both the American people and the world and menacing to only worsen in the months and years to come.

From the underwhelming April jobs report and an alarmingly rise in inflation to an immigration crisis at the southern border and the ongoing onslaughts between Israel and Palestine, there is no room for denial on such matters. While any avid Biden apostle would certainly arrive at the 46th president’s defense, perhaps claiming that parts of whatsoever has happened have not belonged in his jurisdiction to dictate or possibly downplaying them altogether, it is incontrovertible that his administration’s policy, issued or envisioned, has contributed a great deal to the transpiring of the disasters we are confronted with today.

Starting with the economy, despite having been presented with a sterling opportunity to navigate the country towards fully reopening after a lengthy and socially detrimental stretch of lockdowns as the scourge of COVID-19 is being progressively eliminated and certain red states like Florida and Texas have provided an intriguing example of discreet reopening that entails only marginal hazards yet immense economic behoof, the administration is reluctant to alleviate the rigidity of present measures for the sake of economic recovery. Instead, it has been willing to tender government entitlements for the unemployed and embark on yet another foolhardy spending spree in recent times.

In combination, these translate into the inability of businesses to fully recuperate and a disincentive for those out of work to seek employment whilst injecting a plethora of greenbacks into the economy’s money supply. On one front, this paves the path for economic stagnation or recession, which has been limned by the miserable jobs number in April that upended the wildly positive trend originating in the Trump-era and lingering onto the early days of the Biden presidency. On another, an increasing possibility for inflation has been pushed onto the horizon obviously with one of the largest inflation gains in a decade reported last month. Should this two-pronged incubus advances, which is much likely provided the administration’s unswerving rhetoric and standpoint, a far-fetching and devastating economic meltdown would be all but inevitable.

In the meantime, the prospects for the energy sphere are even grimmer. Since the onset of the campaign season, Biden and his Democrat peers have been vocally critical of the oil and gas industry and supportive of the pipe dream to supplant it as the country’s energy staple. Now with the fiat authority to act, he has essentially eviscerated American fossil fuels at the expense of the American people.

From his ill-conceived decision to halt the construction of the Keystone pipeline, which ironically would result in even more carbon emissions as oil is instead to be transported via railroad, to his administration’s torrents of “green” executive orders and his party’s aligning legislative endeavors, the dynamism of oil and gas has patently sunken down the gutter, giving foreign sellers a sizeable leverage to ratchet up prices. This arrangement has been greatly exacerbated since the incident of the Colonial Pipeline hacking that stoked panic and ultimately gas shortage across the country. In conjunction with the aforementioned economic malady, the possibility for a deleterious 1970s-fashioned energy crisis and stagflation amalgam liberally expands.

Of course, this is not to mention the current armed conflicts between Israel and Palestine, which the Biden administration again is much culpable for. Departing the Oval Office, Donald Trump had accomplished 4 treaties between Israel and its former Arab adversaries and a roseate roadmap of others following suit. There was a degree of peace in the constantly volatile region ready for realization. However, since the moment the new president stepped foot into his new position, volleys of peace-disrupting actions have been taken.

Concessions to Iran, a notorious state sponsor of terrorism and a well-noted hater of the West, embodied in the administration’s abrogation of sanctions and its dulcet tone towards the Islamic regime, disparaging Saudi Arabia, a strategic ally of the United States that is cooperative amidst its many defects, and supplication to radicals in the Palestinian government exemplified by its decision to reinstate federal funding for the Palestinian Authority are some noteworthy instances. Their explicit result is, of course, a cost on Israel, which has been subject to missile barrages from Hamas terrorists, and regional stability. Their implicit result, meanwhile, could be a repetition of the 1970s malaise where instability in the Middle East led to a global energy and economic crisis.

To realistically expand our vision and espy the unabated dreadfulness of the situation, it is worth to throw the raging immigration crisis, which neither Biden nor his colleagues in the legislative branch have effectually addressed, into the mix. Since his inauguration, there has been a surge in migrants arriving at the US Southern borders — comprehensibly a corollary of his and his party’s emblazoned soft-on-immigration stance that even incorporated the idea of decriminalizing illegal border crossings and Biden’s remarks encouraging such actions. Consequently, Border Patrol became overwhelmed and loopholes for illegal entries came to birth.

These loopholes are extraordinarily useful for drug cartels, human traffickers, and other criminals of various sorts to inundate into the country, where the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is now ordered to stand down under the Biden administration. Indubitably, the ground has been cultivated for multifarious social problems revolving around increasing crime rates and economic quandaries involving the acquisition of jobs by illegal aliens that shunned away legal immigrants and American citizens.

In totality, these multifaceted mishandlings in the first 4 months of the Biden presidency would accrue to a mountain of ordeal for the country. With the administration adamant in its course of action, it can only be assumed that they are certain for deterioration and a multitude of their peers are due to betide the already troubled nation in the approaching future. The inconvenient and ineluctable truth, like it or not, is that they are barely a beginning for a much Sisyphean cataclysm to come.

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