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Biden's Declining Cognitive Abilities?

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Not much has been said about the apparent mental status of President Biden nor about his near invisible VP Harris since they took office in January 2021. Maybe this is just ramping up or not, but there seems to be a deliberate attempt by those who control Biden to make sure he stays on message and does not deviate from it. They also have been deliberate that he is limited while in public appearances. To wit, he has not yet given a full one on one press conference with reporters being able to drill him with questions as other presidents have. Instead, he relies on his press secretary which does provide almost daily updates about policies etc. While this is fine, it does beg the question, where is Joe Biden, let alone VP Harris, which like former VP Pence, was absent from the limelight nearly most of the Trump time.

But, in the few appearances Biden has done, speaking off script, even to this supporter, I just feel he is not all there some of the time. There is a definite decline in his mental facilities if one views clips just from 2014-5. It is not imagination but one of contrast from then to now. Maybe this was one reason why Biden hesitated so long to announce his bid for POTUS. Maybe his medical status report mentions early stage Alzheimer's. I was just watching a Biden announcement live and he was referring to a person to thank them for their efforts and he glanced over his shoulder (as if he thought they were standing behind him). When he realized they were not, he mumbled and moved on. Maybe that WAS just nothing, maybe not.

But there are other live moments where he could not recall the name of the person he was announcing or thanking. If you compare his oratory skills and mental facility from 2014 or earlier, one cannot feel suspect that sadly there is some reduced ability to recall. At times today, when he speaks, it seems that he is doing his best to not make errors and just to get through it. Yet, even then, at times, his pauses and pacing seem off. Maybe this is nothing, or maybe it is declining abilities.

What if Biden did hesitate to run for POTUS because he knows that it is a one term presidency and that during the term 2021-24, he was told that Alzheimer's would set in or become more apparent, maybe to a point where VP Harris would have to step in (as many fringe and Republicans have stated during the election cycle)?

Looking back at President Reagan during his last term because he announced he was facing the onset of this disease, I am sure Reagan's doctors told him this long before the public knew, maybe a year or more before making it public. This information was deliberately hidden from public view until it could no longer.

It would be not surprise then to see this happen with Biden. Whatever the true situation with him and his reduced cognitive abilities, these facts are not available to the public, even though, there is ample reason to be concerned. Maybe this information was made known to VP Harris during the campaign and she is just waiting for it to evolve. BTW, where has she been since taking office? She has been almost MIA as VP of the USA. It is almost as if she is really just "waiting in the wings" for Biden to step down.

While all of this is supposition and opinion, one cannot deny about at least wondering about this as the Biden term continues on. It makes no difference now, Biden is our president and so far he has done well.

Well, at least 52% of Americans think so.


perrya (author) on March 13, 2021:

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52% is still low and its too early to tell. I approve of him so far, however, I am not overly impressed and the point of the article is to point out that there IS something there and it will be just a matter of time until it is exposed and then people will ask, why didn't you tell us, when did you know? well, we all know the answer. I think we all can agree that Biden is one term only and Harris is hoping to be the first woman president, among others in 2024.

perrya (author) on March 12, 2021:

Well, THAT is a little extreme for comparison purposes and it is too early to tell.That is what many said when Trump was president which reflects how there is a 52% approval rate for Biden.

MG Singh from UAE on March 11, 2021:

I remember the Japanese writer Mishima, who committed harakiri. Something similar is happening in America with Joe Biden as president.

DW Davis from Eastern NC on March 11, 2021:

Perhaps you are confused because Biden's predecessor was mentally incapable of speaking in complete sentences, regularly used nonsense words, and often made things up out of thin air. You're not used to hearing a President who actually has more than a fifth-grade vocabulary and can speak coherently.

BTW, 52% is higher than the former guy ever got in 4 years, and 18 points higher than the former guy had when he left office.

Sharlee on March 11, 2021:

In my view, he is having mentation problems that seem to be getting worse very quickly. Not sure if sometimes soon it will become very cruel to put him in front of an audience.

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