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Biden Is Set to Announce the Name of the First Member of the Cabinet


Newly elected US President Joe Biden is set to announce the names of at least one key member of his cabinet.

Ron Klein, the White House chief of staff for the Joe Biden-Orange Harris administration, said Biden would announce the name of the first important person in his cabinet.

Ron Klein said he would wait until November 24, local time, to find out whose ministry is being announced. He said this in an interview given to ABC TV.

Biden said last Thursday that he had already nominated a candidate for finance minister (Treasury secretary). Without elaborating, he said the finance minister had been selected keeping in view all aspects of the Democratic Party.

Biden could make a splash by nominating the administration's finance minister at a time when the US economy is at its peak.

Meanwhile, a US media outlet reported on Sunday that Biden could be named his first foreign minister. Anthony Blinken served as Deputy Secretary of State at the State Department from 2015 to 2016. If all goes well, he is set to become foreign minister in the Biden-Harris administration, the report said.

Ron Klein said all preparations for taking power without the cooperation of the Trump administration are progressing rapidly. He said the inauguration on January 20 would be limited due to health risks.

The Biden-Harris camp has yet to receive any information from the Trump administration about the country's security. No federal money has been given for all the work including recruitment of people in the coming administration including the cabinet.

The winning candidate is given daily security information of the country to prepare for taking power. Federal money discounts are given. Emily Murphy, head of the General Service Administration, is expected to extend a helping hand. But Emily Murphy has not yet recognized the Biden-Harris administration because of Trump's presentation of controversy over the election results. There is a lot of criticism about this.

President Donald Trump is trying to complicate the election dispute. He is still adamant about not giving up.

Notable Republican leaders are urging President Trump to step down. Disputes have also become public among Trump's lawyers.

Trump is trying to delay Michigan vote certification after Pennsylvania.

Norman Sinclair, a Republican on the election board, is bent on ending the state's vote certification on November 23. He said he would vote against the certification until the vote is audited.

The Trump camp has called for a recount after Georgia's vote certification. With all this, Trump has continued his efforts to go to the Supreme Court.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

U.S. news analysts and lawyers have ruled out such a possibility. Everyone says Trump's time is coming to an end.

Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, held a news conference with lawyer Cindy Powell last week. At the time, they said, like President Trump, that the election was rigged. They will present all the evidence in time.

Lawyer Cindy Powell said a day earlier than they had a ton of evidence of election fraud. He said that it has become difficult to do all these together now.

However, a statement from the Trump camp on November 22 stated that Cindy Powell was no longer Trump's lawyer.

The main leaders of the Republican Party have not yet stood united against Trump's demands. However, some influential people in the Republican Party are taking a stand against him.

John Bolton, Trump's former chief security adviser, said yesterday that Biden would be sworn in as usual on January 20. In an interview with CNN, John Bolton said Trump is now throwing stones through windows to encourage street protesters.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has worked closely with Trump on the election campaign. He says Trump's lawyers have become embarrassing to the nation. Allegations of vote-rigging or fraud in the election without any evidence have become embarrassing.

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland has called on Trump to stop golf and accept the election results.

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