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Biden gave the good news to Finland-Sweden


President Joe Biden has signed US approval for Finland and Sweden to join NATO, the Western military alliance. Through this, he thinks that the expansion of NATO has gone one step further. Biden also commented that Russian President Vladimir Putin's intention to separate Europe has completely failed.

According to the news agency Reuters, on Tuesday (August 09), President Joe Biden signed the US approval to add Sweden and Finland to the Western military alliance NATO. He then praised the two Nordic countries, saying that both countries have strong democratic institutions, militaries, and prosperous and transparent economies, which will further strengthen NATO. At that time, Biden also commented that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to destroy peace and security in Europe.

The White House said the US president spoke by telephone with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and Finnish President Sauli Niinisto before the signing ceremony.
Earlier, the US Senate approved the entry of Sweden and Finland into the alliance, strongly backing NATO expansion in the face of Russia's aggression in Ukraine. Last Wednesday (03 August) the Senate voted 95 in favor of the two countries joining NATO. A vote against.

After the vote, Biden announced that Sweden and Finland would be welcomed as well as the signing of the ratification documents. NATO membership requires the approval of 30 member states. In the meantime, two-thirds of the countries have received the support of the two Nordic countries.

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