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Biden Finally Won Officially


The results of the presidential election were verified by the state authorities of California on Friday. At an equivalent time, it's appointed 55 electoral colleges within the state to vote for Democrat candidate Joe Biden. By certifying the results of the state of California, Biden officially won the body needed for victory.

The NY Daily News reports that the number of electoral colleges committed to voting for Biden rose to 269 after California Secretary of State Alex Padilla officially approved the results of the state election. 270 electoral votes are needed to win the election.

These steps within the US presidential election are nothing quite a formality. But at this point, President Donald Trump's various secret moves regarding the election have added a replacement dimension. Yet he denies rival Joe Biden's victory and continues to fight legally to vary the result of the election.

Edward B. Foley, a professor of law at Ohio State University, said that although Biden's victory within the election had become clear over the past few weeks, the official announcement of the victory of quite 260 electoral colleges seemed to be the primary step towards the White House. "It's a legal milestone and therefore the first milestone this point around," he said. What was there before has formed the idea of today's position. '

The body announced on Friday will sit during a meeting with the Electoral Colleges of other states on December 14. There they're going to officially choose subsequent presidential election. In most of the states, the electoral colleges will vote for the winning candidate within the popular choose their respective states. Again, there's no indication that any committed body will vote against Biden.

After receiving the results of the body vote, Congress usually approves it on January 8. Congress legislators can object to the results of the electoral vote if they want. At this stage, however, it's impossible to try anything to stop Biden's victory in Congress.

Both the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and therefore the Republican-controlled Senate will vote separately to resolve any disputes. Meanwhile, Republicans from Pennsylvania have proposed that 75 Republican lawmakers sign. It called on Congress to not vote for Biden and to abstain from voting. But Republican Senator Pat Tommy of the state announced shortly afterward that he wouldn't object if Pennsylvania's electoral colleges voted for Biden.

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