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Biden Signals Us Withdrawal From Afghanistan by 11 September and the Repercussion's Will Be Huge

MG is a military specialist having spent quality time in the Indian Air Force. He is also an alumnus of the Defence Services Staff College.



The war in Afghanistan commenced in 2003. This was after a terrorist attack by Osama bin Laden on the trade towers in New York. Hundreds died in the attack and President George Bush decided that time had come to throw the Taliban, which was ruling Afghanistan into the dustbin. The United States militarily intervened in Afghanistan and within a short time, the Taliban was overthrown. The entire Taliban leadership was given refuge in Pakistan and the most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden was given a safe house near the Pakistan military academy at Abottabad, just about a hundred kilometers from the Pakistan capital.

George Bush however lost focus and in the middle of the campaign in Afghanistan shifted priority to attacking Iraq. This was a foolish decision and in the bargain, the Taliban was able to regroup. The Americans fought the war in Afghanistan with one arm tied behind their back. This was because of the sanctuary given by Pakistan to the terrorists who operated in Afghanistan. The American leadership was blinded by the conduct of Pakistan, thinking that Pakistan had been their ally since 1954 and they continued to have a myopic view of the country. Had the United States neutralized the sanctuaries of the terrorists in Pakistan, victory would have been in the American Lap. Even the killing of the dangerous Osama bin Laden inside Pakistan did not open the eyes of the American leadership to the menace in Pakistan. Repeated pleas of the Afghan government fell on deaf ears.

Over a period of time, the American military was at the receiving end and almost 2200 American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan as well as cost the American state $3 trillion. The Pakistan government continued hunting with the hound and running with the hare. They gave open support to the Haqqani faction of the Taliban which went about killing American soldiers and yet the United States leadership just sat on its hunches.

The only man who realized the perfidy of Pakistan was President Donald Trump but unfortunately, he has been defeated and the new president Joe Biden's Defence Secretary General Austin has been talking of a military relationship with the Pakistan army. The fat is now in the fire as Pakistan has thrown its eggs in the Chinese basket but this doesn't seem to be apparent to the United States.

Biden has now decided to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan signaling the end of the war as far as America is concerned. The Pentagon has opposed the decision but Biden and his defense Secretary think otherwise.

This is another defeat for the American military which apart from World War II has no heritage except fighting some Red Indian wars. They have suffered defeat in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, and now Afghanistan. This is not something to be proud of.

The war

America fought the war in Afghanistan for close to two decades and it is the longest war the United States fought overseas. The United States fought the war half-heartedly and the aim was to try for a negotiated peace in Afghanistan through the aegis of Pakistan. This didn't happen and finally, the United States decided to have direct talks with the Taliban. This was a massive U-turn of US policy as the very organization which had taken part in terrorist activities against the United States and was involved in the killing of US soldiers in Afghanistan was brought to the negotiating table.

From the talks, it became clear that the United States was ready to placate the Taliban and at the same time dump the Afghan government. Despite the Pentagon advising against withdrawal from Afghanistan, the American government has decided to do precisely that. What is likely to happen is that the Taliban which has become a resurgent force in Afghanistan will take over the Afghan government with the help of Pakistan and China. Probably Joe Biden has reconciled to this fact, perhaps he has the mistaken notion that he will be able to click with China once this is done.

Despite the talks going on between the Taliban and the United States, it is on record that the Taliban have been carrying out rocket attacks on American airbases. As a military historian, I have observed that the Americans lack the military will for a prolonged conflict, and also they lose sight of the political aim. They have just not been able to achieve anything whether Vietnam or Korea or Iraq and Libya. In the last two states, they foolishly removed the dictator Saddam Hussein Gaddafi and for the next decade handed over the Middle East to ISIS. This organization was nonexistent when Saddam was ruling. The situation is now so bad that America is persona non grata in Iraq and it is a sad commentary that 4000 American young men were sent to die fighting for a lost cause.

The Taliban has been a supporter of ISIS earlier and there is no reason to believe that they are going to change. Recently CNN and carried out a survey of one of the towns which were under the control of the Taliban and it was shown that life there was intolerable. The sharia had been imposed and the woman forbidden to come out of the house. One can access this at

This is an eye-opener as to what to expect when the United States exists Afghanistan.

Defeat and lack of will

Afghanistan will be written down as a defeat for the US Army. I have been saying that for the last 200 years, apart from World War II, the only place the Americans had been winning was against the Red Indians. This is a bit of a joke because Red Indian tribes were just a motley unorganized crowd.

Americans have thrown in the towel at all places whether it be the South China Sea or Tibet. This retreat from Afghanistan is something huge and most people have now realized that they cannot expect America to stand with them.

It is on the cards that if China attacks Formosa, the United States is not going to risk a war with China nor will the United States do anything in the South China Sea that antagonizes China. American leadership has already decided that China is their number one country to partner in the world. I think this is the silliest notion they have and not aware of what China is thinking.

Countries like India and Japan are also now very clear that the United States cannot be relied on in a conflict with China. I was talking to one of the senior marshals from the Air Force who clearly told me that the Indian think tank is very clear that in the conflict with China the United States is going to be nowhere. Why this has happened? because the American people have chosen leaders who are not loyal to the country. It is open knowledge with the discovery of the latest laptop of Hunter Biden that he has a close connection with China; so how can the dad oppose China.

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Joe Biden is leading the nation in the wrong direction. I wonder what pleasure he has got by calling Putin a murderer and also by antagonizing India by sending a warship through the Indian waters without informing the Indians.

Great Indian philosopher Chanakya who lived during that time emperor Chandragupta ruled, had stated that when a great Empire falls the gods send an incompetent leader or King. Here is the classic example of Joe Biden being voted into power by the American people. Many of the Afro-Americans are jumping with joy, thinking that things will improve for them but I haven't seen any improvement as just three days back another black has been shot dead by the police. This is a never-ending process Biden or no Biden.

One would like to think that a Bismarck may sometimes emerge but by the time he comes, America would have been reduced to a fifth-rate power. These are just random thoughts which are written sitting in the bar with my friend Tom Elsdon in Singapore.


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 15, 2021:

Thank you, Misbah, it's so refreshing to get your ideas. Take care and God bless.

Misbah Sheikh from — This Existence Is Only an Illusion on April 15, 2021:

I am also from Lahore. I too have Indian friends and I have always respected them. Our ancestors once have shared the same land. So talking so much about Hate doesn't suit us. I have seen a lot of your articles on feed but I try to avoid reading them and I think you know the reason very well but I will check the article you mentioned. I hope it will not disappoint me. Thanks for the appreciation.

Peace !!

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 15, 2021:

Misbah, so nice you replied back. Yes, I am a Sikh but have not gone to Kartarpur though my visits are confined to Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Murree. Pakistan is so much like India, it must have been fine when we were one nation. I have received a lot of love in Pakistan, just for the record, my maternal grandfather had a house in Lahore. Blessings and keep writing, you write lovely poems. Do read my article on James Joyce.

Misbah Sheikh from — This Existence Is Only an Illusion on April 15, 2021:

I am glad to see your comment, I thought you can just write against Pakistan and the Muslims. Nice to hear that you have been to Pakistan. I know a lot of Sikhs visit Pakistan for their pilgrimage. (I am not sure if you are a Sikh, but your name carries Singh, so I think you are)

Navjot Singh Sidhu ji is big fan and a friend of Imran khan. Imran khan opened kartarpur corridors for the Sikh brothers so they can visit Pakistan without a visa.

Well Govt decided to ban Tehreek-e-Labbaik under anti-terror law. It means the Government needs Peace inside the country as well.

There's a lot good happening, we just need to see.


MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 14, 2021:

Misbah, I enjoyed reading your comment and you have a valid point. Yes, Pak has suffered from Taliban activities also, hope they can now face the agitation by the Tehrik-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP). Incidentally, I have been to Pakistan a number of times and I have a good number of friends there and I get a lot of input from them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 14, 2021:

Thanks, Tom, many have missed the point of the article that is the American nerve to fight a long war. You have rightly pointed out the rate of suicides among veterans in the US. The second point which you have very raised is the American fear of fighting China and this was right from 1964 when President Johnson allowed China to go to nuclear. Oh heavens I cannot understand how they're concerned now about the nuclear weapons of a small tiny country like North Korea and they just let China continuing to explode bombs as and when they liked.

Misbah Sheikh from — This Existence Is Only an Illusion on April 14, 2021:

As you mentioned Pakistan, tell me if Osama bin laden was killed by America in Abottabad, Pakistan. Why his dead body was not shown?Why Obama didn’t release footage of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden? Why the attack was so silent, do you think the Pakistan army is so silly that they can let enter anyone in their air space???

Have we been told the truth about Bin Laden's death?

Second thing, Pakistan helped America, in resolving issues with Talibans. They helped them to have table talks so the peace can remain in the world. PM Imran Khan tried his level best to bring Peace and Harmony in all the neighboring countries, including India.

Pakistan itself has suffered a lot due to Talibans, I will go with Ravi , why did America enter into Afghanistan in the 1st place ? Why did they not learn from the Soviet defeat earlier?

I think neither you nor I , can sum up a 19 year old story in two paragraphs.

There is a lot missing in your beautiful article.

Blessings and Peace

tom on April 14, 2021:

us since ww2 lost all wars,ww2 ussr destroyed 360 divsaxis,uk us beat 30 german divs,korea stalemate,wont fight china,american youngsters sex maniacs and drug addicts,not intersted in military career,veterans suicide high,lost in iraq and afghanistan,

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 14, 2021:

Thank you, Ravi, your comment is valid. Going into Afghanistan at that time was valid after terror attacks but they lost focus, that is where the shoe pinched them.

Ravi Rajan from Mumbai on April 14, 2021:

Question is why did America enter into Afghanistan in the 1st place ? Why did they not learn from the Soviet defeat earlier. The very premise of entering into a country on pretense of taking revenge for Sep 11 was a wrong decision. Now they are so much entrenched that they can withdraw without creating significant damage. The issue started much before the current president .Thanks for sharing this interesting article MG.

MG Singh emge (author) from Singapore on April 14, 2021:

thank you Henry for reading and commenting.

Henry D'souza on April 14, 2021:

you have covered that topic pretty well; there is no doubt that the repercussions of the American retreat from Afghanistan are going to echo in the World and many countries will feel that if America can ditch the Afghan government why not us. Watch out for Taiwan, Ukraine, and the Philippines not forgeting India.

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