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Biden: Removal of Bust of Churchill.

President Joe Biden.


Joe Biden has been after the top job in the USA, for near enough or over, 30 years. Biden comes from humble origins and has been a serving American politician since the 1970s. In the 80s, probably a little known anecdote, Biden ran for 'POTUS', then. Mr Biden didn't get anywhere, but one thing that he was criticised for, was the speech where he appeared, to have lifted a speech by Neil Kinnock, (Labour leader, at the time) to use in his own speech. Instead of using Mr Kinnock's speech in his own words, he repeated the same mantra, that Kinnock used. Something at the time, Mr Biden was condemned for, but then, he wouldn't be the first person to use other people's words, to make a point.

As we know, Biden spent all of Obama's 8 years in power, as Vice-President, which must have thrilled, Mr Biden, at the time. However, it wasn't enough, being VP, it is a power position, but you are not the head of your nation. Obviously, if Mr Obama, had died in office or had stepped down, Mr Biden would certainly have been ready and willing, to fill his shoes. But to achieve his dream of running the USA, Biden would have to wait a long time.

Mr Biden's chance came when all other candidates fell away, including the other man, who could have had a shot for 'POTUS' (for the Democrats), far-left stalwart, Bernie Sanders. Mr Sanders had been out in the lead and was described as the American Jeremy Corbyn. However, support for Sanders seemed to evaporate and it was Biden, who was picking up those votes. Biden's campaign had been faltering but the electorate switched to him, so he was the only Democrat left standing to face incumbent, Donald Trump.

Biden won and legally so, according to the courts, all legal challenges by Trump, to say Biden won by fraud, was thrown out. Trump did not accept the result and probably never will, his followers stormed the government building in Washington. This led to American politicians seeking shelter, a rioter died as did a police officer. It was shocking to see the American capital, being stormed by hundreds of Trump supporters. As to whether Trump actually encouraged the storming of the building is hard to say, Trump told his followers to march on Washington and fight for him. But, can his words, actually be blamed for the insurrection? Trump did not tell his followers to storm the building, however, words can be misinterpreted. Some may have taken his words out of context, which led to the aforementioned troubles in Washington. The Democrats, though Trump is out of office, are still going ahead with the second impeachment. The charge will be that Mr Trump's speech resulted in the storming of the Washington political building and so thereby, it was an insurrection. The charges will need the support of many Republicans. If the case against Mr Trump does not receive this, Trump could, in theory, run again for President, next time around.

Meanwhile, Mr Biden in the White House has set about repealing much of what happened, under the Trump administration. The immigration policy that was very anti-immigrant under Trump, has been repealed. This will allow migrants and illegal immigrants to become naturalised American citizens. Mr Biden has stopped the building of the wall to keep Mexicans out, he has repealed the contract to build an oil pipeline in Alaska, also, lifted the ban on certain Muslim countries, to allow them to freely enter the USA. As regards COVID, he has ramped up the rollout of the vaccines across the 50 states that make up the USA. Mr Biden has centralised the fight against COVID so that all states can work together with direction from Washington. Dr Fauci, (to all intents and purposes, the American equivalent of Chris Witty) has been retained by Biden who worked for the Trump administration. Mr Fauci said how relieved he felt to be working for Biden, rather than Trump. Mr Biden's cabinet has tried to incorporate all the different faces of the American population. Some good news is that Native Americans, have been appointed to Biden's cabinet. Mr Biden's VP, Kamala Harris, is the first woman to hold that position.

The UK's relationship with the new American administration will be close. However, probably not as close as it was between Boris and Trump. Mr Biden is not happy about Brexit, echoing the opinion of his former boss, Barack Obama. Mr Biden has stated that any trade deal between his country and the UK, is incumbent on the border between Northern Ireland and the South, being peaceful. There were worries that the 'Good Friday Agreement' would be affected by Brexit and any deal between the EU and the UK. Mr Biden himself has described Boris, as a British Trump, so it will be interesting to see how they interact when it is safe enough to meet in the physical. Body language tells you a lot about how people get on and so it will be true of Biden and Johnson. No doubt, Biden and Boris have spoken by phone, video link, etc, and they appear to share the same view of wanting to fight climate change.

When Mr Obama removed a bust of Winston Churchill, from the Oval Office, Boris attacked this move in a newspaper article. Boris referred to Mr Obama's half Kenyan heritage, as to the reason, why Obama had removed the Churchill statue. Kenya was a former British colony and so fought a military campaign against, the 'Mau Mau'. Churchill would have been for the anti-Mau Mau war in Kenya to suppress the rebellion and keep Kenya, in the orbit of British rule. Winston Churchill's views of Africans and Indians (from the subcontinent) were that they were sub-human and like little children, and so, could not survive without the British. Even today, Churchill in the UK divides opinion. Most universally agree, he was a good war leader, however, those on the far-left, regard him as a racist and fascist, to boot. Many on the far-right regard him as a hero and an upholder of British values. It is fair to say today, that Churchill's views, were of his time and to try put our values on a man of that time, does not work.

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It is ironic then, that one of the first things, that Mr Biden did was remove the statue of Winston Churchill. Echoing the actions of Mr Obama, that led, to the article written by Boris, attacking Mr Obama's move. Strange then, with Mr Biden, exiling Winston Churchill, once more from the 'Oval Office', that Boris this time has remained silent. When pressed as to why Boris had remained Stoney silent this time, No 10 said, "It was up to the President, on how he decorated the 'Oval Office', his private workplace". At the end of the day, Johnson has to work with Biden, so perhaps, he does not want to upset that delicate balance of a good working relationship. Biden already knows how Boris feels and was rumoured at the time, to be quite angry at the article written by Boris, attacking Obama, for the removal of the Churchill bust (first time around). Biden and Johnson will certainly have a cordial working relationship, no doubt, however, it will not be as close as when Trump held court, in the 'Oval Office'.


MG Singh from UAE on January 23, 2021:

There is no doubt that Churchill was a racist. I remember reading his comments when the Bengal famine was on as to why Gandhi didn't die in the famine. By removing the bust of Churchill, Biden is trying to show the Afro Americans that he's not a racist but we must remember that such symbolic gestures have no meaning and Democrats have been in power earlier and did nothing. How do you change the mind of the American white fringe?

Nick Bishop (author) on January 23, 2021:


Sharlee on January 23, 2021:

Great article, enjoyed the content.

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