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Biden On Ukraine: Good or Bad?

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A Grade of C+

That is my grade of Biden's performance. A C+ because while his economic sanctions are slowly strangling Russia and Putin and the Ukraine war drags on, Biden's fear of Putin is just too obvious. Some may call it wisdom to avoid WW3, but others see it as weakness and surely Putin sees it that way.

Biden's main response has been economic sanctions which are fine and they are working, albeit, slowly. He was late to stop the Russian oil flowing to the US (some 5%) out of fear it might damage European imports. He still is afraid to impose sanctions on ALL Russian banks using the SWIFT system. Targeting personal Russian accounts etc., has little impact on much except those very rich Russians. They might complain to Putin, but they are ignored. He continues to refuse to release more American oil from the reserves to help drop gas prices because underneath all of it is to promote and force Americans to go "green" in energy use. That is fine for a long range plan, but he could simply make an exception NOW to ease the pain in the short term and then later return to his green policy. Yet, like the old man he is, he is stubborn. Instead, he wants to import oil from rogue countries that the US is opposed to rather than ramp up oil production in the US.

His economic sanctions are impacting Russia gradually, which is why Putin wants to wrap up the war in Ukraine quickly. But will Biden stop the sanctions afterwards? He wants to punish Putin but the average Russian is also being punished, I guess it is collateral damage.

As far as Biden's military aid, his grade is much worse than C+. He has stalled far too long in sending serious weapons that could save Ukraine from Russian air attacks. He still is afraid of Purin and that he may force Putin to start WW3. That is his cop-out in the media. Using the WW3 phrase is just provocative and conjures up nuclear destruction. There are many conflicts far below this and he knows it. Putin is going to bluff about using nukes to get what he wants- no direct intervention by NATO or US. It has worked very well for him. Putin would not jeopardize his own life or Russia with nuclear war. Putin has managed to "spook" Biden making him hesitant to do much but tip toe on the sidelines.

Biden continues to block the use of MiG-29s from Poland to Ukraine, even if the aircraft insignia is changed to Ukrainian and flown by their pilots. Why? Again, fear that Putin might take offense to this. All the military aid sent is great but more of the same weapons is not what is needed, they need different types to hold. Besides, what is Biden afraid of, Putin has already said that there is an economic war. Putin has allowed weapons from NATO into Ukraine without much attempt to stop it, which is just odd. Obviously, Putin is fine with this, at least up to now. He changed his mind about it and now stated he will target the NATO supply line from Poland. BTW, the MiGs are just weapons and would not cause any reaction.

Biden is adamant about no to the no-fly zone over areas of Ukraine, even for humanitarian reasons. Again, he is afraid of what Putin might do. This is just pathetic military leadership. Biden could support an Ukrainian no-fly zone manned by those MiG-29s, flown by Ukrainian pilots. How simply is this? But, no, Biden is just afraid of that Russian bully and Putin is getting what he wants and needs so badly through intimidation: No direct Interference.

Up until the third week, Biden still had refused to send in armed drones. That should have been done much earlier. He should have applied pressure on Turkey to send more of TB2 armed drones to them which are very effective. Again, they are just weapons, like the Switchblade drones, he is finally sending (although, just 100 of these one-way drones won't last long) and he is still thinking of the S300 air defense system. What is there to think about? T

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ime is very short and all Biden does is delay due to his fear of Putin, the bully. Biden gets a C- in his military response.

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