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Biden Attacked By Right and Left.

President Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden.

We know from day 1 when Biden entered the 'White House' and took his seat, behind that old, solid wooden desk in the 'Oval Office', he began by repealing much of what Trump had done.

At the stroke of a pen, Biden repealed Trump's controversial immigration policy, ended the building of the wall across the US-Mexico border, US states will work together to fight COVID under Biden as opposed to Trump, Vaccines will be quickly, apparently, spread across the US asap.

However, Biden has been attacked by left and right over allegedly 'twisting the truth' over his COVID-19 stimulus plan. Biden's stimulus plan called the 'American Rescue Plan' (Nice and simple, name). This plan is supposedly worth, $2000 to help all those who are struggling in the US, especially the lower echelons of American society, because of COVID. However, in actuality, Biden's plan to give poor Americans a one-off payment is really worth $1,400. Trump was the first to get a stimulus passed in Congress worth $2000, so Biden is pursuing a measure already put into place by his former Presidential opponent. Biden's stimulus plan is only worth $2000 when combined with Trump's, ironically enough.

Biden's 'American Rescue Plan' is worth £.1.9 billion overall and Biden on Twitter urged Congress to quickly pass his plan, similar to Trump when he was bringing in a stimulus plan.

Far-left and former POTUS candidate, Bernie Sanders, has criticised Biden, however, on this package. Other Democrats have voiced concern and criticism amid Biden's 'American Stimulus Plan' as it comes before Congress. Notable Republican, Ilhan Omar, has also said, hopefully, once the 'American Rescue Plan' is passed, it should remain in place until the American economy is better.

The irony of Biden's stimulus package to help out those most in need, cannot be lost on him. Biden spent so much time pulling apart President Trump, as a man, his political agenda, etc. Now Biden is doing the same thing as his former nemesis Trump, and putting a stimulus package, into action, once it has been passed by Congress.

It will be interesting to see how Biden's four years in the White House will play out. Of course, the one thing that has been pointed out, even by his English cousin also called Biden, is the President's age. Biden's cousin has said, like a lot of people, at 78 Biden is too old to be President. Is Biden too old to be running the most powerful nation on the planet? Some have expressed worry about his mental state and indeed, have speculated, he may have dementia. Some have been kind in their worry while others have been downright, nasty.

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Many think, however, that as long as Biden is in control of his faculties, then age should not be a barrier. In this world today, we have many older people still working in various jobs.

Biden's Vice-President, Kamala Harris is in her 50's and will take the main job, if Biden, for whatever reason, cannot carry on as President. It is interesting to note, that Biden has not registered to stand again in 4 years time as Trump did. Perhaps, registering to stand again, is the last thing on his mind, as he wrestles with COVID and other problems, the US is facing. We will see, in due course, if Biden will register to stand again. Of course, many have said, it may be the plan for Biden to be President for the first 4 years and then hand over to Kamala Harris. Of course, Harris would be acting President, until it came to face whoever, the Republicans, selected to be their candidate for President.

Some say Harris was selected for Biden's running mate and VP because she is female and mixed race. So some have accused Biden of tokenism to quell the far-left in his party over appointing Harris.

Harris has been a fierce critic of Biden, in the Democratic Presidential debates. Some have said that incorporating Harris, into Biden's fold, as VP is a shrewd move, either, on Biden's part or that of his advisers. To have your harshest critic as your VP could keep a check on her, however, it could also be a place where she could undermine Biden, time will tell.

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