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Biased Media


This article here is exactly why America is divided. DISHONEST reporting. They complain that the jury was "overwhelmingly white. The defendant got a jury of his peers. He is white, the victims were white as well. The jury in the OJ Simpson trial had ONE white juror. So given their logic, the jurors in OJ's trial were overwhelmingly black? Not in a million years.…
This media outlet is following the same strategy as the mainstream media. They use keywords to create frustration and hatred among their target audience.
As in this case, they don't study history very well.
This is an example of a hit piece. Much like the edited audio of the Zimmerman 911 call on NBC which they admitted to tinkering with but only retracted the story in a place nobody saw it, not on the evening news.
This kid will have his day in court to recover his dignity in monetary terms much like Nick Sandman did with CNN to the tune of $200 million dollars.
Kyle has been called a racist by our own president before due process even took place.

Dishonest Media

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