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Biafra Exit; We Are Ipob Nnamdi Kanu Is Our Leader

Humanity is better than pleasure. Chinyere loves making People around her beam with a smile. She delights in freedom.


The story about Nigeria and Biafra is not unprecedented in the global atmospheric news headlines. It has got to the extent, people of noble character should intervene to quench the daily murder of innocent indigent citizens of Nigeria.

I can't encourage togetherness nor unity between the both. It seems the foundation of the union is weary. Everything on earth has an expiration time. When the time comes, there must be clues to establish that the content is about to expire.

Nigeria union with Biafra is exhibiting signs of termination. Believe me, if the world fails to consent to the fact. There may be precariousness to the detriment of the poor. They beggarly will die, they will starve, their blood will flow in the streets of Nigeria.

The citizens of Nigeria are not in a strongbox. They are in between death and life. No one cares to give a helping hand. If you stand to voice out, you will be tagged terrorist, bandit, and hoodlums. You look like a clown. They will humiliate you, eventually murder you unjustly at the watch of your loved ones.

We have a long time ago lost hope in our political leaders. For the fact, we are hungry. They confused us quickly during the election time to vote for them. How? By sharing penny and cent to us! We are like a lamb about to slaughter for a sacrificial offering. Our securities are now our enemies.

They are in alliance with our enemies to consume our flesh. The torture of their affiliations is unbearable. Like the Israelites wailing in a distant land, there the Lord came to their rescue. We are now alive, for the Lord has come to our rescue. He fashioned a warrior among his people. He is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!

3 Three Reasons Every South Eastern Nigeria Believe in Nnamdi Kanu

1. Courageous

We saw in him a man who has the spirit of a lion. Bravery, consistent and factual. He was already aware of Nigeria's tactics of terminating a voice, nauseating their barbaric leadership methodology. Having taken it upon his will to face the ferocious leaders, he established a group known as the Independent People of Biafra(IPOB).

Day after day, we read through their strategies to comprehend their mission. We are now in one accord with them. We are all Ipob. The Igbos, The Ikwerres, The Deltans, The Ijaws. We are lectured by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to understand our roots. Here we are today as one people born of one father.

All the inhabitants of southeast Nigeria are IPOB. We are, through our compliance in observing the order of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, one entity clamoring for freedom. Our compliance is a signal we trust in him. We are fading up with incessant killing in Nigeria. Not only that, but we want to live, as one nation- as our creator made us.

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We need our own very country where we see each other as a family, not as strangers anymore. The confiscation of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu a few months ago in Kenya by the conspiracy of the Nigerian government has thrown the people of the southeast into Monday's ghost town in solidarity, for his freedom.

Nigerian treacherous government and cables are working behind closed doors to quench the desires of the people. Our voices must not be silenced. We are tired of being killed. The bandits nurtured by our leaders as political thugs today are waxing strong under their support to erase us from the surface of the earth.

That Fulani's have not occupied our ancestral lands is because of fear of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, their fear of IPOB, their fear of the knowledge and international friendly affairs. I keep repeating it, “We are IPOB”. We refused to stop the seat at home because we want our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's freedom from Nigeria hostage. Take a look at our street on Mondays!

Onitsha market on seat at home day


2. Visionary

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a man filled with passion for his creator. Perhaps that made him foresee the future before, the inversion of Fulani herds. He gave a prophetic message calling on everyone to wake up from the slumber that a green snake is in green grass. He revealed many things, which virtually had all come to fulfillment.

Therefore, the people become convinced that God sent him to shield us from the oppressor. Nigeria has been a country whose hidden agenda was to coerce its citizens to accept the religion of the caliphate. We have a long time heard about their motive to Islamize Nigeria. Though 70% of Nigerians, are Christian believers, it means nothing to them.

What did they do? They set up a group whose mission is to infiltrate every Christian church in Northern Nigeria. I once lived in Sokoto. I remembered vividly that faithful day I boarded a vehicle to school, the sermon of the Imam on the tape was full of hatred against the Christians in the north. Likewise, I was shocked but maintained my emotions for them not to notice that I am a Christian because I dressed in Hausa native attire that you won't recognize me.

What next? Boko Haram emerged and began to attack western education, in the meantime diverting their action to burning churches and killing Christians here and there. The Boko boys are the bandits and hoodlums destroying the peace of people in northern Nigeria. They murder many Christians in northern Nigeria in cold blood daily, murdered in numbers. Nigeria's government is negotiating with the bandits, giving them cash gifts to appease them. Their citizens get buried massively in shallow graves.

Everyone in Nigeria who cares for humanity is supporting Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The Hausas, Yorubas, and well-meaning Fulanis who detest evil are all at his back. We want him to be free. We, therefore, had chosen him to be our voice. Any attack on Nnamdi Kanu is an attack on the people.

Nnamdi Kanu Pleads not guilt against the seven count charges against him

3. His care for Humanity

Humanity is about caring for others. Nelson Mandela said,

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the Mandela of our time who cares for the rights of others. He has the zeal to protect his people, make them comfortable, to make them grow above expectation. He faces the giants to get the rights of his people. Not only that, but he sacrifices his treasure to give better hope to his people.

Furthermore, he even prepared to die in the quest of establishing freedom for his people. His words of wisdom are eminent. He is a father who never wanted his children to die at the hands of the oppressors. He left no stone unturned in the pursuance of freedom.

What did he do? He lectures his people to understand the hidden realities about their birth. That enabled him to get the subconscious of his people to follow him.

His people are one and powerfully behind him. We oblige his unconditional release. Nigeria judiciary on this today 21-10-2021 pleads him not guilty against the seven-count charges leveled against him by the government of President Mohammed Buhari. Meanwhile, the Nigerian Judiciary declined to grant the prayers of his counsel for Mazi Nnamdi to be a correctional center.

We keep saying, "we are IPOB." We want to be free. Likewise, we are people born to be a nation. Not only that, we are Biafrans.

We must exit from Nigeria. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is our leader.

Long Live Biafra!

Long live Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!


© 2021 Chinyere Okoye

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