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Bhutto Was Hanged to Death but He Was Also the Man Who Broke up Pakistan Set It on Course to Extremism and Intolerance

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Pakistan has had a very short history as it was carved out of British India only in 1947. However, during the 73 years the country has not progressed to the extent it should have, and worse in 1971 broke into two with the eastern half which was Bengali speaking breaking away from the mother country. This was a blow to the two nations theory propounded by Mohammed AII Jinnah as both half's of Pakistan followed the Islamic religion yet there was nothing to bind them together.

A man who had a baleful influence on the destiny of Pakistan is Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. There is no doubt he was a brilliant man but he had a tinge of megalomania and he wanted to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was not bothered about the means to achieve his ambition was ready to break the country into two to satisfy his ambition.

Ali Bhutto was born to a Hindu mother who had married a Muslim. She was from Pune and as informed by his biographer Stanley Wolpert was a dancing girl by profession. Bhutto had an early marriage to his cousin but then left Pakistan for education in the USA and England. He returned and married again this time Nusrat Bhutto.

Bhutto was a Shia Muslim from Sind but he caught the eye of general Ayub who was the president of Pakistan. He was appointed Foreign Minister of Pakistan in 1967. He was a rabid anti-Indian and in a debate in the Security Council said "Indian dogs are leaving" when the Indian delegation had walked out just as Bhutto began his speech.


Cracking Pakistan

Bhutto had a major hand in the break up of Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh. General Yahiya khan and general Musharraf have gone on record to state that Bangladesh would never have been created if Bhutto had not acted the way he did. What did Bhutto do?

We must understand that in 1969, general Yahiya ordered a general election. This for the first time a general election was held in Pakistan on the principle of one man one vote. Bangladesh had a larger population and would have a larger number of seats in the National Assembly. Bhutto initially was very enthusiastic, as he expected to get a majority but as the election approached, it dawned on him that he would have a majority only in West Pakistan while Sheikh Mujibar Rehman would sweep the election in East Pakistan; this is precisely what happened and the Sheih won the general election and by virtue of having the larger number of seats laid claim to being made the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

This was like a shock to Bhutto and he made plans accordingly. He convinced general Yahiya not to hand over power to Shiekh Mujibar. He referred to him as a traitor. Yahiya called for a meeting of the parliament in Pakistan but Mujibar refused to attend. Subsequently, he called for a meeting of Parliament in Daca but Bhutto and his supporters refused to attend.

At the same time, Bhutto went about convincing Yahiya that there is nothing to fear from the Bengalis who were small black people and they would get frightened at the first sight of a gun. Against his better judgment general Yahiya, launched 'Operation Searchlight.' Mujib was put on trial for treason and the Pakistani army ran amok in East Pakistan.

The atrocities of the Pakistani army have been well documented and are available on the net as they killed thousands and raped hundreds of thousands of Bengali girls. The Bengals now took to arms and formed the 'Mukti Bahini'. Pakistan was set to crack.



Drumming support

Pakistan lost the war and the state of Bangladesh was created. There is also no doubt that the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi assessed the situation very well and at the critical moment sent in the Indian army to help the Mukti Bahini.

Bhutto forced general Yahiya to resign and at the same time put him under house arrest which he remained for seven years. Bhutto became chief Marshal law administrator and his dream to be the head of Pakistan was realized.

In 1973, Bhutto brought in another constitution and he became the first Prime Minister under the new constitution. He was losing support among the people because of the poor economic condition. The opposition also was against him and they formed a nine-party alliance to oppose him.

Bhutto thought he needed to do something drastic and he began to play to the extremist gallery. In 1974 he brought a constitutional amendment declaring the Ahmeddiya community as non-Muslim and at the same time made it absolutely clear that their mosques would not be known as Mosques and they would not be allowed to recite the Azan. This was done to please the mullah extremist complex which was now coming to the fore.

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He further brought in total prohibition in Pakistan in1978. it must be understood that till that time alcohol like in other Muslim countries was being served in the clubs and hotels but Bhutto thought he would win the support of the clergy by this ban. Bhutto thought that these acts would give him popular support.

In the 1977 election, there were reports that he had rigged the election. I have seen a video broadcast by Geo TV with general Mouiddin Chisti, who said that he had seen a TV broadcast which had announced that PPL had won the election but he was surprised as the army which was overseeing the counting had seen that the counting has not been completed. Immediately he rang up Bhutto but there was no response.

The 9 party alliance was convinced that Bhutto had rigged the election and there is a distinct possibility that he had done it.

Ramsey Clark

Ramsey Clark

Curtain falls

Bhutto promised another election but the nine-party alliance was not interested and then something happened which can only happen in Pakistan. General Zia ul Haq deposed Bhutto and imposed martial law.

Despite this, the army was very scared of Bhutto, who was still very popular and they dreaded that he may make a comeback. A decision was taken to eliminate Bhutto. The Judiciary complied and the murder trial of Bhutto began in the High Court when everybody knows that as per English common law the trial always commences in the Sessions Court.

Within months the trial was completed and a compliant Supreme Court by a majority verdict upheld the death sentence of Bhutto. Within weeks of that death sentence being upheld, he was hanged in the dead of the night against Jail regulations. I am not in favor of this at all. Bhutto being tried for a murder he had never committed is a travesty of law. The ex-US Attorney General Ramsey Clark who attended the trial clearly mentioned that this was a kangaroo trial and that Zulfikar did not receive a fair trial.

All I can say is that those that ride the tiger are eaten by the tiger and general Zia was assassinated when a bomb blew up his plane in 1989.


MG Singh (author) from UAE on June 12, 2021:

Tom, you are right. Bhutto was a double-faced man and though he himself drank a lot he enforces prohibition. Bhutto had a third marriage also and the lady lived in London and when Nusrat Bhutto came to know about it she tried to kill herself. In real terms ruined Pakistan and his biggest mistake will remain that he broke the country into two.

MG Singh (author) from UAE on June 12, 2021:

Bill, getting a comment from you is one of the highlights of the site. Thank you for sparing time and commenting.

MG Singh (author) from UAE on June 12, 2021:

Thank you, Nazir.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on June 12, 2021:

A fascinating and ugly history lesson. Thank you for it! We have a saying here in the U.S.,and I'll clean it up a bit...."you fu#@ with the bull, you get the horn. Bhutto messed with the wrong bulls, in this instance. Man's inhumanity towards man will never cease to amaze me.

Mohammed Nazir on June 12, 2021:

I like this article as I am an Ahmeddiya. What Bhutto has done to us cannot be undone.

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