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Bernie: Calling the Hillary NY Cheating "Disgraceful" is Not Enough


As the major media, once again, parrots Hillary's "win" in a primary without even a hint of the anger boiling beneath the headlines, due to what can only be called blatant voter suppression tactics, Senator Sanders stumbles but can recover. No, Senator Sanders, what has been happening is not "a disgrace," as you have remarked previously about Arizona and now New York. It is illegal. That is a big difference.

No less a personage than the NYC Comptroller, whose job it is to crunch numbers when something looks fishy, has called into question, by implication, the New York primary results. Comptroller Scott Stringer has "confirmed" that "more than 125,000 voters in Brooklyn were removed from voter rolls." Brooklyn is one of five NY Boroughs. Multiply that by five and you get 625,000 voters. And that's just the city. 1.7 million voters officially turned out for the NY Democratic primary. It takes no genius to see that's a game changer, and a big one.

Comptroller Stringer said in a scathing press release:

“There is nothing more sacred in our nation than the right to vote, yet election after election, reports come in of people who were inexplicably purged from the polls, told to vote at the wrong location or unable to get in to their polling site,” Comptroller Stringer said. “The people of New York City have lost confidence that the Board of Elections..."

Stringer is a Hillary superdelegate. And even he says it stinks. You can't get politically covered any better than that.

We want you to call it what it is. Illegal. It is illegal to take somebody off the voter rolls so they can't vote, or to change their registrations. The media has you complaining that the rules say independents can't vote. But that's not the issue. We weren't independents. We registered properly as Democrats, and they stole and cheated and now they are lying about it. It doesn't matter what the rules say if anyone can make the outcome anything they want.

Proof of that? Okay let's find out. Let's sit everybody down and get their stories. Let's crunch the numbers.

The evidence abounds that cheating is taking place across the country. One mathematician has found that in 19 out of the last 20 primaries, exit polls showed Sanders winning, or ahead of official results and projects. Then the exit polls are adjusted downward to match the results. The mathematician calculated the odds of the exit polls always being in error in favor of Sanders to be 1 in 26,000.

Think about it. If you are a Tammany Hall machine operative, and you see Bernie's 50,000 person rallies compared to Hillary's in the couple of thousands, who do you think is the threat? The youngest, newest registrations as Democrat, or the ones switching over. The fact is if you pump the overall number down according to search field birthday, or most recent, you can lop off a good part of Bernie's vote, because all data shows that Hillary kills it with older people. Then you throw out Bernies affidavit ballots.

You are using a meat cleaver rather than a surgeon's scalpel. It's not rocket science. Anyone half-bright with not a modicum integrity can figure it out.

Public testimony should be taken from each and every voter who says he or she properly registered Democrat, but got changed or dropped. The truth has a ring to it, and we'll see who's lying. Let's put the bureaucrats up there too and let people make up their minds. I'm sure you'll have thousands of voters straining at the bit in no time. Hold this public testimony at an online channel every night throughout the rest of the primary season. Put them under oath and under penalty of perjury, in a congressional hearing called by one of your allies, like Senator Jeff Merkley. Let the world see what happened in New York.

You see, Senator. We've got your back. We want you to have ours. We want you to defend our "right to vote," as Comptroller Stringer put it, and is also doing in his investigation. Otherwise it won't matter what we do between now and the convention. They will make it say anything they want.

(The author is a member of MA Voters and Volunteers Disenfranchised by Bill Clinton)


Ignatz on April 23, 2016:

" "there's no K or L". And my roommate, who worked at another location said that there were no names listed under X, Q, and another letter "

That sounds like a computer glitch.

Ignatz on April 23, 2016:

They voted by affidavit. If they were actually registered, their votes will count. Some people vote by affidavit because of screw-ups every year. It's just part of the process.

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The Board of Elections seems to think that most of the "purged" just moved, or failed to vote in the last five years, and didn't know that would remove the registration. Which - considering the total ignorance of how the election process works that I've seen from many people - I can easily believe.

It also makes no sense: There's no way of knowing who the person removed would vote for. You can't just remove registrations and assume they would be Sanders' voters. And considering the fact that Hillary did so well in NYC, it's almost certain that most of those "purged" were Hillary voters.

Hillary won New York because Bernie Sanders went negative, and angered a lot of Democratic voters. Turned the race incredibly ugly, and started throwing around accusations like a Republican.

Stop looking for some other reason he lost. He lost because he turned people off, and they voted for the other person.

Sharon on April 23, 2016:

Senator Sanders has a race to win. He is fighting hard right now and you want him to take time off to address this issue. I don't, I want him to continue fighting hard and come out on top. I am angry about the election fraud happening in this country and I am sure that whether he wins or not Senator Sanders will address this issue when this battle is over. If you are a voter who has experienced election fraud please do your part and report it, fight it and spread the truth about what is happening. The media and the Democratic party have placed obstacle after obstacle in front of Senator Sanders. It would not surprise me if this sort of article is another tactic to slow him down. Bernie has not yet lost and Secretary Clifton has not yet won. He has stood up for us and continues to stand up for us and I will support his path no matter where it leads him.

Paz on April 22, 2016:

He should've called on President Obama to speak up. Bernie is campaigning and has to be strategic. What about the leader of this country? Where is he? Where is the ethical, brave, intelligent man we elected twice. Silent. This is the biggest disappointment. Makes me wonder why I was so happy during Pres. Obama's election. He sold us FALSE HOPE.

Catherine Barnes on April 22, 2016:

Tuesday was a totally exhausting day at the Polls here in NYC. (We left home at 4:30 AM for our respective sites and didn't get home until 10:45 PM) Had no idea who was winning until the count at close, which took much longer than usual. Turnout was exceptionally good - a lot of young first-timers (for each Bernie and Hillary) all in very good spirits.

There were a good number of Affidavit ballots that are counted after the voter's verification is established. As poll workers we're led to believe that the valid votes of WILL be counted. So, we must insist on each one being counted.

The poll worker who was taking care of the book at my location did complain that "there's no K or L". And my roommate, who worked at another location said that there were no names listed under X, Q, and another letter (that she can't remember) which she found very odd. NYC has Q and X names of Irish, Moslem, Chinese, British, Greek, etc.

It's imperative that we have a completely impartial investigation with absolutely no doubts about investigators' loyalties.

justmesuzanne from Texas on April 21, 2016:

Bernie's gonna win! :D

prabu on April 21, 2016:

bernie is going to win

mtgrizfan on April 21, 2016:

I am one of those older people (I will turn 60 in October), and I will never vote for Hillary Clinton (or any of her cronies) for President. I was in my late 30's and early 40's during the Clinton Administration, and it was more corrupt than the Nixon Administration, in my opinion. I have supported Bernie from he beginning--he believes as I do.

I would like to say that the DNC is doing a poor job of cheating in the primaries. You would think that they would be smart enough to at least cheat in different ways from state to state rather than doing the same in each of the states. None of the primaries/caucuses has been clean for the Democrats. Every one of them has had "irregularities". Are we really supposed to believe that it is the local officials doing this? If it was the local election officials doing this, they would be corrupt in different ways, not doing the exact same things that had just been done in another state.

I know many younger people are supporting Bernie. You researched Hillary before choosing to support Bernie and I want to commend you for that. Always do that so that you an informed voter. Have integrity and refuse to vote for someone who is dishonest and corrupt. That is the only way we will clean up the mess we are in now and once we have it cleaned up, keep it clean. That will benefit all citizens of this country.

klaatu on April 21, 2016:

or what? David

Sherrie Augusta on April 21, 2016:

Bernie won. With the photographs, Videos and eyewitness accounts concerning the criminal behavior we do not accept your winner. The vote was for Bernie and due to criminal behavior was announced incorrectly. Therefore we have no choice but to move ahead with the winner of the majority of votes Mr Bernie Sanders.. Due to criminal behavior by the DNC they will not longer be recognised as an entity and voice for the people.

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david on April 21, 2016:

you guys are f'ing crazy and whiners. get a job. get a life. he lost. move on.

Nelson1023 on April 21, 2016:

From 1) The untimely request for Bernie to visit the Vatican and speak during the key N.Y. primary putting him in a position of either losing Catholic support by refusing or losing 36 hrs. of campaigning time by accepting, 2) The suppressive change of voting starting hours from 7 a.m. to noon affecting a huge number of voters abilities to vote before working hours, 3) Voters actually trying to vote finding their party affiliations had mysteriously been changed to ‘independent’ status and told they could not vote, I smell a huge rat and this one didn’t crawl out of the sewers. If the N.Y. primaries weren’t rigged the planets in our solar system don’t revolve around the sun.

Sandy on April 21, 2016:

Someone seems paranoid

Angel Voix on April 21, 2016:

Don't you notice the pattern every time there is voting irregularities Hillary won? Can people with common sense not realized how the election and the system has been rigged?

John Coviello from New Jersey on April 21, 2016:

Sanders was an independent before he became a Democrat not long ago. So, for him to leave the party would not be a hard thing to do.

Don H on April 21, 2016:

I wonder some time about what some of these commentators, like the previous one, smoke. It must be great.

Scott B on April 20, 2016:

So, there were at least 24 voters. Excellent.

Julius Nicholas on April 20, 2016:

I agree. He also will not be able to convince his followers to vote for Hillary after decrying big money in politics. If he doesn't win the nomination outright, he should sever ties with the Democratic Party just like Trump was threatening to. They have cheated and tried to block his candidacy from the start, so even if he gives in and joins Hillary now as Vice President he will loose all of his fire and creditably.

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