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Benedictory Letter to President Barack H. Obama

Politico-Socio issues stay ever with us. Gain perspective deciding if these words resonate with your understanding and thinking.

Hello readers, below is a letter to former President Barrack H. Obama. As I read all of the sentiments about the 2016 outcome for the presidential race, I think on my feelings for the former president.

Dear President Barrack H. Obama,


Following the success of President Elect Donald Trump, I found myself in a perplexing situation. I did not vote for the man and I prayed in my heart that the best person would win the election. I did not think that Hillary Clinton fit the image of what is best for America either. As a man who believes in conservative moral behavior and liberal social application, I want to give my support to the person who will model those ideas for me. There was no one for me this election out of the five candidates that I learned about who stood for my principles—including the person I supported in the election!

Romney & Obama 2012


President Obama, I didn't think you were what is best for America when you won your first election in 2008 or in 2012. I did not support your 2008 opponent, but he fit my values more closely than you fit. The 2012 candidate, Mitt Romney, fit my ideas almost like a glove both politically and philosophically. If only he had run for this election in 2016….

President, we do not agree on politics.

For one, you are the leader of the Democratic Party, which enslaved my ancestors. The Republican party not only freed my ancestors after the Civil War, but it was the ruling party when the Civil Rights laws were compiled and passed by Congress. In honor of the slaves, I promised myself I would NEVER vote for a Democrat because of what that party did to my ancestors. So, I did not support you.

Now that it is approaching the end of your presidency, I reflect on the things that you've done for me and our country. Two things that trouble me about your presidency are your health care plan, which is deplorable and I hope it's repealed if possible. The other thing is your position on same-gender marriage. I will not rant about these things in detail other than to say that health care is good, but not when it is forced on people. And, marriage equality does not make same-gender and NORMAL marriage the same.

The Eye of Freedom!

Once I overcame my disappointment that you won the election in 2008, I noticed the emotions swelling in my heart as I saw you stand before the world as the President-Elect of 2008.

I was awash with pride that a minority won the confidence of the American people to rule the nation in the eye of freedom and democracy. I shed tears of happiness as I thought of Martin Luther King, Junior’s desire to have a view of America where people are free to pursue goals in the eye of freedom, which is what your elections to office represented.

I did not consider you Black like me, but a bi-racial man with both African and European heritage. You did not have a connection to America the way I have one. Your ancestors were not taken and placed into bondage. You still have your connection to your African heritage intact. You did not grow up with the enigma of a hazy lineage due to the meat market of slavery. I resolved that you were not the first Black president because you are not entirely Black. I was wrong.

You, as a minority, dealt with your share of discrimination. Your skin tone was not invisible when you lived in this country that discriminated against anyone who does not have the relative melanin count as White people. You experienced the hardships of the Civil Rights Era. You may not have the blood of a slave running through your veins, but you have the experience of a minority in your heart—not just any minority too. You lived life as a Black man whether your ancestors suffered along with you or not.

Michelle Obama


You married a Black woman.

Doing so is the best decision that you have ever made! Michelle Obama is filled with such poise and beauty. The two of you complement each other. Besides being the first couple of the nation, you and Michelle brought fashion and fun to the White House. This let the world know that representing the free world as the president does not mean that life needed to be dull and without stately fun!

You are lucky Michelle chose to accept you as her husband, take your name, and share in the creation of a family. I assume you feel the way I feel about my wife and family. Sasha and Malia have had a privileged and blessed life because of your, both you and Michelle's, life-choices. Thanks for holding up the women in your life as a light, because that is what I think of the women in my life. I identify and am proud to know I can share that with you.

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Thank You For Giving Me Hope.

At your inauguration, my only fear as you walked down Pennsylvania Avenue waving at the people was someone would assassinate you and snatch away from me the pride of seeing your face in the White House before you took office.

I prayed the entire time that no racist or deranged person thinking he or she was a patriot by targeting your life! You are the answer to my prayers. I prayed God would help the best person become the leader of this nation. I do it each election. Each time YOU won! Most of America chose you, though I did not personally.

Because of you, my kids grew up thinking that it is just as plausible for Black people to be successful as White people. I did not grow up like that. My son wants to be president because the president looks like he does. My daughters want to be lawyers and mothers, not only because of my family’s values but also because Michelle Obama showed them that someone that looked like them CAN do that.

You did some things I did not like, but the good that you did for my family, for me outweighs the bad. I admire you for your integrity, for loving your wife, and supporting her, for being a dad to your children, and for trying to unite us as people.

I listened to you more often than not, and I stood up for you as I learned more about your positions. As I mentioned, I do not support the party of my ancestor’s enslavement. I suppose that can change too. The Democratic party changed. The Republican party changed.


Rodric Anthony Johnson

P. S.

I will miss you in the White House. God Bless.

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© 2016 Rodric Anthony Johnson


Rodric Anthony Johnson (author) from Surprise, Arizona on November 09, 2016:

I appreciate your comment Nika. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion.

NikaWest from Sunny Florida on November 09, 2016:

I strongly supported Obama in the 2008 election. I really fell out of support with Obamacare and also find it deplorable. Thanks for the heartfelt insight into a minority point of view. Much appreciated.

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