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Belarus President Lukashenko: Accused of Using Migrants as a Weapon.

President Lukashenko of Belarus.


Tactic to Destabilise The EU.

President Lukashenko has been accused in a signed statement by many Western countries of engineering a migrant crisis, on the Polish-Belarusian border. The Belarusian President has been encouraging migrants from the Middle East to come to his country and then, telling them, to congregate at the country's border with Poland. It is thought, Mr. Lukashenko is doing this in retaliation for punishing sanctions inflicted on his country, by the West. Mr. Lukashenko is accused of rigging a general election last year, so he could remain, in power. Protests erupted last year across the country because of the fraudulent election. Mr. Lukashenko dealt with these protests harshly, behaving like the Dictator, he is.

The migrants egged on by Mr. Lukashenko, are in a no man's land, caught between the Polish and Belarusian border. The migrants are Iraqis, Syrians, and other Middle East people, fleeing their nations, for whatever reason. Belarusian soldiers have been accused of herding migrants to the Polish border and stopping them when they want to go back to Belarus. Polish forces have gathered along the border, to halt this human wave of desperation. The migrants are living in freezing conditions, largely having to fend, for themselves. It is believed, Mr. Lukashenko, wants the immigrants to enter the EU via Poland, to disrupt the Bloc.

British troops have been sent to Poland, to help their Polish counterparts, to strengthen the border. A number of Royal Engineers are helping Polish forces to secure, their border. Meanwhile, sadly, a Syrian man has been found dead in woodland, not far from the Polish town of Wolska Tereclouska. This brings the death toll among the migrants, to 9. It thought the man, was exposed to sub-zero temperatures and died of hyperthermia. The migrants have been trying to get into Europe since this summer.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken out in favour, of his friend, Alexander Lukashenko. Mr Putin is a similar political animal to Alexander Lukashenko. Both allow general elections, however, opposition candidates are persecuted. Often, they cannot get enough coverage because the media is controlled by the state. They often get arrested, have their offices closed down and some flee the country, going into temporary or permanent exile. Mr Putin said that the EU should pay Belarus to deal with the migrants. As the EU did with Turkey, during the 2015 migrant crisis.

Both President Biden and Vice-President Harris, have spoken on the situation. Mr Biden said he had "great concern" and Harris echoed Biden's words.

Russian and Belarusian armed forces are also on standby. Certainly, the situation is tense. In a separate, but perhaps, related incident Russian bombers flew close to UK air space and were met by UK fighters, to keep them, out of our air space. Dutch planes were also scrambled, as the bombers, were also spotted by the Dutch Air force.

Meanwhile, on the borders of Ukraine, satellite images have captured a build-up of Russian forces. Russia invaded Ukrainian Crimea a while ago, justifying it by saying they were merely reincorporating this territory into Russia. Since then, there has been a conflict between Russian-backed rebels and the Ukrainian government.

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Both the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border and on the Ukrainian frontier is very worrying. Meanwhile, the migrants cannot go backwards or forward, living in hellish conditions, as they are. At the end of the day, they are the real losers in the ongoing Polish-Belarusian flashpoint.

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