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How to Get What You Want by Being Who You Are

Linda is the author of the channelled book 'Advent Calendar for the Salvation of Planet Earth' published by Gateway Books in 1995.


Mentoring from the Higher Beings 27th December 2011

Our service to you is to be given as we requested before, unequivacably to assist your transition to the higher realms of the universal energy continuum. We give you only the truth, we do not come through to manipulate or throw you off from the true path.

We have much to say at this time of extreme unrest within the realms of the planetary system you call earth. This system of earth has many facets some you know of some you do not. We will attempt here to expand your view of this planetary system. You are only concerned with what goes on on her surface you do not like to think of what may or may not be going on within her bowels. It is much the same as within the bowels of your own system, you are not obliged to know but you are obliged to watch the circumstances and know the circumstances as you feel the movement from within your own bodies. You are about to witness the bowel movements of your own planetary system. She is about to have a movement which will affect everyone and anyone that is within the vicinity of this planet earth. We cannot tell you exactly when this will occur but what we can say is that it is imminent. What we mean is that it is very nearly upon you now.

Some will indeed leave this Earth Plane....

All will be well but we cannot assure all of your survivals within the system you now know as earth bound. Some will indeed leave this earth plane and carry on their journeys within other systems of the cosmos. Others will allow themselves to become very much immersed within the dying embers of the 3rd dimensional earth planes and then will be able to re-align themselves after the onslaught with the new earth that kindles from the flames. This means that some will survive the onslaught but not as many as had been thought when we began to give you the previous manuscripts of information.

We cannot now assume that as many as we would have liked will awake soon enough for their pathways to be assured within the bounds of this earth plane existence. If we were to give you the exact figures we would shock your systems. We do not wish to give more shocks than are required to assist your passage way through on your journies through to the next stages of your evolvement. It is not necessary.

Many are worrying about what is going on within the main media and the political arena, this will play no part in the major changes which will occur before too long. If you are not satisfied with what is going on with your political fields of activity then do not pay attention to it. You can make sure that you are in the correct field of influence for yourselves by being who you want to be not who the political figures need you to be or require you to be in order to put into affect their plans. It is quite simple, do not play parts in plays which are not your choice to play. Play only the parts which fit your own blueprint. If you do not have contact and context in which to place your blueprint then begin to unravel the information for yourselves now. These are the most important things to concern yourselves with. If you continue to concern yourselves with what is going on outside your own personal "play" then you are not giving consideration to your own performance but are empowering the "plays" of others. It does not matter anymore what is going on within the fields of reality of those around you let alone those that you only have a perception of through news stories, tvs and computer screens. How many of these characters even exist. You have now delved long enough into these scenarios to see that many do not even exist! Why would you now continue to explore these areas when you are not exploring your own potential and your own pathway forward in order to be of use when the changes are upon your world.

All of this other information and the disclosing of many secrets has assisted many to open their minds and change their pathways. Now do not get bogged down within these information fields and renege on your own personal contracts. These personal contracts were signed many eons of time ago, before your first incarnations upon this planet earth. It has been a long journey of many lifetimes within this matrix circle. You are now able to leave this circle and come into the universal energy continuum unattached to previous existences on the earth. You do not need to bring memories with you this time. Before when you left a lifetime you brought with you all of the information from this time on the planet but this is not the same sort of exit and there need not be a re-entry into this plane of existence.

By speaking to you of this event we are able to press your buttons of activation and bring you back to your more spiritual blueprint and assist you in taking up your mantles of divinity.

We do not wish you to forget who you really are....

Remember when you are who you really are then you will be in the right mindset to get what you really want. We cannot drag you from your mindsets that are wrongly callibrated. We can only remind you who you really are. When we mention mindset we are speaking of the higher mindset where you are aware of your own higher levels of consciousness and are motivated from these higher connections.

It is a choice, we cannot affect the changes for you. Being who you truly are without withhold will bring you into alignment. This means dropping any of the faces that you hold to your being in order to align with the system of the matrix. All faces and masks must leave your being. Allow your being to shine through these masks, these faces that are not who you really are.



Jennifer Lynch on December 31, 2011:

I can completely relate to this. Aligning to our own blueprint is paramount to experiencing our truth and not an illusion of the truth which is a distortion created by being out of alignment!

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