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Being Dusky Isn't a Crime

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I am Meera and here in this poem I'm depicting my childhood, in a hope that society will understand how they are affecting a child's life


Being dusky isn't a crime

Let me start from the beginning , when I was a school girl, and was not much tall;
Lil dusky girl , who wasn't cute enough, because cuteness meant being fair after all .

Teachers don't appreciate dusky kids ,
And with whom fair kids didn't want to be friends with ;

School was the place where I lost my confidence,
Because preferences there were given on the basis of shades of tones.

Being scared of everyone I was the one with no frnds ,
Because then kids too knew the difference when teachers use to make fair and dark's difference ;

I was not even good at studies because all my confidence went in vain ;
when every one stayed away from me ,because I was not pretty enough for them .

now I was 12 and I was convinced that ,
Fair is beautiful and dark is not .

And here I was tired of scrubbing my skin with different soaps ;
In order to make myself fair , but again I failed and drenched my hopes .

Now I am left with no friends ;
being dusky and dumb was a crime with no offence .

And here I started fighting with maths and science to be an intellectual ,
And slowly I fell in love with books , and thought of ending this fairness quell .

At 16 ,now I was one of the toppers in the class ,
I have got friends ,and I understood people like fair or people with brains and all .

I was happy with my results and cared of none ;
But being beautiful was still left to be a turn .

Being adult now I felt the need to look beautiful ;
But as usual I was not the one to be compared to the fair shades of other all .

Even after Being intellectual I was not satisfied enough ,
Now being beautiful was my goal which was kind of tough .

As much as I ran after beauty , I found it within ;
Then I loved myself and built confidence in order to win .

I found I am much more beautiful than those whose skin shines bt hearts don't ;
Being dusky isn't a crime , and being fair should not be the thing for the people to want .

At last I am done with fairness quest;
I have done enough hard work now for being the best .

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