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Banner "Hang the Tories" Hung on Salford Bridge

Condemnations from all sides

Theresa May:  Target of anti-austerity and anti-leave the EU demonstrators

Theresa May: Target of anti-austerity and anti-leave the EU demonstrators

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham condemned the banner

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham condemned the banner

May facing opposition from within and without

Prime Minister Theresa May as she starts the Conservative party conference in Manchester must wonder why she continues being Prime Minister. She is facing growing opposition from within her party seemingly led by Boris Johnson. From a rejuvenated Labour party thanks to Jeremy Corbyn plus anti-leave the EU and anti-austerity demonstrators flocking to Manchester to protest outside the Tory party conference taking place there.

The protesters as stated above are demonstrating about two things in particular. One is the austerity measures enacted by this government since they came to power in 2010 and then again in 2015 and then again with a much-reduced majority this year. Many of the austerity measures have hit the poorest and most hard-up communities in our country. Then there are the anti-leave the EU protesters who realise that we are leaving the EU no matter what happens but want some kind of link to remain with the EU.

Not all Tories support austerity, for example, backbench Tory Heidi Allen has been against austerity from the beginning. Lately, she has been speaking out against Universal Credit the benefit to replace all main UK benefits being rolled out across the country. Many who claim this benefit are made to wait six weeks until payment starts and meanwhile, their bills are piling up or rent leaving them in a precarious position.

Labour held their party conference last week in Brighton which was deemed to have been a success. Other parties like UKIP have also held their conferences with UKIP electing a new leader Henry Bolton.

A banner was erected by an unknown group across Salford bridge in Manchester which said: "Hang the Tories". Immediately police were on the scene to take the banner down and it has been condemned by the Conservatives themselves and also by Labour. One such Labour ex-MP now Mayor of Greater Manchester was Andy Burnham who once stood against Jeremy Corbyn to be the leader of the Labour party.

It is understandable why someone would post a banner like this bearing in mind what the poor of this country have had to endure from this government. Not agreeing with the sentiments obviously but when people are pushed into a corner they will come out fighting and this banner reflects this.

As the different protest groups arrive and march outside the Tory conference security will be tight. Another reason for the security is in case IS for example stage an attack of some sort.

Many Conservatives are worried that their austerity measures have forced many Tories to leave the party. Apparently, the party feels it must re-connect with voters as membership of the Conservative party is dropping especially among the young who have flocked to Labour and Corbyn in their droves.

The Conservative party itself if it is to make people trust it again has a hard uphill struggle in my opinion.

Their current misery over Brexit, May's lame duck leadership, and austerity is a thing of their own making. If a general election were called tomorrow and the Tories lost they would probably be out of government for years. The public has long memories and will not so easily forgive the years of austerity which has brought about the greatest amount of poverty endured by the poorest in our country for many a decade. Even those in work like nurses have been forced to attend foodbanks which is an absolute disgrace in the 21st Century when the UK is supposedly the 6th wealthiest nation in the world

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The man who would be Prime Minister

Boris:  Future PM?

Boris: Future PM?

A sinking ship and all that

Boris Johnson has not hidden his ambition to one day succeed whoever was in Downing Street at the time. His book 'The Churchill Factor' was a book written by Johnson about the WWII leader but was also a book about him. Boris likes the comparison between himself and Winston Churchill who became Prime Minister in 1940 when Britain was in crisis facing the might of Hitler's hoards.

The UK now what with attacks from Islamic extremists, Brexit and austerity and a growing challenge from Corbyn's Labour party is in crisis again. Just as Churchill thought history had stepped in and selected him to be at the helm of Britain when it was going though troubles so Johnson may think the same now.

Boris is a like a shark smelling blood and circling but will he announce a challenge to May and go in for the kill? Question is does he have enough support within Tory ranks to deliver the death blow to Theresa May as Prime Minister.

Philip Hammond or 'Spreadsheet Phil' as he is known has apparently been whispering that Boris Johnson is not above being sacked for his apparent contempt for May's leadership. If Boris was sacked that may put him in a stronger position to challenge May or it may not again depending on how many are willing to support him.

It is possible May's cabinet may turn on her just like what happened to Margaret Thatcher in 1990 or they may stick with her right until the bitter end. As has often been said about British politics "A week is a long time in politics".

Johnson, if he wants to succeed May, is walking a tightrope politically and whatever he does or says next may have positive or negative implications for his future political career.


Nick Bishop (author) on October 03, 2017:

Yes despite their protestations the Lib-Dems were in bed with the Tories. From 2010 onwards they may have been the junior partner in this arrangement but they went along it seemed with everything the Cameron government did.

liz jones on October 02, 2017:

All parties should condemn the Libdems for such actions. It was the libdems right?

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