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I was born in February 1997. I written have to Sri Lanka is also a developing country in answering the theme essay question of the training exam for the 2007 scholarship examination. But by 2021 a child writes that Sri Lanka is a country that will become bankrupt. I do not want to waste time explaining the history of our country to you because you can find it online if you matter how much we brag about history, we have to face the difficulties we face today in a practical way. but will give a brief description of the political history, because the terms we have to face in the present situation are due to their action zones. in 1931, universal suffrage was first granted to the people of Sri Lanka. as I have heard, governor Mccullum, the governor of this country, as opposed to giving the people of this country universal suffrage.

  1. the people of this country lack an understanding of universal suffrage.
  2. 2 the future power of the country will depend on a few families.

He objected on the grounds that,

I do not know if he said it because he really loves the country or with the cunning intention of maintaining their power in the country. But by now I think what he said has been proven. Politics in this country family-controlled. all the poor and middle-class people living in this country have to faced the consequences of what he said. On February 4, 1948, Ceylon was liberated from British rule (personally, I think it good we would not have had that opportunity in the current situation) Mr. Ds Senanayaka and others contributed to this (to gain independence) Ds Senanayaka is known to the people of this country as the father of freedom. the country gained full independence in 1972 with the adoption of the republican constitution under the rule of Mrs. Sirimavo. from 1948, power in the country was exchange transferred between the united national party and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

It is now 74 years since independence. At present, the economic, social, and cultural life of the country is deteriorating. With the development of any country in the world, the culture of that country is deteriorating to some extent. It is an unavoidable and difficult task. Some cultural features do not fit into modern society and some modern features do not fit into the culture. All the citizens of this country are blaming the politicians for this catastrophe. I am not ready to blame politicians alone. Because they are a country of people who elect their representatives to all the institutions such as the president, parliament, provincial council, and local government by universal suffrage and expect them to do everything. This decline is not an of today or yesterday, but was growing years ago., it is still emerging. Because people feel it when the economy is degraded. That is after the country is at risk of bankruptcy. This is a matter common not only to our country but to the whole world. Significantly, the weakening of a country has a profound effect on people living in Asian and African countries. Because there are more poor people living in those countries than there are people living in other countries. Most people have a monthly income of fewer than 40000 rupees. The government once stated that based on government data, There are 43% of people in Sri Lanka earning less than $4 a day. As a country moves into a financial crisis, the value of that country’s dollar rises exponentially. In contrast, the monetary value of the country is gradually declining. In Sri Lanka, the rupee depreciated daily. With the depreciation of the rupee and the appreciation of the dollar on a daily basis, the price of imported goods imported from other countries as well as those produced locally is steadily rising. Just as the value of the dollar rises, so does the price of goods. In this way, peoples face various difficulties due to the not increase in the monthly salary wages relative to the increase in the prices of goods. This is because it becomes a big problem for people who manage their monthly living expenses to manage their monthly salary.

Signs warn that the country is at risk of becoming financially weak even before it weakens financially, For example, the value of the dollar in that country cannot be stably maintained and the value of the dollar changes frequently, (only an increase in the value of the dollar often occurs). these signs have been issued in our country as well and the entire people have been in a severe crisis due to not answering those signs correctly. The future of many of the entire youth community, including myself, is at stake. Thinking about the future has become very scary. Some young people do not yet have a proper understanding of this crisis, because their future prospects are so simple. people who have been able to leave the country and migrate to another country have already left the country and others are making a desperate attempt to leave the country. When I was in school, the teacher who taught the school’s civic education told us about the nature of the poor countries and the harsh lifestyle that its people lead. At that time, I never thought that this would happen to our country. But that t situation has now arisen for us.

At the moment, we are ranked 130th in the list of happiest countries in the world (google data). Many people in our country and in the world say that there is no need for money to live happily. But the reality is that money, or our personal economy, can have a significant impact on how we live our lives. many people who claim that they do not need money to live happily are people who have not faced the dark opportunity we face today.

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As the country weakens economically, the prices of goods and services in that country rise daily. The consumers can clearly see the change in the price of the goods within a few months. fifty rupees a bar of soap that has been worth for became 55 rupees within three months and then 60 rupees and then 65 rupees. The price of a packet of biscuits, which had been 100 rupees for several years, rose to 110 rupees and then to 130 rupees. Also, the price of wiring equipment has unexpectedly gone up by between seven thousand and eleven thousand and it is still going up.

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MG Singh from UAE on September 12, 2021:

I have been to Lanka and have a fair idea of what is going on. A big problem is the present rulers who allowed a lot of Chinese investment to come in and this investment has not generated any money but the loans have remained and now those loans have to be paid back with interest. This is where the Sri Lankan economy has collapsed as Sri Lanka cannot pay back the loans and they are staring at a very dangerous situation.

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